Queen Margrethe's Birthday: April 16 (2003-2019, 2021 - 2024)

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crisiñaki said:
Now we are on first letter basis M?;) :D
And of course I'm not complaining, I'm beyond thrilled seeing all TRC! (Their Royal Cuties):p

Now, don't get yourself too excited my dear :p

I commonly refer to my fellow posters (when engaging them in conversation) with a singular abbreviation of their username ;) Have you seen the length of some usernames? :eek: :D

Indeed, It is wonderful to see the Crown Princely progeny's of Euope & Asia.

But who dressed him in that silly joker's hat? Is that a good first impression for a future king? As a joker?

Oh really, the child is but 7 months old..I doubt most emphatically that this "number" (probably designer too) shall infact, have any effect on Christian's public image in years to come.lol.

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All the pictures are so wonderfull. Prince Christian ist really really cute and his mommy looks just great
All the pictures show one very happy family who enjoys the time spent together. As for Christian, he just looks more adorable with his hat that keeps sliding on his face. I was just wondering, what will he think of this pictures when he grows up and sees them.
bluegirl said:
I was just wondering, what will he think of this pictures when he grows up and sees them.

In regards to his attire, possibly something along the lines of...why? ;) :D

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just like you all i like the little one with that cap
Here are some of the many, MANY photos I took at Marselisborg yesterday. And what a day it was! Bear with me on the quality and size of the pictures, I am quite new to the resizing of digital photos! But anyway, enjoy!

HM's birthday 01.jpg HM's birthday 02.jpg HM's birthday 03.jpgHM's birthday 04.jpgHM's birthday 05.jpg

1) The Queen’s Standard turned upside down!! This was, of course, rectified before Her Majesty returned from church.
2) A member of the Royal Household photographing the immense crowd from the first floor of Marselisborg. He had thousands of lenses pointed towards him, mine included!
3) The musicians of the Royal Life Guards.
4) The ’birthday girl’ holding her third grandson, HRH Prince Christian.
5) The two couples and HRH Prince Christian on the terrace.
Great pics Lasse Pederson! Thanks for posting them! You are lucky to have been there. It looks like the Queen is looking straight at you! lol
HM's birthday 06.jpgHM's birthday 07.jpgHM's birthday 08.jpg

HM's birthday 09.jpgHM's birthday 10.jpgHM's birthday 11.jpg

HM's birthday 12.jpg

6) The Crown Prince Family
7) The Reigning Couple
8) Her Majesty absorbed in her grandson, and the Crown Princess in her father-in-law!
9) Her Majesty rythmically swings her grandson back and forth to the tunes of "Happy Birthday", played by the Royal Life Guards.
10) The Crown Prince waving as his mother looks lovingly to her Dachshund in the arms of her husband!
11) The royals listening to the performance of a march
12) Sovereign and sovereign to be!

HM's birthday 13.jpgHM's birthday 14.jpgHM's birthday 15.jpg

HM's birthday 16.jpgHM's birthday 17.jpgHM's birthday 18.jpg

13) Listening to music. The Crown Princess seems to be conducting with one hand, and following her, the Prince Consort starting to do the same gesture. Maybe they were talking of the rythm of the march?!
14) Still listening.
15) Conversing with Beau-père.
16) Listening.
17) Listening to the crowd singing "I dag er det Margrethes fødselsdag..." (i.e. "Today is Margrethe's birthday...", Danish birthday song)
18) Mother and son talking!

/Lasse Pedersen
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Mary looks so pretty..very natural..Im glad for her...she seems to be happy with her new life and with her cute piece of sky :eek:
I don't agree with everyone who've said that Prince Christian's hat was lovely ...I think the hat is rather pretty silly... but that's just my opinion .:)
Ah, this boy is definitely the cutest baby ever! He looks like a mini Shrek (meant as a compliment!) in that hat.
How cute Christian looks with that silly hat. Is it a bunny hat or what? Mary looks beautiful!
The baby is sooooooo cute! He is just adorable!!! I love his hooded jacket. He looks great!
These are such great pictures. :)

There are so many interesting things to read.

I have just become a member and can't wait to browse.:D
The RF looks great, but doesn't Mary look as though she's a bit distracted? She's seems very solemn. I'm just so used to seeing her bright smile.
almee said:
The RF looks great, but doesn't Mary look as though she's a bit distracted? She's seems very solemn. I'm just so used to seeing her bright smile.
Maybe it has something to do with photo number 4: http://www.theroyalforums.com/forums/422062-post212.html. There seemed to be a little tension between CP Mary and Queen Margrethe and when you see the actual moving video you can see the queen almost swatting Mary's hand away as she's trying to fix Christian's hat while QM is holding him (click on the link http://www.dr.dk/Nyheder/Indland/2006/04/16/110330.htm then click Seneste under TV-og radio to the right of the picture, choose date of April 16, and scroll down to Dronning Margrethe blev fejret af tusindvis i Arhus. I don't mean to cause trouble but it struck me when I saw it.

I looked at the video again and QM didn't swat at Mary but she had this look like 'I'm holding my grandson so get away.' Maybe it was just an awkward moment but like I said, it struck me.
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Thanks everyone for the pictures! Christian is absolutely the most adorable little prince. I'm sure Queen Margarethe loves her three grandsons very much but I think she might be waiting for the day she get her princess granddaughter....:rolleyes:

I haven't watched the video yet so I really can't comment about the whole Margarethe and Mary thing. I think Margarethe is just loving Christian though with the way she's holding him and teaching him how to wave. :D
This baby is incredibly adorable, but he looks like a "court jester" in that outfit. I don't blame him for getting fussy and starting to cry. he probably wanted to go in and take the silly hat off.:p
How adorable! What was the occasion?
The occasion was HM Queen Margarethe's birthday.

I'm a defender of the hat. :D It makes Christian look like a baby. Soon enough we'll see him in mini-suits and ties so I think we should enjoy this time. Christian looked like he was behaving well most of the time. The times we saw him fussy is understandable; he's a 7-month old baby on a balcony, with a lot of people watching him, and fussing over his hat with no clue as to why. :)
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I must say that Christian is extremely well behaved for a 7-month old baby and very cute as well, I love to see baby boys in costumes or cute clothes and baby girls in dresses!:p :D :D
almee said:
Regarding the above photo, I can see why QM made such a face...Christian is a hefty little thing isn't he? (Meant in the nicest way possible, of course. I love Denmark's Royal Family). She looks as though she was trying to hold on. Ha Ha
I really like the DRF too. They are becoming my favorite RF but that doesn't change what looked like a very awkward moment between them caught by the camera. It doesn't mean they're at war or that they even dislike each other but, imo, it looks like a moment of disagreement rarely seen.
I definately see where your coming from. Maybe the old saying " A picture is worth a thousand words" could apply here.
Margrethe II said:
In regards to his attire, possibly something along the lines of...why? ;) :D


or: I can't believe my mother dressed me up this way for a special occasion! :eek:

:D ;)
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