Queen Mathilde's Daytime Fashion Part 2: February 2014 - September 2014

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I do not like the ensemble at all. There is something off. The dress looks like a poorly executed origami project.
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It looks cheaply made with an inexpensive fabric. And the different sleeves just look silly. A poor choice for both of them.
I think it is the ugly belt and nip in at the waist. If it was just a straight sheath with interstate at the sleeve then it might have worked:)
The full view it looks quit entice but the upper view image shows the poor upper part stitching.
I like the outfit and don't think there's something off about it at all. Mathilde looks nice. :)

Queen Mathilde attended a seminar against cyber bullying organized by the University of Antwerp today, February 27, wearing a combination in orange-red:

** Full view ** Upper part ** Upper part 2 **
What an elegant vibrant colored suit. She wears it well.
She looks fantastic. I really admire the royal wives who throw the shades of dreary monotony open and remind us the world is full of colour! And that goes double for doing it in winter which, for the most part, seems to bring forth annual variations on the drab and the dreary with lots of dull browns, olive, slate, grey, black . . . well you get the picture. And don't get me started on footwear . . .
She always looks lovely in orange.

I agree. I've always thought of orange as a loud colour, but Mathilde manages to pull it off. She looked very elegant and brightened up the group, who wear wearing mostly black. If she wore that outfit at a busy gathering, I guess you'd be able to spot her easily! ;)
That's the idea..to stand out in a crowd! And that she does, elegantly and smartly. I love this outfit on HM both in color and style.
The orange suit is very lovely.
I'm not too fond of this outfit at all - it looks like something poorly done from the 1970-1980s. Although I think I should like the color, it do not. I just don't care for it.
The ensemble is awkward. An oversize blouse is aggravated with a bow. The colour is so so.
I don´t like it. The pencil skirt is Ok, but the yellow blouse looks weird. Something is wrong there, maybe the cut. :ermm: And of course, I do not like the bow.
This is not a good look at all. The blouse is too big and the color is unflattering. I don't care for the skirt either.
Not a fan of this outfit. The colour combination is not to my taste, and there's something off about her skirt. I like her hairstyle, however.
I love the blouse but I don't think that's the right skirt for it.
Oh dear, I actually think the bow should have been bigger and slightly to the side nearer the neck - it's a little floppy for my tastes. It's stange because I don't think it would look so bad in lack or cream. For a modern version of the 1970's look, the blouse could be teamed with a different skirt, perhaps a tighter fitting skirt in black.
I'm currently watching the re-runs of the third series of Wonder Woman and some of the outfits back in 1979 are really rather lovely - tops and blouses mainly - because the flared trousers date them so much.
I used to find Mathilde's style very hit/miss but since she has become Queen of the Belgians she has been batting close to a thousand.

That black/white outfit to meet QEII is simply perfection. I especially love the matching gloves. Mathilde (or her designers) seem to be taking her style inspiration from 60's icon Jacqueline Kennedy.:whistling:
It's amazing how an outfit so simple can look so regal, it's all Mathilde :flowers:
One cannot hardly miss wearing black and white! It almost always looks smart and elegant and this is no exception. I love her simple little hat, as well.
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