Queen Mathilde, Current Events, Part 2 (February 2019 - present

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Queen Mathilde received a delegation of the International Domestic Workers Federation (IDWF) at the Royal Palace today, October 4:

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Queen Mathilde participated in the conference "An EU comprehensive approach that prioritizes sound mental health for all", organized in connection with the International Mental Health Day in Brussels this morning, October 10:

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Queen Mathilde received the outgoing and incoming directors of the Queen Elisabeth Egyptian Association today, December 14:

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Mathilde is a lovely queen, her personality always shines. :flowers: I just noticed in recent pictures that she has piercing blue eyes.
Queen Mathilde receives Mrs. Simona Lastrego and Mrs. Aurélie Deville from the “Observatoire du Climat Scolaire”, an organization of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation that supports schools in preventing (cyber)bullying and improving the living environment at school.

Queen Mathilde visits the CHC Mativa residence in Liège, a nursing home that encourages intergenerational activities and involves its residents in its daily management.

The queen on day 3 of the visit to the Ivory Coast and at the Mamie Faitai preschool
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The Queen enjoyed a game of football too at the Laurent Poku Stadium in San Pedro!
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