Queen Mathilde's Daytime Fashion Part 5: September 2015 - May 2016

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I prefer todays outfit minus the hat which I don't like,never the less Queen Mathilde looks so lady like.
Mathilde looks wonderful! She looks regal, elegant, and refined.
I love the outfit, it's very elegant and I love that icy blue colour. The hat is a bit Pilgrim Fathers in style - I'm not keen.
Do we know who designed this outfit?

The outfit is very pretty! I like the hairstyle for a change but that hat was a total miss.
IMHO - the one thing saving that hat is that the hat band worked back to the waist level "belt" of the dress. That took effort and had the hat crown not been a total mess - it would have been an elegant WOW.
Lovely elegant look, much better in pastels. Perfect jewels. I like the hat it is different
Very beautiful. And that hat this time is perfect. Generally Queen Mathilde except maybe the first day in our welcome ceremony gave wonderful appearances. The highlight was of course know what ;)
Oh yes, that's definitely the best hat of the visit! It's a lovely colour and from what I can see works well with the bracelet.
That hat is great with that outfit. Mathilde looked was dressed to perfection IMO.
She looks elegant and exquisite. I love the color.
I'm not a fan of the hat though I like the rest of Mathilde's latest outfit. I love how the gold contrasts with the colour of the trees in the background.
Another one of her favorite designers standard designs. Too tight around the bust/armholes, waist is off, shiny fabric. She makes it look good, a very unflattering cut in that fabric.
The gold dress is typical Natan... too tight across the bust/armholes, and wrinkled fabric!! The hat is not flattering at all. Contrast her outfit to the First Lady of Poland's and you will see one very polished and chic First Lady!
As for the second Natan dress, I dislike the print. It looks too old for such a lovely queen!

Queen Mathilde attended the launch of the campaign for the Belgian membership of the United Nations Security Council in Brussels today, October 23, wearing her grey pencil skirt with a nice blouse. A lovely, elegant look:

** Full view ** Upper part ** Close up **
She looks great. I love the colors.
Wonderful top for her. Great neckline, material, and the dusty rose color really suits her
I agree. All outfit is nice but the top is wonderful. Beautiful color.
A lovely, feminine look for the queen. Flattering neckline and color for HM.
Perfect for the event. Simple and elegant.
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