Queen Mathilde's Eveningwear Part 1: July 2013 - September 2015

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Queen Mathilde looked wonderful indeed. The dress was perfectly fitted. Statement earrings would have added a nice touch to the gala dress.
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She looks elegant and very regal in this well-fitted gown. I agree that statement earrings would have added much to the overall effect.

Queen Mathilde attended the '1000 Voices for Peace' concert, an event to commemorate World War I in Brussels yesterday evening, November 9, wearing black pants and a black and silver top with a wide cut, I don't like on her:

** Full view ** Upper part **
I don't like the top at all, but since it's a remembrance concert I don't mind it
I dislike the top too. Not even Mathilde is pulling it off.
Worse . . . it is wearing her!
I really this this top is a waste of money...........it's ugly and why would she wear something that is so loud.
The top is hideous especially the sleeves. She does not pull it off.
Not her style, at all. Way too overwhelming with those massive sleeves...

Queen Mathilde looking elegant in a black dress at the Christmas concert at the Royal Palace in Brussels today, December 17:

** Full view **
I love it. So elegant. Had she not been in mourning, I would have loved some color.
That black dress is very lovely and elegant.
The black velvet dress is elegant in it's simplicity. The earrings add the right touch as does her hair style.
Lovely but HM has very long Arms .

Yes, the dress has a high collar and no sleeves and it does seem to make her arms look longer and very elegant - perhaps that's a useful fashion tip for people with shorter arms! Queen Mathilde looked beautiful - I've said it before, but I don't think you can beat a nice little black dress for an evening out!
Queen Mathilde looking elegant in a black dress at the Christmas concert at the Royal Palace in Brussels today, December 17:

** Full view **

Marvelous! :flowers: She is wonderfully striking here, and she has dressed the girls beautifully, too, imo. Lovely family.
Just beautiful, I love the velvet halter dress, I think her clutch is tucked under one arm as she has her hands full!
:previous: that's beautiful! Not 100% sure about the earrings, however.
Agree could be great with pearl or diamond earrings.
More money on dresses than grand jewelry ! sad
I love the shade of brown and the style but I don't like the design on the neckline.
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I think this is an amazing outfit to wear for a night out at the opera - classic colours and the town and black in good proportions. I did a double take on the earnings because I thought they were just citrine, but there are also some darker brownish stones that seem to match the rest of the outfit.

Queen Mathilde looking lovely at a performance of the opera Alcina at the Théâtre Royal de la Monnaie in Brussels this evening, February 3:

** Full view with coat ** Upper part with coat ** Dress Upper part ** Upper part 2 **
Grace Kelly- esque elegance. Love the color. Dislike neckline. Not sure about earrings.

A very similar one, though there are differences:

** Maxima's black dress 2014 **

Like Mathilde's version better- Max's neckline looks like dead crows! I don't like Mathilde's either- but of the 2 prefer her neckline! Sorry for the double post. Didn't see this before- not sure how to add!
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I like the dress, the neckline gives it extra-interest. I don't usually like golden earrings, but these ones are lovely and, though I'm not very fond of they being worn with the dark coat, they look quite nice with the dress.
The dress color is lovely but everything else is not. The fit seems a bit too small, the feathers on the neckline is hideous. The coat is a nice but not liking the collar. Her earrings are a greta match with the dress.
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