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Nice Picture , Nice Family Shot , I Like It , Princess Iman Looks Nice , Thanx Salma
this is a great family photo its nice to see Queen Rania's mom in picture with her and the kids.
Iman is a beauty.
The picture reminds me of the picture Crown Princess of Norway posted on women's day (it was of her mother & daughter)
It's nice when royals share private pictures every now and then.
It is fascinating how the grandmother, mother, and daughter look very similar and beautiful, beautiful picture
She had to have Rania at very young age (around 20?); she still looks very healthy.

Probably both mothers of the Royal Couple (Ilham Yassin and Princess Muna) will live long enough to see their great-grandchildren!
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Three generations in one photo, how lovely! The Queen's mother looks very nice and Iman will be a gorgeous young lady soon. :flowers:
Very nice picture for Three generation like Noormeanslight say . Thank you salma !
Queen Rania's latest tweet:

Spread the word! #WorldNoTobaccoDay. Let’s prevent the deaths of 6million ppl a year, inc. non-smokers. Put it out and give it up!
from 6/25/2012

Rania Al Abdullah ‏@QueenRania
Great opening, so proud of everyone "@JordanRiverFDN: All products handmade by underprivileged women; all profits are returned ‪#JRFShowroom‬"

Happy birthday Queen Rania !!
Thank you for all your kind tweets on my #birthday. I feel loved and blessed to have had such great supporters all through the yr! #grateful

rania al abdullah@queenrania
great energy at opening ceremony of abu dhabi #sustainability week #adsw; without sustainable energy there can b no sustainable development
@QueenRania: Elections day is here... A beautiful day for a better tomorrow. Proud of those who made their voices heard! #ElectionsJo
Holy month of Ramadan:
@QueenRania: #Ramadan Kareem! I hope this month brings joy and peace to you and your loved ones.
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Eid al Adha tweet :
@QueenRania: ودعواتنا لاخوانناالعرب والمسلمين الذيم أطفأ غياب الأمن بهجة العيد في أعين أطفالهم
Is this tweet correct ?? .... I mean the word ”الذيم ” ?
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I think that too ... Seems QR was in a hurry while tweeting on Ein day that she did not notice this mistake:D
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So possible ;DD
And here's the new tweet , Good thing there are no mistakes this time :D
تقبل الله طاعاتكم وكل #عيد و انتم بخير وصحة وأمان. كل سنة وانتو سالمين #EidAdha
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Queen Rania tweets quite regular so I'm surprised and disappointed she hasn't tweeted about the missing Nigerian schoolgirls especially with her always talking about girls and education. Has she mention this at all? Mabe I missed it...
I'm also surprised Mahala. How HM missed such sad news ??
Maybe she didn't comment because the matter is deeply linked to politics & Terrorism. Poor girls !! Hope they'll return safe to their families as soon as possible.
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@QueenRania:Hoping for safe return of Nigeria's girls. Boko Haram's cowardly actions are against Islam #BringBackOurGirls
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