Queen Margrethe's Summer Tour aboard the Dannebrog: 2015 - 2023

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One thing I notice with Margrethe is that there is nothing ever stiff and formal about her when she goes out among the people. Instead of being touted as HM, The Queen, it seems like she's more ,
That's very interesting, Osipi, because to me, Queen M is among the top two of the most stiff and formal member of the DRF. She has changed for the better, during the time I have followed the DRF, but still...
Queen Margrethe's Summer Tour aboard the Dannebrog: June & August/September 2017

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Queen Margrethe will be on a summer cruise around the country again,
this year from June 13th - 16th and from August 30th - September 1st, 2017.

The stages will be:

June 13 - Municipality Kalundborg
June 14 - Municipality Kalundborg
June 15 - Municipality Mariagerfjord
June 16 - Municipality Mariagerfjord

August 30 - Regional Municipality of Bornholm
August 31 - Regional Municipality of Bornholm
September 1 - Regional Municipality of Bornholm

** source: H.M. Dronningens sommertogter 2017 ** translation **

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:previous: Thanks Mulher! Hope I'll have some time to watch it.
This is one thing that I really find heartwarming about QM. Each year she cruises around her country and stops and visits and generally really enjoys doing it.

I'm looking forward to following her adventures this year. :D
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:previous: Thanks for the pics and vids. :flowers:

Summary of articles in Billed Bladet #24 & 25, 2017.
Written by Trine Larsen.

Straight back from the golden anniversary cruise QMII went on the summer cruise and the first stop was the town of Kalundborg. The town will this year celebrate its 850th anniversary. Kalundborg is one of the best preserved medieval towns in DK, and that was indeed the theme centered around the five-tower church https://www.kalundborg.dk/files/Billeder/BILLEDER-HOVEDSITE/Billeder-Om_kommunen/Billeder-Presserum/Billeder_Pressebilleder/Billeder-By-%20og%20landskabsbilleder/Vor%20Frue%20Kirke.jpg
Where people and reenactors had dressed up like people in the 1100's.
Together with her LiW, Ane Vibeke Voss, QMII among other things looked at children jumping and doing somersaults.
After various events and opening things, QMII and the entourage was transported on cycles around town. No doubt appreciated by QMII, whose back caused some problems, so her adjutant is usually carrying a folding chair for her to sit on.
These cycles are very much used in Copenhagen in particular as a convenient way to take elderly for a tour out of the retirement home in comfort and yet pretty far. The cycles are mostly driven by volunteers. The cycles are also used in other parts of DK, Kalundborg being among them.

Next stop was the town of Hobro, via Mariager Fjord. And this is where my mother-in-law comes in. She and half the town of Mariager lined up along the fjord to have a look at the giraffe. And they were not disappointed QMII did appear briefly on deck and waved.

But back to Hobro. QMII got the usual reception. A band playing. The local Home Guard companies, the local scouts and the local veterans association turned up with their colours. - QMII returned the favor by shaking hands with every OAP who had been wheeled out of the local retirement homes. You'd be surprised how many that amounts to!

Then it was off to the town of Mariager, where among others my in-laws waited with fresh batteries in their cameras and empty memory sticks - and managed to fill them to capacity...
QMII was to be received by a choir consisting of 600 members, but someone had forgot to check whether there was even room for that many choir singers on the quay. There wasn't... - These things just happen. :lol:
So QMII had to contend herself with 250 singers, mostly children. Who sang songs by Seebach and Wafande and while her grandchildren are no doubt familiar with the songs, I'm not sure QMII is. But she was very delighted.
Mariager is, deservedly, also known as the Town of the Roses, so QMII had to visit the local Rose Garden, and here she was presented with roses by Rose Queen, Signe Skov Damborg. The title as Rose Queen is awarded annually to the girl who is voted the best and most sweet mate. I know her parents, so the apple hasn't fallen far from the tree.
And as usual there was also a little treat for QMII herself. She is as you know fond of art, history and archeology, so she got the opportunity to climb up on top of the highest burial mound in DK, Hohøj. Being 12 meters high and with a diameter of 72 meters it really is big. Most of the few thousand burial mounds we have in DK are at most a couple of meters high. No matter what, a broad smiling QMII darted up the mound faster than any mountain goat!
But she returned the favor by driving through Mariager in a carriage escorted by the guards Hussars. All being saved for posterity on the 2.659 photos my father-in-law took of the procession.

And with that QMII has ended the first leg of the summer cruise this year.

And here are BB. Had to buy a new scanner and it really hurts deep in my Jutlander soul to have to take out my wallet:

BB #24, 2017
BB #25, 2017
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She is one cool Queen. I wish her a great summer cruise ?

On a day like this, the Guards Hussars, horse-drawn carriage combined with the cobbled stones and low houses on Bornholm is photographers dream come true!
No wonder the tourists flock to the island!

Here is a gallery, showing the crowd and what happens from the perspective of an ordinary onlooker. Such photos are often more interesting that the official photos IMO: Billedserier » Dronningebesøg - de sidste forberedelser » tidende.dk

Billedserier » Velkommen til dronningen » tidende.dk

There live about 50.000 on the island, it looks like half were there!

QM looks so happy, she is in her element and it is showing how delighted she is to be there. And what a glorious welcoming for her. I so wish I could be there for I would camp overnight if not days to see her. Glad to see her doing this and that nothing else in life is holding her back ......wonder if they need extra help on that ship.....yet I do not cook!:lol:
Today the Queen was in Svaneke, visit to a glass puddle and later Denmark's first regional food culture house.


Last night,the Queen watched a concert on the lawn in front of the Chicken Mother in Almindingen(Thanks!!)

VIDEO: Koncert foran Kyllingemoderen i Almindingen | Kongehuset

Thanks Muhler!! Beautiful place!!

And Muhler if you win lottery let me know!!! ;) :whistling:
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Thanks, Eya. :flowers:

Until more details emerge, let's have a look at the town of Svaneke, which is probably the most idyllic town on an otherwise very idyllic island.
This is a place I'd like to retire to, when I win the lottery next week.

Let's enter the harbor like QMII:

Stroll through the streets:

Enjoy a beer on a bench:
http://www.visitskovly.dk/Files/Ima...Kirk Bjødstrup/Galleri/Hotellet/IMG_03672.jpg

Have a look at the local church:

The mill:

The lighthouse:

Drop in at the local grocer:

Before enjoying some smoked herring:
http://www.roegerietsvaneke.dk/web/B0112P 0045.jpg

Before going down to the water:

And run away the surplus kilos:

- You won't even notice you are being fleeced. :D
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I love yr history lessons a usual so one thing I noticed in the pictures of the streets in the town........darn those are the cleanest streets I have ever seen, you will not find that here in America that is for darn sure. My sister knows all about me and how I hate dirty streets in this city.:lol:

A very pretty city and I can see myself sitting by the water all the time....what a wonderful town it is and the queen looks like she is really enjoying herself also with white wine maybe....

Anyhow hope you win that lotto and get that car and boat and retirement home quickly for bet you will have lots of visitors from around the world knocking on yr door.....?
:previous: Yeps. That's you. Cleaning up where it is needed and most likely ignored being done by the people paid to do it too. :D

I never realized that Denmark was so beautiful and picturesque and I love looking at the places and the towns that QMII goes to on her summer travels. It almost makes me feel I'm stepping back in time to another era.

Thanks Muhler!
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Thanks, Iceflower :flowers:

And here is a continually updated gallery submitted by the readers of the local newspaper: Billedserier » L?serne m?dte dronningen » tidende.dk

And a BB video of her day in Svaneke, her hat almost flew off. (People expect that, it's tradition).
VIDEO: Dronningen fik dejlig smagsprøve på Bornholm | BILLED-BLADET

QMII also visited Bornholm back in 1947: http://tidende.dk/?Id=81814
Think M&F when you see Frederik IX and Queen Ingrid, they must have been around M&F's present age.

Series of photos om QMII visiting Almindingen, with 3 % of the locals present as well: http://tidende.dk/?News=Galleri&Id=52216

Photos from her visit to Svaneke: http://tidende.dk/?News=Galleri&Id=52230

If I win the lottery next week, you are all invited for schnapps and herring, when I've bought Svaneke and moved in there. :cheers:
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A video summary of QMII's last day on Bornholm: http://www.billedbladet.dk/kongelig...aa-balletpiger-begejstrede-dronning-margrethe
(Link fixed, thanks to LibrarianDaisy.)
She met among others an archeologist with whom she went excavating in Persia many years ago. QMII was visibly delighted with the reunion.

At a local ceramics shop QMII was to select the color of their first cup to be mass-produced. - You win no prize for guessing that the color selected is "lively". ;)

ADDED: A delightful gallery: http://tidende.dk/?News=Galleri&Id=52328&Pix=1
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Thanks for posting the galleries from the local newspaper Muhler.:flowers: It certainly looks like the whole island has got involved and it looks like a beautiful place to visit. I wonder how long it took them to drag the Queen away from the archaeological dig :whistling:
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