Queen Margrethe's Golden Jubilee Celebrations 2022

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Surprised about the part of attempting the reception at the Folketing and the wreath laying on the 14th given those two events would still draw a crowd of spectators.

Another BB article about the postponement and events still scheduled for the 14th. Guess the State Council could be held virtually. Not sure about the government reception unless it is quite scaled down. The wreath laying at least is outdoors.
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:previous: Not too surprised about that. Both in 2020 and 2021, the traditional birthday celebrations at Amalienborg were cancelled and people were strongly advised not to show up. Yet both years QMII ended up acknowledging the people who actively ignored that advise and showed up outside Fredensborg by showing up in the door to wave to them.
Unfortunately no surprise.

It comes as the government impose new restrictions.
So I guess the court got a heads up, in regards to what was likely to be agreed on and imposed,

Late summer is however slightly surprising for me. I would have put my money on April.
Unfortunately no surprise.

It comes as the government impose new restrictions.
So I guess the court got a heads up, in regards to what was likely to be agreed on and imposed,

Late summer is however slightly surprising for me. I would have put my money on April.

Late summer would be what...July or August? Would that not be when summer cruises are usually?
Late summer would be what...July or August? Would that not be when summer cruises are usually?

I'd say August. And that would coincide with the second leg of the summer cruises.

Perhaps Mary will be celebrated by embarking on the first leg?

Because as things are, with now on average 10.000 infected a day (and that's just those who are tested, so 15.000 may be closer to the actual number), I think we will be in a state of semi-lockdown for most of January.
So it will be too risky to plan any big celebrations in connection with Mary's B-day in early February.
Yeah...the biggest thing for Mary was the gala. The Mary Foundation reception can be held later and be for her birthday and the foundation's 15th anniversary.

Not sure anything would be held in June for either 50th as there is QEII jubilee which might still go forward was planned by June.

Article re documentary airing.


Another post re documentary with video.

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This evening the first part of the documentary series "A Life as a Queen" on the occasion of Queen Margrethe's jubilee will be shown on Danish TV2:

** kongehuset instagram post **
This series has been quite a success!

That is often the case when you allow an interesting and intelligent person to just tell her story.
And to that QMII is a great storyteller.

So this has captured the interest of even people who are not that interested in the DRF, judging from a conversation I had on Second Christmas Day.

Haven't seen anything yet myself, but there are still three segments or so left.
Very regal images on the Golden Jubilee Commemorative Stamps .
"On 3 January 2022, PostNord will issue an anniversary sheet with three stamps on the occasion of Her Majesty the Queen's 50th Jubilee "


It's interesting and unusual.
Normally a monarch always looks to the right, but with the coat of arms of the Danish Realm (not just Denmark) between the two portraits, it's of course natural and appropriate that QMII in both portraits look at the coat of arms rather than away from it - which would indeed be a little odd.
She's also looking at herself. Appropriate for 50 years.
Something to look forward to and also expected with QMII's jubilee and Mary's B-day.
Alas, these celebrations are postponed, instead we can feats our eyes on this. ?
The Palace shared two photos of the interview:

** kongehuset gallery **

„My father was very keen that I should once follow him. He was infinitely proud of that thought.“

About becoming Queen the day her father died:

„That appertains, and at that moment the task is much larger than the immediate grief over losing one‘s father.“

Also today the Royal Calendar has been updated with the next upcoming jubilee event:

On January 14 Queen Margrethe, Crown Prince Frederik, Crown Princess Mary, Prince Joachim, Princess Marie and Princess Benedikte will attend the official celebration at the Folketing, afterwards they will attend a wreath-laying ceremony at Roskilde Cathedral together with Queen Anne-Marie:

** kongehuset 1 ** kongehuset 2 **
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Summary of two articles in Billed Bladet #1, 2022.
First a very long article by Marianne Singer of QMII.

There is not much new in the interview but there is a lot of confirmations of what we suspected. I'll get back to that.

The interview takes place in the Red Salon at Amalienborg, a room QMII and PH used a lot, so that's also for the interior decoration thread, when I get around to upload the scans.

She didn't begin training to be a future monarch until her first State Council when she turned eighteen. By which time she went to high school - at Amalienborg with Birgitte Hillingsø.
Not much changed in the day to day life of QMII, but things got more serious and more focused and there was a lot more attention on her, something a shy and somewhat immature girl found a little challenging.
But she soon accepted and settled in her new role and having to wear long robes and dress up was a bit alluring, even if she wasn't that preoccupied with her looks.
She was very much supported by her parents. Her father being very proud of his daughter.
Looking across the North Sea to Queen Elizabeth QMII dreaded losing her father at a young age and she hoped she would have time to settle down and establish a family, nor was she particularly keen on becoming monarch at such a young age.
Marrying at 27 she married a little later than average back then and later than most of her friends.

But the day came, her father died and she became monarch.
That the way it is in a dynastic family and on the day the task is much bigger than the grief. And she knew her father had confidence in her and firmly believed she would cope. - If you can, you do.
There was room to grieve alright but in-between the other tasks.

QMII is very pleased with Mary, being delighted that Frederik had found the one in his life, though feeling sad that Queen Ingrid never met her.
"When I saw Mary enter the church by her father's side, I thought: That was a grand entry she did there." She did very well.
"I got a tremendous respect for her abilities. She was confident. (*) I was really glad to have a daughter-in-law like her. I could tell that she had the potential needed."

Frederik has explained that he for many years now has had an increasingly close co-operation with his mother and the more experienced he gets the more on equal terms he is with his mother says QMII.
She is very proud of him and she is confident he will do well when he becomes king.

Christian is also on the verge of taking up his position in earnest. "I think he is on the way to becoming taller than my father. He's going to be big!" She can't yet tell whether Christian has inherited some of Frederik IX's traits. It will mainly be M&F who will prepare Christian but she will also exercise her influence and prepare Christian in the same way she was prepared, by doing and observing. - She used the expression of osmosis from generation to generation.
She thinks Christian is doing well when on the job.
"He does very well. He seem very relaxed in a sensible way and has a neat demeanor. I don't think he's particularly shy nor effervescent. It looks promising. He has a couple of very sensible parents and that's a good start."
She is looking forward to being more on the job with her grandchild.

But how much is QMII involved in the decisions her sons make today?
She leaves a lot to them to decide for themselves, but if they want her opinion she's happy to talk about it. And she is always ready to listen to their opinions and hear their views.

QMII is fond of her daughters-in-law and think they are doing very well. They also have a responsibility in being a part of a marriage and being a part of the chain. They came from the outside without the preconceptions you might have. "But I think they both have the right skills/abilities and are good at using them, just as both of them each are strong personalities. And what any mother is delighted about, is when you lovely children gets a good support from those they marry."

But is QMII a good mother-in-law?
Ask Mary and Marie. "I'm hopefully not too terrifying a mother-in-law. But I don't know if I'm the worlds best. But they don't have anyone else."

(And now I'm going to take a break. - This post will updated later.)

(*) The word used is "fortrøstningsfuld" a softer word for being confident.
The difference being believing things will work out alright, in contrast to being sure she would manage.


The second interview is of QMII's very close childhood friend Brigitte Hillingsø, married to retired defense chief Keld Hillingsø.
Their daughter (what's her name) is a close friend of M&F.
From the interview it's clear that QMII is not a person to confide in people, not even very close friends.
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Part 2.

(This will exceed 10.000 characters.)

Christian is supposed to eventually move in at Christian IX's Mansion/Palais, which is currently used by QMII.
When she and PH moved in here, it had been three generations since it had last been used as a residence. So it was empty of everything except for some electrical wiring and and water pipes, no central heating yet.
But three years before QMII got married she and Benedikte moved in on the top floor, so when QMII and PH returned form their honeymoon in 1967 this is where they lived.
The Red Salon the interview takes place in was the first room that was renovated. That happened in January 1968 and they used it to come down to have a cup of coffee and sit by the fireplace.

QMII is very much aware that she is a part of a continuing dynasty, she tries to continue and put her mark on the dynasty before passing it on.
Looking back there were of course some who were less than successful, but she believes most tried to do their best.
"But one feels it's an obligation that is worth putting real effort into. That certainly is for me is the most essential and worth doing. It's a task to lift but it also provides many delights. It certainly isn't something I'm at loath to do."
Being part of something that matters to other people matters. She feels and has felt since she was very young a very close connection (bonding) with her country. Obligation as well, but also connection.

But does she sometimes envy people who are enjoying their otium? (A subtle abdication question.)
"You know what, it's no otium, but I really enjoy it. I actually think I'm tremendously fortunate to be able to continue with the life I have and not having to reinvent myself, as many has to when they stop with their working life. I don't have that challenge at all."
And there considerations taken to the fact that she isn't that young anymore.
She lives her life in the present and she is happy to still be in full swing.

She has processed and moved on from losing her husband back in 2018.
It was of course a major thing after having been married for more than 50 years but she wasn't alone. Se had her family and her staff and her job, so she's fine.

She's very fond of her royal duties. She get to meet many different and kind people and see many interesting things, so she ain't complaining.
When she is relaxing it's by focusing on something different, like embroidery, sewing painting and drawing. She finds it very relaxing to focus 100 % on something else.
Apart from that she now has more time to read papers and books.
When she has a few days off, she thinks: "I'm not doing anything, and it doesn't matter."

QMII ends the interview by placing her hand on her heart as she has consistently done during the pandemic.
(I also think that's a much neater and dignified greeting than bumping elbows together, which IMO looks silly.)


Then we go straight to the interview with Birgitta Hillingsø, QMII's childhood friend.
The interviewer is John Lautrup. She's still a very bubbly lady, having been married for 60 years to Kjeld Hillingsø. They have a son, Jens Hillingsø and a daughter, Ellen Hillingsø, who is a close friend of M&F.

They met when Birgitta was ten at her home in Juelsberg Estate, where Frederik IX and Queen were coming to visit for the day.
Birgitta was quite a tomboy and to her displeasure it was her job to take care of a "spoiled Copenhagener girl" in the shape of Princess Margrethe. And wearing a neat dress she was also supposed to present flowers to spoiled brat!
Anyway, she showed QMII her large collection of toads, the favorites being named Nolle and Tolle. QMII was allowed to hold them and she even kissed one of them - and a friendship was born.
Her parents Gregers Juel (old nobility) and Gunilla, who was Swedish were somewhat awe-struck over the royal visit and Birgitta took advantage of that by coming up with some mischief - with a willing Princess in tow.
That including sliding down the stairs on trays and jumping on the beds in the guestrooms.

But they are quite different personalities: "She was vulnerable when young. She was delicate in some what a little shy and awkward. And a bit clumsy. No matter whether she was wearing wellies or not she always got wet socks and fell a lot. Often and hard." To which her sisters would exclaim: "Oh, Daisy!"

That she was going to become a monarch was burden on her and she was a sensitive soul.

When Birgitta was seventeen she moved in at Amalienborg to go to high school alongside QMII, so that she wouldn't feel lonesome and there she lived for 2½ years.
She wasn't that keen on going there being an extrovert teenager with a sweetheart. Fortunately the boyfriend lived in Copenhagen, so it actually worked very well.
"It worked perfectly between us. We just had such a cozy time and fun from day one. Even though I had a boyfriend the Princess and I were about equally childish. It was also a wonderful relief for her that she wasn't going to sit there alone with the teachers."

The teachers were brilliant, but there was one teacher they disliked, he sucked up to QMII, and she couldn't stand it. So after the very last lesson with that teacher QMII cheered and did a handstand so that her skirt slid down and in that moment the teacher returned to deliver a last tirade of flatter, and there was QMII with her legs in the air.
"She was like that a lot. A funny girl. Full of mischief. Curious, Very bright. Very gifted and very knowledgeable. That's also what makes her fun to be with. You can talk about anything."

But in contrast to Birgitta QMII couldn't go out to town in the evening. Sometimes that annoyed her a little.

Frederik IX and Queen Ingrid took very good care of Birgitta and treated her like family.
Birgitta got married and had children, but QMII faced other problems. How was she to find a husband? She couldn't just go out and a Danish count was out of the question, it to be a foreigner. It was a lonely and insecure time for QMII and at times Birgitta was the shoulder QMII needed.

Fortunately PH came, and he was eye-candy.
Unfortunately there wasn't a specific role for the first male consort in DRF history.
"He was completely left on his own when he came. At the court sat some grumpy old officers and decided over him and they had no job for him. No one had thought about that."

It was a relief that PH died before his illness got a lot worse, but still: "Imagine, he could read on the frontpage of the newspaper that he had dementia. That was no bloody fun. I felt so sorry for him."

QMII did not offload on Birgitta during those hard years: "She never complained and her loyalty towards Prince Henrik was unbreakable. I'm sure she had a rough time, but she's not the one who told me. Strange but true, she protected him. And then your marriage really isn't anybody else's business, so to speak."

That was the case all through QMII and PH's marriage. QMII never talked about issued in their marriage to Birgitta.
Kjeld Hillingsø was a close friend of PH and things could get lively!
"We've had some insane fun. That I can tell you. It wasn't quiet. The Queen isn't for anything the daughter of a sailor. She's smashing fun. In that respect she's neither reserved nor shy."

Once the Hillingsøe called in friends to help paint their home, not having that much money. (Guess Kjeld Hillingsø was a junior officer at the time.) QMII heard about and showed up in a coverall and with a scarve around her hair and started painting. They painted away and drank beers.
At some point a neighbor came rushing in having noticed QMII's car outside: "The Queen's coming, the Queen's coming!" From the top of a ladder, QMII replied: "I'm here already."

QMII will be Queen for life. "Abdicate? She won't! Why on earth would she? To rest? She don't feel like that at all. Are you nuts? Surely. she'll die if she should sit there and be bored and being an ex-queen. Dammit she's a fun lady."

(Scans coming up at some point.)
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You are all going to enjoy this program big time!

It's about twenty different ordinary Danes who are asking QMII a question they themselves wish to ask.
I'm watching it right now. And it's a very endearing program, the interactions between people and QMII is amusing.
I think QMII is thoroughly enjoying it.

I doubt it was her idea, but I'm also sure she embraced the idea and genuinely looked forward to it.
Many journalists should watch and learn to ask equally intelligent questions...

The questions almost all develop into a brief conversation.

Fortunately this program will be archived on DR1 and it's pretty simple to write a summary of.

ADDED: The program is over and I think it can be described like this: A PR success.

- There are of course a myriad of programs about QMII these days, but this was one of those I actually looked forward to. Because the personal interaction between QMII (most royals actually) and ordinary people is usually interesting.

Now we just have to wait for the program to be archived and if you wish, I will write a summary.
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Some of you may wish to watch this program: https://www.dr.dk/drtv/kanal/20875
Titled Dronning Margrethe, it's about various heads of states, royals as well as republics who talks about meetings with QMII and various anecdotes. They include Bill Clinton, the Swedish Regent Couple, a former German Chancellor and so on.
I imagine most will be in English.

It will be shown at 20.00 DK time and last an hour. That's in a little less than two hours after this is posted.

And this is the program I was writing about yesterday: https://www.dr.dk/drtv/program/danskerne-interviewer-dronningen_290334
There doesn't appear to be any interest in this, so I'll skip writing a summary, but the interaction between QMII and ordinary Danes is fun to watch.
Some of you may wish to watch this program: https://www.dr.dk/drtv/kanal/20875

Titled Dronning Margrethe, it's about various heads of states, royals as well as republics who talks about meetings with QMII and various anecdotes. They include Bill Clinton, the Swedish Regent Couple, a former German Chancellor and so on.

I imagine most will be in English.

It will be shown at 20.00 DK time and last an hour. That's in a little less than two hours after this is posted.

And this is the program I was writing about yesterday: https://www.dr.dk/drtv/program/danskerne-interviewer-dronningen_290334

There doesn't appear to be any interest in this, so I'll skip writing a summary, but the interaction between QMII and ordinary Danes is fun to watch.

Oh Muhler please write a summary! I’ve been checking every few hours today to see your summary!

First the scans to the big BB interview summarized above: https://app.box.com/s/7zd2h5d0w42lnhqi9hzki857zu3aj24a

There are two major projects coming up.
The interview book with QMII I got for Christmas. I intend to cover it from beginning to the end over the next months, in a condensed fashion. More on that in the relevant thread later.

And the photo book about Mary is also to be scanned and covered later. Also more on that later.

Right now we are subjected to a bombardment of programs, portraits, books and so on about QMII! Possible with the exception of My Pony.
And come Friday next week it's going totally crazy!
So I think I'll hold back on "trivial coverage" and focus on projects like the ones outlined above.
And now the 20 questions to QMII by ordinary Danes as well.
But that will have to be split up, otherwise I'll have grumpy wife on my hands.

Can even watch it outside DK?

The concept was to select 20 ordinary Danes from 2.000 to ask QMII a question. QMII obviously being unprepared, which makes it authentic.
The 20 persons are briefly presented and so is the reasoning behind the questions, as well as their reaction after their audience with QMII, because that's what it was.

So the format is like this:

Villads, 14 yo.
Has QMII ever been sorry that she could not choose what to be?
QMII: She saw it as an advantage not having to figure out what to be.
When she was young she would probably have become an archeologist.
Getting out: It wasn't as bad as he might have feared. Quite a nice conversation.

A very nervous Thomas. In a kilt.
Do/can QMII and the DRF really know and understand how it is to be an ordinary Dane?
QMII: Yes, very much. By reading papers and just observing that here and there are things that hasn't got a fresh coat of paint.
And "Well at least that fence got painted" by her coming to visit.
QMII asks about the kilt. He celebrated his 50th B-day in Edinburgh and there was a tailor, who said a kilt was appropriate for special occasions.
Afterwards: She was so sweet.

Surprising a super-royalist, Pia, who is being told she is among those picked to meet QMII. She is a retiree/OAP.
What has been the biggest experience of Your life?
When she met PH. And standing on the balcony in 1972, being proclaimed Queen. - And of course having her two sons.
Pia guessed that QMII would mention these two examples. Remembering seeing QMII picking up PH at the airport, prior to the marriage. Are You and Your children fine? Our Pia here is babbling away.
Are You still skiing? - Alas, no. Do You ski? - No, too afraid. Prefer the sun anyway. - QMII is not keen on roasting in the sun.
Afterwards: She is fantastic!

- And that's it for tonight bedtime is coming up.
More tomorrow, if you can watch it outside DK.
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I saw your BB translation of the big interview(s) lifted somewhere else, Muhler, if I'm not mistaken...

At least it's a credit to your excellent dedication!
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