Queen Mary's Daytime Fashion Part 1: January 2024 -

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Odd? Not sure where you're getting that from. Would you have her wearing flats or sneakers? They're sensible heels that match the color of her dress.
Perfect look doe Queen Mary of Day 2 of the State Visit to Sweden. Another repeat! She continues to show that you can rewear pieces for these important events and look amazing. She looks classic and chic. And with white dress yeaterday and this red today she has perfectly showcased Denmark's colors without cosplaying the Danish flag!
A beautiful look for Mary on day 1 of the state visit to Norway today, May 14 - simply perfect!

** Full view ** Upper part ** Upper part **

I'm docking 0.5 points because I'm not the hugest fan of fascinators like that, especially if it's windy. However, it's better than the hat she wore to Sweden last week. So, she gets a 99.5/100 from me for this look. I love everything about it from the forehead down. LOL.
Very elegant with both looks.
The skirt is beautiful

Right before the state visit we got to see a casual Mary onboard the Dannebrog, celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary
cute and practical.

We have seen Frederik with this vest before so I suspect they did not go shopping for matching outfits today lol
It is taking me awhile to warm up to wide leg trousers but Mary looks great in them. I really like her handbag.
The second outfit today was fantastic and excellent styling and perfect accessories too.
These are great outfits. Number 2 is just so elegant and stylish, love the skirt.
Makes sense to change outfits between a nature walk with young guides, official luncheon with the government, and a city walk tour.
It looks like a very warm day so the hat was perfect
Loved all of her outfits! She looked great.
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