Queen Rania: Picture Thread 4

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Thank you for the photos. The blue gown she wore during the state visit to the Netherlands is one of my all-time favourites.
Thanks a lot for the photos,ML!!Were they taken recently?Does anyone know?
Pictures are from 2002. Thanks Lilo :flowers:.

the pictures are from February 2003 and were taken in Baden-Baden, Germany. Queen Silvia of Sweden and Queen Rania were awarded the "German Media Prize for 2002".
Ok.Thanks for all the info,Asturiana and Veram.Rania seems close to the Scandinavian royals as well.
Jordan,Rania looks almost blonde in your 3rd picture.When was that period?
Iakynthi the third pic was taken February 2003, Germany. You can find more pics here:
Deutscher Medienpreis
Thank you,Salma!I guess Q.Rania never went back to that bright hair colour again.
Thank you for all of the pictures of QR, Jordan and Salma.:flowers: I enjoy looking at the old pictures. QR's style have changed a little bit ever since she became Queen.
Thank you Salma. The portrait is stunning.

You´re welcome Godiva, Jordan, Asturiana and Chantal. I like too see old pics of royals. And I agree with you Godiva new portrait of Queen Rania with tiara is beautiful. Mario Testino took nice pics of her.
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sorry but in that 2007 picture, she was wearing one of her most ill-advised outfits
I understand what you mean,Chelsea.This outfit is way too complicated.
yes, trully strange combination, a tight blouse over a really nice shirt (I don't know the right word, camisole maybe?) , I think I liked the outfit at the end because of the shirt and because these colours, deep blue and white, ivoire suit her very much. Also gray colour suit her a lot though it is a boring colour on other people.:flowers:
Beautiful pictures!And I was a little bit surprised to see Rania wearing a denim jacket.I thought she avoided jeans.

Salma :flowers: I was wondering if you have pictures from another visit of the Queen in Greece,on Rhodes this time.She had to attend a conference-I think it was for Unicef-at Hayatt Regency Hotel on the beautiful island of Rhodes and she was stunning in every picture.I would love to see some of these photos again :)
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I think I´ve some pics Iakynthi but the event was 2002, and the pics that I posted before was taken durin official visit to Greece (December 2005).
Of course,I was talking about 2 different visits.I should have mentioned that,sorry.It's just that I didn't remember it was in 2002(I only remembered it was during Spring and it was really sunny) :flowers:
Thank you for the "flashback" photos,Jordan!!It's so nice to see Q.Rania & K.Abdullah with Arafat.I guess their relationship was really good.
:previous: About Jordan's pictures above:well,obviously these were not Rania's most stylish moments-especially the 4th picture,I hope I will never see her with this hairdo again :cool:-but they definitely show us that a woman can get better with time :flowers:
Thank you very much, jordan!!! It's very good to see Q.Rania in my country. I've never seen these pics before.
It really surprised me how much younger K.Abdullah looked in 2000.It has been only 9 years since then!
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