Queen Margrethe's Summer Tour aboard the Dannebrog: 2015 - 2023

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Muhler, I loved the video of QM going to the dig.......now this I did not know, so could you in yr spare time direct me to the info that QM went on a dig and where and when and what all the info on it? That is so interesting for I have always wanted to go on a dig in Egypt mostly as I am a reader of ancient history, archeology and anthropology and have tons of books on that subject. One of my favorite queens of the past is Hatsheput and her temple in the desert and I like strong women for that is how I see QM, a strong queen in her own right. And I bet there is lots still to be found in Denmark about the Vikings and their lives. That TV series is something I love and never miss......my dog is a Viking warrior of old..

Thank you so much for all this as you know I love yr history lessons ?
The queen looked great and seemed to enjoy the events. Always nice to follow these summer cruises
I've really enjoyed seeing photos of Margrethe on her summer cruise this year. She has been looking very happy throughout. It was rather cool that she met archeologists who she knew before. Archeology is a career I am looking into entering after I finish my studies. I just find it so fascinating - and the thrill of finding something precious must be amazing!
HereditaryPrincess & M Payton, I think the two of you would have a great time with QMII!

As LibrarianDaisy suggests, when it comes to archeology schedules go out the window.

And yes, M Payton, I can indeed tell you a lot about QMII and her interest in archeology. But I'm afraid you'll have to learn Danish before you can enjoy this, very informative and funny, book about QMII and archeology: Dronning Margrethe og arkæologien: https://image.isu.pub/121127172455-7cc39f30689b45f297316d70e0dba745/jpg/page_1.jpg

QMII's interest started even before she started in (home)school. Her nanny, Agnethe Ohrt, read aloud from history books, especially about ancient history.
When she was 9 she went with her classmates to Northern Jutland to an archeological dig, and were shown the collection of a local teacher.
When she was 12 she was allowed to dig herself for the first time. In Illerup Bog, where there is a huge find of weapons and armor sacrificed to the gods. Until fairly recently that was the largest find of Roman weapons found outside the Empire, and to a large extent inside the empire as well. There was a very thriving arms-trade back then.

Once she finished school she spend almost all of her autumn-holidays on archeological digs in Italy, Egypt, the Nubian Desert and Persia, as well as dropping by various Danish digs as well.
Often with King Gustav VI Adolf of Sweden.
As the heir, she realized she couldn't devote many years of her life studying archeology, but she did take classes at Copenhagen University, Aarhus University and in particular at Cambridge.

You can read reviews and excerpts from the book in these articles. Including how princess Margrethe jumped a fence to secure a number of clay pipes from the Elizabethan age in Hyde Park.

Since she became queen she's rarely had the opportunity to dig herself, but she as very much up to date with the latest news and a eager visitor to various digs!
(Enjoy the caricature!)

Notice how she digs with one hand and has a fag in the other... ?


And I simply could not resist this photo from back when she studied at Aarhus University and lived in a dorm with other students (and a LiW/fellow student, but no police officers)
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Muhler, Thank you so very much for all this info on QM and her studies on archeology. This is such a fascinating woman and the more I learn about her and read the more I come to so admire her. What an incredible lady she is. I just love the picture of her digging with one hand....?....so funny heh! It would be great if one of the grandchildren developed an interest in the same areas that she has done......wonder what her life would of been like if she was given the choice of careers..instead of being a queen, either way, she is a strong intelligent lady and very much admired by the people of Denmark and others from afar.
Thanks for all the archaeology links Muhler - as ever, you are an absolute star :flowers:
Her maternal Grandfather encouraged her a lot - wasn't he known as the archaeological King?
As usual M.Payton you express exactly how I feel about QMII but so much better than I could ?
You are both welcome. ?

Yes, King Gustav of Sweden took her on quite a few archeological digs.

Joachim has described himself as an history-nerd, but he doesn't seem to have an interest in practical archeology, but he is doing his very best to pass on the bug to his children, and considering there is a small leap from history to archeology one or more of them may become archeologists.
Frederik is I believe well versed in history. No wonder considering his mother and his family history, but to how large an extent i don't know.

None of the SRF members seems to have inherited the craze from their great grandfather though.
Muhler, you must have been reading my mind, because I was just thinking to myself that it would be wonderful to meet Margrethe at an archeology museum or archeological event :D
Thank you for sharing the photos of her in her past digs, I had no idea beforehand that she had such a big interest in archeology. She has many lovely archeological memories to share since she dug at amazing places.
Queen Margrethe's Summer Tour aboard the Dannebrog: September 2018

* *

Queen Margrethe will be on a summer cruise around the country again,
this year from September 3 - 7, 2018.

The stages will be:

September 3 - Municipality Silkeborg
September 4 - Municipality Silkeborg

September 6 - Municipality Svendborg
September 7 - Municipality Svendborg

** kongehuset.dk: H.M. Dronningens sommertogt med Kongeskibet Dannebrog i 2018 ** translation **

* *​
I am so looking forward to her visit to my city of Silkeborg. I am gonna be there and wave at her when she goes on her carriage ride from the City Hall to Museum Jorn. I can just make it before I go to work.:D

It will be a once-in-a-lifetime event as she has never been on a carriage ride in Silkeborg before, so I wouldnt want to miss it. I am super exited about it, as I have never seen a royal carriage procession before, so it will be my first ever and in my own city even :flowers::bounce:
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Sounds like it should be fun and exciting for you Zembra. I hope you get good weather for it.
Sounds great. ?

We will look forward to your impressions. ;)
Next week right, so will be watching Queen Margrethe on that gorgeous ship of hers...sailing along ........maybe one of her sister's will accompany her? I would like to see that...
Amazing seeing the royal carriage procession!!? So beautiful ❤️ and I saw the Queen up close several time, as I ran from one street to the other, on the carriage's route.....many others did the same:ROFLMAO:

This was the best picture I got. I wanted to enjoy the moment(s) too, and not just look at the whole scene trough my phone. Daisy looked in good spirits as usual.

A very memorable day!


A "mood" picture: I was surprised how many people were on the streets, as it happened during working/school hours. So many people had lined up, and of all ages: young, middleaged, old, children.

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Thank you for these pictures Zembra - it's a fine balance between being in the moment and taking pictures for future reference isn't it? But I'm greateful for you taking some and it means the rest of us can enjoy the moment. I'm very envious. The Queen looks very good and I always think the Danish carriage parades always look (and sound) very impressive.
Thank you for these pictures Zembra - it's a fine balance between being in the moment and taking pictures for future reference isn't it? But I'm greateful for you taking some and it means the rest of us can enjoy the moment. I'm very envious. The Queen looks very good and I always think the Danish carriage parades always look (and sound) very impressive.

Yes. I saw her at several spots on her route and only at the first spot did I take some photos. At the other I enjoyed the moment and waved at her:D At my second spot I was really close to her....like 1 meter away....it was something special being so upclose.

And I agree, the parade was so impressive and beautiful. Very beautiful horses and nice music:flowers:
I've often thought about coming over to Denmark for the Queen's birthday one year but I think I might stand a better chance of seeing her up close on her summer tours. And get to see parts of Denmark off the usual tourist trails. Enjoy the rest of your day Zembra :flowers:
Nice report, Zembra. :flowers:

Keep it coming. ;)

What's the impression on the street in Silkeborg? About QMII I mean.

As can be expected there is a massive coverage in the local newspaper: https://www.mja.dk/
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Thanks, Polyesco. :flowers:

I think a comment by a female spectator in the very beginning of the video sums it up. Loosely translated she exclaims: "Damn, they look good!"
BB is sending live from Svendborg right now https://www.billedbladet.dk/kongeli...ekte-kl-950-dronning-margrethe-paa-sommertogt

As in this very moment.

Later on you watch the whole thing again via the link above.


All are waiting because Svendborg is a small port and the local ferry needs to offload passengers and cars before the Guards Hussars can line up, so that QMII can go ashore.
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One of the places QMII visited today was a home especially for people who suffer from dementia.
Prior to PH being officially diagnosed with dementia, most people of course knew about the condition, but it did make a change in the sense that the media wrote a lot more about dementia, what it is, how it develops, the warning signs and what to do when you are actually diagnosed with dementia and not least how to keep it at bay for as long as possible.
But also the pain, worry, confusion, frustrations and deep sadness of the relatives has been touched. There is considerable more understanding now for people, who cannot face the daily pain of seeing a loved one change and fade away, so that some may at some point give up and separate or need a break.
More crucially it has meant that more are willing to stand out and say: Yes, I've been diagnosed with dementia, so it's going down from here...

Some 87.000 Danes are diagnosed with dementia.
To: Iceflower, Muhler, Polyesco and Zembra, a Huge Thank You for the pictures and videos and all the up front information for this lady here far off in another country who just loves Queen Margrethe and Denmark. This is such a joy to read and see, I so loved the parade and the horses and the smiles on all the people's faces when they see their queen. All this is such positive reinforcement on how great a country Denmark really is.....so let's continue on with this tour and hope poor Frederik doesn't get anxious to join for he needs lots of bed rest now....:flowers:
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