Queen Mathilde's Daytime Fashion Part 2: February 2014 - September 2014

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Dress by Issa.
Lovely shade of green and a lovely fit. I wish she wore more of these style dresses rather than Natan.

Good to see London based designers like Issa, Erdem (with Crown Princess Mary) and Jenny Packham (with Crown Princess Victoria) make a headway with the European royal ladies. Come on Ladies, London is the hot bed of fashion, come and try more of our designers than the established French and Italian houses.
I love the detail on the waist, it's very flattering on Mathilde. Here's a picture of the dress under better lighting:

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Dresses by Issa look flattering on most women. I like the bright colour.
I absolutely love Mathilde's Issa dress, that colour is my favourite! It seems to be the "in" colour at the moment, since I've seen others wear clothing of that colour and I myself have a pair of shoes and a vest top in that colour.
Adore this look on her, so flattering! The color is terrific on her too, great earrings. The shoes, no, look like Daisy Duck.
Queen Mathilde looking lovely and fresh in a green dress at a meeting at Laeken Castle today, May 6:

** Full view ** Upper part **
Mathilde looks wonderful in green and this particular Issa design is very flattering. However, I think that with her very long legs, it is a little too short and therefore looks at best, a little unbalanced, and at worst, reminiscent of a gangly schoolgirl. An illusion that isn't helped by the added height of her platform shoes making her legs look even longer. :ermm:
I agree the dress on itself is nice but the size and fit looks a bit unbalanced.
That was my first impression, as well. I just think it is a little short. I also just do not like those peep toe platform shoes on anyone.
I agree that it looks a bit unbalanced. The detail in the front is very nice.
:previous: I have to be honest, I don't particularly like the very high and wide neckline and don't think it is a particularly flattering design.
The color is pretty, but I don't care for the bolero cardi. It looks old fashioned.

Queen Mathilde at the first round of the Queen Elisabeth Singing Competition in Brussels today, May 14, wearing an elegant jacket and blue pants:

** Full view ** Upper part **
Very nice pants and shiny patterned jacket combo, the blue dress and cardi look way too matronly
Very flattering , I hope at the end of the Competition we will see Queen Fabiola.
I don't think the pants are flattering at all. The floral jacket is nothing special, but the colors are pretty on her.
I like the outfit she wore to the Queen Mathilde Prize. I think the colour combination is great. I'm not so sure what I think about her outfit to the Queen Elisabeth Singing Competition though, sometimes I like it and sometimes I don't. I like it because I love the colours of her trousers and do think they're flattering, whereas I dislike it because the jacket isn't my cup of tea. It's a little busy and I'm not a huge fan on the colours used.
I like Queen Mathilde and she often makes good fashion choices, but -for me- it always misses thát little extra touch to complete it: a hat, a pair of gloves, an eyecatching brooch. Show that you are Queen of the Belgians!

Queen Mathilde looks stunning. Large rather than small floral prints seem to be in fashion!
Love this outfitt.

I am not sure but i thinks it a dress of Dries van Noten.
The overall impression is very good. Nice dress and the floral print is my favourite. Only the earrings are not to my taste.
I guess I'm on my own here, as I'm not a huge fan of the floral print. To me it looks a little odd. The dress is lovely overall though, and Mathilde looks elegant.
If it was all that floral print, or all-white I would've loved it.
As it is, they look like they took couch covering fabric, and stuck in the middle of the dress. It looks like they tried to reupholster a couch on a dress. In other words, remake a dress. It's like she had a white dress, and a floral dress, and they smashed them together. If you did that,that would be the result.
Hope it's alright to say this, but the way they placed it around her bosom looks really unattractive.
I guess I'm on my own here, as I'm not a huge fan of the floral print. To me it looks a little odd. The dress is lovely overall though, and Mathilde looks elegant.
Mathilde seems to almost always look elegant. I have a suspicion she would look elegant even wearing a sack! (With elegant shoes of course).

Queen Mathilde at a lunch for the Jury of the Queen Elisabeth Music Competition at the Royal Palace today, May 28, 2014, lookig elegant in green:

** Full view ** Upper part **
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