Queen Rania's Daytime Fashion Part 10: January 2012 - October 2012

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I not like her outfit at all :ermm:. I think She repeate same style but in different outfit
I did not like her outfit at all it looks so cheap...
she normally has such lovely clothes but this outfit is not her best look. i love the erdem coat though, so feminine
Very Nice Picture , I Like Her Outfit Look Simple Elegant , Thanx For Posting Salma
Funny how she manage to look dressed up no matter what she wears.
She Looks Nice & Fresh , But I Think Queen Rania Style Before was Much Better , in these days always we just see her in jacket or coat and pants , Thanx Salma .
its a lovely outfit i like the combination between black and red i just thought its too much for a daytime event maybe because of the vivid red.
nice hair by the way.
Beautiful dress and jacket, the jacket makes the red pop out more.
The dress is nice, but the jacket looks like a rag. :yuk: This hairstyle makes her look girlish, I'm not too fond of it.
sometimes i like how she chooses her clothes, but is it me or ever since she turned 40 that she's making a hard effort to look young than she really is, by portraing youthful clothes and girly hairstyles.
Another poor quality suit. It looks too casual and even sloppy I'm afraid.
She Looks Nice indeed , But Who’s Beside her Tallest Man In The World :lol: ? Thanx Burzg :flowers:
Queen Rania appears to be wearing a lovely red and white ensemble for today's Lunch with the Monarchs.
- Upper part
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given the situation in her contry she shoud dress more simple
What the heck is she wearing on top. It looks like some childs stuffed toy animal that was ripped apart and made into a top. Probably fashion forward but really awful.
Love it! And the choice of colours is apt.
I have to say, while I am quite a fan of her fashion in general, the top of this dress doesn't appeal to me - it looks like hospital bandages. Don't care fo the shoulder detail either. Of course, once we see the complete look, my opinion may change.
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