Queen Margrethe's New Years Speeches 1972 - 2023

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As mentioned before, I think her speech was delightful as always – particularly "therefore, we must talk things up, instead of talking them down." A very important and relevant message. The joy in her eyes when she spoke about the Crown Princely family's trip to Greenland was so endearing. I also adored her little side-eye when there was a noise off-camera.

I was pleasantly surprised that she mentioned that she and Henrik will visit Greenland and the Faroe Islands during this coming summer. Could that be the places they are visiting on their summer tour this year or will it be official visits?
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Just as the New Year Courts are a tradition here in DK, so is the speech by QMII on New Years Eve.
Each year, before the speech is aired, an honor guard march out and stand to attention.
When the speech is over, the royal anthem is played while the colour is lowered.
With Fredensborg Palace as background that made a really scenic picture: https://app.box.com/s/97hez7sg432xq1b66ajk

Standing guard on New Years Eve, especially during QMII's speech is a sought after duty and there is never a shortage of volunteers among the guardsmen.
As you may have observed it's New Year and here in DK it means QMII will deliver her New Year speech live at 18.00. - Usually with more than two million watching.

And every year it's speculated what she's going to say. Not less this year after the announcement of PH's "retirement" last year.

Danskere til dronningen: Nu kan du godt træde af - Lokalavisen Aarhus
A couple of royal experts have been asked for their opinion.

At the same time a YouGov poll has shown that 30% of the Danes hope for an abdication announcement, 42 % hope she stays and 27 % are don't knows.
The two experts believe that it cannot be ruled out that QMII will actually announce an intent to abdicate. But not this year.
It's too close to PH's retirement.
But the court has said that the New Year speeches may be used for announcing "news", so both believe it may be likely that QMII will abdicate within a couple of years.
Partly because M&F are ready and partly because it should better happen now while M&F are in their prime.
One expert, believes such an announcement may come next New Year, because Frederik will turn 50 in 2018.
"She's had trials on the home front in the shape of Prince Henrik's retirement, which very obviously have reduced her capability for her abilities for doing her job, they way she prefers to. And then Frederik and Mary are ready for the task. They have established themselves with four children and Mary speaks excellent Danish. If Frederik is to be king while he is healthy and full of sprite, it's about time it happens now".

The other expert says:
"The Queen and the court have placed themselves in a sitiation where she can do it. The CP-couple have been moved up front. But at the same time the Queen is very much a person dedicated to duty and if she is to abdicate it must be because she feels it's her duty and not as an expression/statement of weakness or because she has been to do so by the retirement of Prince Henrik".

- We shall see. And with that I wish you a Happy New Year. :)
Why do the experts think the Queen may want to abdicate as she herself so often has ruled out the possibility of an abdication?
I watched it live, and I think it was a good speech.

Why do the experts think the Queen may want to abdicate as she herself so often has ruled out the possibility of an abdication?
Because the so-called experts love to speculate.

She became angry when she was asked by Norwegian journalists during King Harald's Silver Jubilee if she considered abdication. She said again that she felt that the role as monarch was for life.
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I also watched it live even though I don't speak Danish so had no idea what she was saying, lol! I really felt for her as she obviously had a 'frog in her throat' as we say in the UK. I hope she's not suffering with a heavy cold or anything.
I also feel that for her to abdicate would be so out of character that there would have to be some really major reason so I personally hope that never happens.

I've found a link to an English translation of the Queen's speech on the Royal website and very good it is too.http://kongehuset.dk/en/news/her-majesty-the-queens-new-year-address-2016
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Back when Beatrix, JC and Albert abdicated it was a shock. Other than the Dutch and Luxembourg, there was no tradition. Add to it three. Four counting the pope, abdicatons was shocking. But now it seems a lot if people have got on this boat of, younger is better, good for heir to come to the throne when young...... And attention going to the remaining monarchs and who could abdicate next. Margrethe, harald and Elizabeth all face this. Harald seems like the only possible one IMO, due to health issues, but he will likely just slow. This older generation was raised to believe they ruled for life. Beatrix, JC and Albert dudnt abdicate simply fir old age. That concept likely never crossed their mind, though Beatrix had the example of her mother and grandmother for abdication.

Speech wise, was a pretty good speech, first time I have read hers.
As usual a well balanced speech by QMII.

You should be able to see it here: https://www.dr.dk/tv/se/dronningens-nytarstale-2016/-/dronningens-nytarstale-12#!/

Let's have a look at the honor guard from the Royal Lifeguard Regiment.

Every time as far back as I can remember, and I think since the speeches were first shown live, the honor guard has turned out in front of Amalienborg during the speech.
To the delight of the several thousands who have made it a tradition to toast and start the celebration at Amalienborg Square.
All the guardsmen volunteer for duty on New Years Eve, and it's just as sought after duty as standing guard on Christmas Eve and indeed on QMII's birthday.
Let's see what happens here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1KmiBVQrNBE
Most of the guardsmen who are not on sentry duty march out of the guardsroom that is always located in the mansion used by the Monarch. So When Frederik becomes king, they'll move to M&F's mansion.
They are accompanied by a drummer and a fifer, who are signalmen.
And followed by their senior NCO, who on this night double as colour-sergeant. As I understand it on this night they carry the regimental colour, complete with campaign ribbons, rather than the colour of the individual battalion. The regimental colour and the three battalion colours stand in the colour chamber inside the mansion, when not in use. There is also a room dedicated to the colours in M&F's mansion - for when the time comes.
Outside they line up with the colour-sergeant in front. The metal-stands next to the guardsmen were previously used to rest the muskets.
Being long and with an attached bayonet they were too unwieldy inside the guardsrooms, if the had to turn out in a hurry, so they stood ready and loaded outside.
By now the honor guard are joined by the commanding officers.
The officer in command this New Years Eve, has had a father and an uncle who served in the Lifeguard, but he is the first to serve on this day, so he was pretty pleased! :D
Once the commanding officer has taken command, the detachment await the speech, just as the rest of DK.

http://ekstrabladet.dk/incoming/art...TES/p900/Livgarden på Amalienborg nytårsaften
When QMII has finished her speech, the colour is lowered in salute while the rest of the detachment present arms and then the royal anthem is played.
- And that's it, the show is over and the guardsmen return to their quarters.
Tonight at 18:00, we have the 46th New Year's Eve speech of Queen Margrethe.

Looking back with pictures to the others 45 speeches!


From yesterday Queen is back to Amalienborg to get ready for the speech



The New Year Speech of Queen

In danish

Læs H.M. Dronningens nytårstale 2017 | Kongehuset


Her Majesty The Queen's New Year Address 2017 | The Danish Monarchy - Front Page
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Thanks, Eya. :flowers:

Yes, the media today is buzzing with speculations at what she is going to say tonight.
It's almost a certainty that PH, and his condition, will be mentioned one way or another. Perhaps also in regards to where he is going to be laid to rest.

Another thing that is very much speculated on is that she will announce that she is going to cut down on her workload, i.e. de facto retire in anything but name.
One of the often quoted royal commentators has gone so far as to sat that in his opinion the possibility of QMII announcing her abdication next year, has gone from most unlikely, to 50/50!
The timing for that being considered the best possible.
Another prominent commentator says: No way.

But let's have a look at the New Year speeches.

The royal historian, Lars Hovbakke Sørensen, has had a look at the New Year speeches in DK as well as other European countries and compared their style and contents.

In Denmark the tradition started at the first New Year after the German occupation, i.e. 1st January 1941. The purpose then was very much to calm the population in a time of trouble.
It has continued ever since. From 1958 also on TV.
Today the New Year speech is held on the 31st December, while the PM deliver his/her speech on the 1st January. Which is pretty much also a kind "state of the nation" speech. As well as outlying the government's ambition for the coming year.

The Danish New Year speeches is very much in the form of a personalized address from the Monarch and the royal family to the nation, commenting very much on events in the year that is passed and adding personal observations and opinions on general matters that are not too political. As well as informing the public about upcoming events within the DRF.
QMII has very much defined that style, which is of course why some 50-60 % of the population is watching, year after year.

Sweden also has a tradition for New Year speeches, beginning on the wireless from the 1930's. But not every year and not always by the king, and these speeches were mainly aimed at Swedes abroad. And the speeches there are given in connection with Christmas.
No speeches were made at all during WWII, because Sweden, to put it mildly, was in a very precarious situation! So it was presumably wisest if the king didn't say anything at all.
It was only in 1973 that the Christmas speeches became an annual tradition.
The reason very much being that Sweden was led by Social Democrat governments from 1936-1976, governments that were much more republican than in Denmark and Norway.

The first New Year speech in Norway was in 1936. But it was WWII that cemented the tradition, when the King broadcast his New Year speeches from his exile in Britain. The King being a very important symbol for the Norwegians!
After WWII the King and the Crown Prince took turns giving the speech, but from 1957 it was only the King who gave the speech. From 1960 also on TV.

In Britain the tradition started in 1932, with a brief Christmas greeting on the radio. But in contrast to Scandinavia the speeches by the British monarch remained short and to this day mainly in the form of a general greeting, with only in more recent decades including more personal details.
The reason for that is that the British Monarch is also the monarch for a number of Commonwealth countries and as such has to tread more carefully.

It's different in the Benelux countries of Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. Here the monarchs and princes also give a Christmas address. But these are much more politically specific. i.e. commenting on current political issues. In particular European issues.
That is in stark contrast to the Nordic countries where the monarchs are obliged to be as politically neutral as possible.
Sådan holder kongehuset nytår - TV 2

PH's former valet, Anker Andersen, explains here how the Regent Couple's New Years Day was, until he retired years ago.

Usually the RC couple were woken up around 08.00.
They had breakfast together, before QMII went in to dress.
The chambermaid went into the Queen and together they decided how QMII would dress for the speech at 18.00. It had to be co-ordinated with the bouquet of flowers on her table.

At meetings during the forenoon the speech would be worked on.
At some point the employees at the court would be called in so that they would be thanked for their service and wished a happy New Year, some of them might be decorated as well.

Then it was back to work on the speech.
QMII got make-up for TV and then she would inspect the office where the speech is held. She was always well on time.

While QMII gave her speech, PH would often lie on his bed with a dog or two, relaxing.
Once the speech had ended it would be marked with a glass of champagne and then QMII would relax for a while before going to a party or having guests over.

Never many guests, around eight or so.

When Joachim and Frederik were younger they also attended the party. But as children they retired to their rooms after a while. When they were a little older, they had friends over.

PH's current valet, was in charge of the fireworks in Amalienhaven, the small garden between Amalienborg and the quay. It was here the guests often went to look on, because the present valet was good at fireworks!
(It's also here we have seen PH and guests, while the ladies mainly watched from the windows).

- We can imagine it's pretty much the same today.
Thanks Muhler! Great coverage as always. :flowers:

1. How serious is that Sebastian Olden-Jørgensen guy (the expert who always think she's going to abdicate)?

2. As usual, I don't agree with Lars Hovbakke Sørensen. QEIIs Christmas messages is IMO as personal as those of the other monarchs. And I won't say that there are more personal details in her speeches today than before (I would actually say the opposite).
Thanks Muhler! Great coverage as always. :flowers:

1. How serious is that Sebastian Olden-Jørgensen guy (the expert who always think she's going to abdicate)?

2. As usual, I don't agree with Lars Hovbakke Sørensen. QEIIs Christmas messages is IMO as personal as those of the other monarchs. And I won't say that there are more personal details in her speeches today than before (I would actually say the opposite).

Both of them know a lot of hard facts about the DRF, but they haven't studied the people within the royal families in the same way as hardcore royal watchers do. - Which is probably why Sebastian Olden-Jørgensen is off the mark so often.

Tonight is the Grand New Year Court and as all of you know that means lots of bling bling!
The weather forecast is fine. A little wind in Copenhagen tonight. A risk of an odd shower and the temperature is a balmy 4-5 degrees C. (41F) So the ladies wont be covered behind umbrellas and furs.

BB will show live from 18.25 covering the guest arriving and of course the DRF who will arrive shortly before 19.00.
Their coverage is usually good, so I'll recommend you keep one window open for this link, which has a different angle from the coverage by DR1. And this you at least can view outside DK.
DR1 will also cover the event, a link will provided later, either by me or someone else.

The interesting thing tonight is Nikolai.
He has turned eighteen and is old enough to attend.
In what capacity will be interesting!

Will he come as a guest? Accompanying his mother?
Or will he join his father and our Marie?
Will he wear the Order of the Elephant?
Or will he stay away entirely?

The answer to these questions will be a clear indication as to his future role with the DRF.
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Thank you Muhler for the info on tonight and the speech. What I was impressed about in her speech was the way she talked of Denmark needing talent (my opinion) from other countries and how we can not all go through the same door and that life has it's ups and downs........I really so do admire this woman for she walks a fine line so many times in so many different roles in her life......no wonder she is such a great artist for that is her outlet to express herself with out that fine line of diplomacy.

So looking forward tonight ..............:flowers:
As ever, a wise and thoughtful speech from QM and I loved the fact that she quoted a poem from Prince Henrik on Greenland. I think it's great the she still does these speeches live - I watched it live even though I couldn't understand a word but felt I was sharing a real moment with everyone else and Queen Margrethe.

As this is the thread for Queen Margrethe's New Years Speeches, please continue the discussion about the New Year Courts at the following thread:

** Danish New Year Courts: 2004, 2006-2018 **

A couple of posts have been moved to the correct thread.
Both of them know a lot of hard facts about the DRF, but they haven't studied the people within the royal families in the same way as hardcore royal watchers do. - Which is probably why Sebastian Olden-Jørgensen is off the mark so often.
Thanks for answering! ?

IMO (and this is not meant as criticism of danish historians/commentators or journalists) the quality of some of the people who are commentating on the DRF is very poor and gossip-like.

Lars Hovbakke Sørensen: I have taken him in several errors (also when it comes to the DRF). And as I wrote in the ''King Harald's New Years Speeches'' thread, he was wrong about some facts (regarding norwegian New Year's speeches) in the Jyllands-Posten article you posted in post 74.

Trine Villemann: I don't even have words to describe her behavior and ignorance (she even make the worst british commentators look good).

Sebastian Olden-Jørgensen: He always think QMII is going to abdicate. And he wasn't too impressed by her speech either (probably because she didn't abdicate).

And some of the things he has said about Frederik is just ridiculous. Just take this comeent: ''He (Frederik) has married a woman who has more in her little-finger that he has in his entire body''. (You wrote about it in one of your posts.)
I can only agree with you.

Which is probably the reason why specialist royal reporters from BB or Thomas Larsen from Berlingske (who is also a political analyst BTW) are often called in to comment for the TV networks.
But the papers are reluctant to request comments from competitors so they rely on "experts". Experts who may know a lot about the formal roles and history of the monarchy as a whole, but not so much about the persons themselves.
I'll claim that quite a few here on TRF who follow the DRF threads regularly (most of course being foreigners) would be able to come up with more qualified comments on the DRF and the current members than the persons you listed.
:previous: Agrees! I for one like commentators or experts (who mainly consist of writers and historians) to be accurate and non gossip-like. The exception is TV2's foreign correspondent Ulla Terkelsen. She is not what I will describe as accurate and non gossip-like (especially not when it comes to her commentary on the royals), but for a strange reason, I enjoy listening to her.

BTW: In Norway, most of the royal commentators/experts who is used by the TV networks and papers are mainly former/current political editors (with the exception of NRK's royal correspondent Kristi Marie Skrede and TV2's royal expert Kjell Arne Totland and 4 very serious/accurate historians).
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Yes, I like her too. You can usually expect her to say something intelligent and she has a way of explaining things so that it makes sense.
She is also very pro-monarchy, but without being sentimental or keeping out the negative angles.

I see that DR1 for their coverage tonight brought in former Master of Ceremonies Christian Eugen Olsen and a fashion designer (at least one of his creations were there tonight). So they are experts in a much more hands-on way.

This year QMII will give her live New Year speech from Fredensborg.

That's because of ongoing renovations at and around Amalienborg to secure the place against having it's basements flooded.
The change in the climate has led to more and heavier rain here in DK. Cloudbursts are now relatively common, while they only a couple of decades ago was something extraordinary.
Queen Margrethe is a very astute woman and her New Year's Speech shows that she too sees a necessity to slow down, smell the roses and act with kindness. She has reminded the people of Denmark of the thanks they owe to their Military personnel, Police Officers, Firemen/women, Doctors, Nurses, Aides, and the list goes on.

Basically, no man or woman is an island and, as they go through the coming year, the way they live their lives contributes to the wellness and welfare of Denmark and the Danes. And, she didn't forget those Danes abroad, working, holidaying or even having emigrated from Denmark, they too fly the flag for good or ill for Denmark.
QMII's speech has generally been given a favorable review, even though some think it's forgettable.

There were a few things worth noticing. QMII cracked the whip slightly against those whose greed has led them to betray the trust of the society. There was no doubt as to who she meant.
DK has had a number of very serious cases in the past year.
A massive case of embezzlement.
The largest bank involved in a massive case money laundering.
And a family involved in big scale fraud.
- Not to mention the world wide tax scandal.

Apart from that she focused very much on online behavior. Basically remember to think before you hit send, when you are commenting.
She also urged people to be more present, with those they are in physical contact with, rather than living their lives through electronic devises.

For the first time she spoke directly to the children of DK. Told them that they are good enough as they are, they don't have to be perfect. And she called on them to be good mates.

PH was very much remembered indirectly, because on her desk stood a miniature model of one of his sculptures, he made back in the 90s. That was the hand holding a jewel.
Thanks for that Muhler. She is very up to date with what is affecting society.

We have just endured a royal commission on our big 4 banks/ ripping off customers in a very bad way. Trouble is our previous treasurer was adament we didn't need an enquiry into the banks. Everyone in this country know they are the biggest crooks in town.
Trouble is that treasurer is now our Prime Minister, at least until May 2019.
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