Queen Margrethe's Summer Tour aboard the Dannebrog: 2015 - 2023

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While I like HM's hat, now I confess I just want to know if she's ever worn one of those particular headscarves.
BB writes that QMII had to sail to Fanø by the ferry. Presumably Danneborg is too large to enter the harbor.

I can't recall QMII in a Danish traditional dress.
In contrast to say Sweden we don't have a national dress. A pity I think.
Local dresses and suits are not as widespread in DK like in Norway where they are very common. They are here mainly used by folk-dancers and very locally, say at weddings, funerals or local events.
Not least because they are pretty expensive!
"This year's summer cruise is over, and around the Royal Ship Dannebrog, Her Majesty the Queen has placed the many bouquets of flowers that Her Majesty has received during the visits to Thisted, Esbjerg and Fanø municipalities"

I knew I’d seen a picture of Queen Margrethe in a similar type of traditional dress in one of my many books and have finally found one in a book all about her dresses (Dronningens Kjoler). It was taken in 1996
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Thanks, LibrarianDaisy. :flowers:

I did a quick Google and came up with quite some interesting dresses worn by both QMII and Mary.

The dress QMII is wearing while dancing is from the Island of Rømø. Also a Wadden Sea island, but further south. So it's hardy surprising it looks like the one worn on Fanø.
QMII in her Rømø dress:

And the Fanø dress for comparison:

A poor quality photo of PH dancing folkdance, with a woman dressed in a traditional dress, I don't know from where though.
Judging from the huge buckles on PH shoe's and the cut and length of his coat I'd estimate the suit originating in the mid 1700 +/- 25 years.

And because I do like the Faeroese attire, here is QMII again, on a very scenic background:
And compared with other Faeroese suits:
The male style says 1725 +/- 25 years.

And just because, here is Mary in a Kenyan dress. I'm sure there are a lot of details, announcing whether she is married, her status, what tribe and so on - just as with the Danish dresses.


For those who are interested in the fascinating world of traditional (Danish) local attire, here is a link: https://www.folkedragt.dk/
Alas, only in Danish.
But here you can have a closer view on dresses from specific regions, even islands:
And men's suits as well:
(The most suits you see here are from the 1600's, based on the style.)
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Mange tak Muhler. That’s a lovely picture of QM (better than mine!) and I always love seeing her in the National costumes of Greenland and the Faroe Islands. It’s just as well she found a husband who liked dressing up as much as she did,lol!
:previous: It sure is. In that respect we fortunately have the Dutch Regent Couple to carry the torch onwards.

Summary of the first day of the summer cruise with Dannebrog in Billed Bladet #31, 2021.
Written by Trine Larsen.

I haven't found any coverage of QMII going to see the bunker museum, so perhaps that was cancelled?
That's a pity. And I will have to cover that interesting part of the Atlantic Wall myself at some point.

Anyway, QMII arrived in the major fishing town of Hansholm in the windswept part of DK called Thy.
Here she among other things saw the National Park Thy, that is pretty much a windswept, desolate plain. And as such it's more a wildlife reservation. Fortunately the temperature was a balming 21 degrees C that day, otherwise it can get pretty chilly.
When people in that part of the country say it's a bit windy today = storm!

They have had a look at Dannebrog's engines BTW and they have located what went wrong, but not why! And especially not why both engines went dead, from the same fault.
Of course the engines are pretty old and from a time, when every nut wasn't monitored by computers. In fact the company that produced these engines doesn't exist anymore. And most ships using these engines have either been laid off or are sailing somewhere in far corners of the planet under some obscure flag.

After the visit to the nature reserve she enjoyed a lunch at Hansholm Lighthouse.
The building next to the lighthouse is a church. Life was hard being a fishing-family in that part of DK! So they adopted Inner Mission, a very stern form of Protestantism and the churches sometimes reflect that.
It was common that fishermen doubled as lifeboat crews during storms. And during one such bad storm a member of Inner Mission, offered his lifejacket to another crew member who didn't have one. Because if the boat foundered, the one who was given the lifejacket might survive. The one from Inner Mission was after all guaranteed to go to Heaven...

Hansholm used to be a fishing village, but it's now a major fishing port, and that has happened in the lifetime of QMII. She told in her speech how she remembered the discussion about enlarging the port in Hanstholm and now it is. That happened under her father in 1967, who opened the first part of the expansion of the harbor.

QMII also told that she is very familiar with Thy, and that she recently visited friend who live there. (While she was at Trend I assume.)

Apart from that QMII visited an ecologic farm (there is major money in ecologic farming!) And whiskey, mini brewery. here QMII admitted that she hadn't drunk that much whiskey in her life. - The brewery also export some of their products to Scotland of all places.
Queen Margrethe starts her Summer tour in Helsingor Municipality today 1st June



"The royal ship Dannebrog has just sailed from Elsinore and is now on its way on the Danish waters ��

Tomorrow, Her Majesty the Queen's summer cruise continues with a visit to the island of Anholt.

Thanks for today."

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Due to the wind QMII had to fly in by helicopter. The harbor at Anholt is simply too small for a ship the size of Dannebrog to move about. And normally she would instead be sailed in on the chaluppe, but again, it was a bit windy today and we can't have QMII tumble about in the chaluppe and arrive with several fractures, not to mention the risk for the crew. So a helicopter was called in.
The irony with the island of Anholt, where I wouldn't mind retiring to, is that as the crow flies it's pretty central-located in DK, but at the same time it's one of the more remote islands, because there is three hours of sailing to the nearest town.
But the wind is good for the electricity bill! :D

As such QMII visited a family, with a sea of children. They must have supplied half the pupils in the local school!
- In order to see how they cope. Because if you are a teen there really isn't that much to do on the island. And when it's time for high school, six hours by ferry each day becomes problematic!
So islands like Anholt tends to be for people of mature age and parents with very young children.

But a lovely island, that it is.
To everybody outside Copenhagen Frederiksberg is a part of Copenhagen city.
But it is really a municipality inside the much larger Copenhagen municipality - and the locals are very particular about pointing that out.

It's all very confusing and to be honest a little silly when looking from the outside. But that's why QMII is visiting Frederiksberg today and not Copenhagen. - But to outsiders, including me, QMII is visiting a part of Copenhagen. ;)

Aaaanyway, a part of the visit went to a garden, where 4th and 5th graders grew vegetables, while learning about biology, ecology, global warming, sustainability and cooking. So QMII was presented to vegetables as well as an Indian dish based on the children's products. - That she found very amusing. (Her favorite expression.)
Summer Tour 2023

The programme for this year's summer tour has been released today, February 3:

Queen Margrethe will officially board the Dannebrog on May 2.

On May 15 Queen Margrethe will pay a city visit to Allerød Municipality with a subsequent reception at Fredensborg Castle.

The first summer tour will take place from June 5 to June 9, including Bornholm's Regional Municipality, Ertholmene archipelago, Nordsjælland and Halsnæs Municipality.

The second summer tour from August 29 to September 1 will include Vordingborg Municipality, Randers Municipality and Fredericia Municipality.

** kongehuset: Sommertogter med Kongeskibet Dannebrog og bybesøg 2023 **
The Palace released an update on this year's plans, some changes will have to be made following Queen Margrethe's operation and recovery process:

Queen Margrethe will officially board the Dannebrog on May 2 as planned, but the city visit to Allerød Municipality on May 15 will be postponed to autumn 2023 and the tour planned for June has been postponed until 2024.

At this time, the tour in August/September will be carried out as planned.

"The Queen's rehabilitation after the operation is going well, but the rehabilitation process will continue to extend over a longer period of time. As a result, the Queen's official program will be characterized by a lower level of activity than usual":

** kongehuset: Udsættelse af sommertogt og bybesøg **
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