Queen Margrethe's Birthday: April 16 (2003-2019, 2021 - 2024)

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The Regent Couple have now moved to Marselisborg where they will celebrate Easter and also QMII's birthday.

The good thing about Marselisborg Manor is that the balcony or rather repos is much closer to the ground than at Amalienborg and that people can get closer. It also means that the youngest children are not more or less hidden behind the railing of the balcony. So with a little bit of luck we should have som great pics Wednesday.

Here are a couple of pics. First from Marselisborg in 2006: http://www.bt.dk/sites/default/files-dk/node-images/852/3/3852558-dronningens-fdselsdag.jpg

And this. Where the photographer is standing is the distance we may expect the audience to stand: http://ourhouseinaarhus.files.wordpress.com/2014/03/wpid-photo-20140328144249.jpg

And from above to get a better perspective: http://static.panoramio.com/photos/large/67872062.jpg
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A stroll down memory lane in regards to Marselisborg and QMII celebrating her birthday there.

A pretty old pic: http://www.kongper.dk/aarhus/famaly.jpg
As said before we may expect a better view of the children as they can stand on the benches at the raillings.

And people can get close: http://a.bimg.dk/node-images/502/620x/502672-fdselsdagsjubel-i-det-jyske--.jpg

And a lot of them! 10.000 people in 2003, or 3% of the entire population of Aarhus. http://b.bimg.dk/node-images/48/620...il-marselisborg-p-dronningens-fdselsdag--.jpg

While there people can enjoy the many sculptures in the park. Some of them are...remarkable...http://www.aarhusportalen.dk/files/Nyheder/Det Sker 2013/marselisborg-slotspark-cin.jpg
According to BB #16, the whole family will be there at noon, tomorrow. And here they will be cheered by the locals.
Then it's time for lunch.

It is however uncertain how many will remain for dinner.

On another note, while QMII busy herself by going to church during Easter, PH go to fitness. He do so each day when he is in Aarhus, with two good friends, Knud Roding and Mogens Hansen and a trainer, Per Nygaard and our reporter Ken Richer cornered PH and friends when they left the fitness centre.
A slightly sweaty PH exclaiming: "We've lost three kiloes". (there is no explantion in the article as to whether that means PH has lost three kilos or that the three friends lost three kilos combined...)
PH: Continued: "When I train it isn't have more muscles. I make sure I train the various parts of the body in the various tools. That leads to a better overall feeling".
(I know quite a few who also go to fitness a couple of times a week. They work out for about an hour and being a part of a group they then have a cup of coffee, a little cake and perhaps a wee dramm afterwards. And that looks like this: http://www.fotoagent.dk/billeder/62453/stor/____IMG_______Large_.jpg - Partly to maintain the sugar level of course, but also to reinforce the motivation...).:p
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Coffee cups from Julius Meinl?! That picture must have been taken in Austria. Meinl coffee is my favourite one. ?
It's special and consequential to send our compliments and wishes always descending and imparted on our most desirable friend or member of kinship on the remembrance of life anew or partied to no ever end. Meaning the inclusion of framing your most special unforgettable hallmarks in the stillness of lighting walking ray's of memorable flashes capturing the givings of before and now are timeless reminders that the eye of the beautiful are for our making. I hope Queen Margrethe lives today, yesterday and tomorrow and maybe until forever and again to look so good and exemplary leaving all those chances at more smiles and awakening from within and contenting her soul and being happy. That's when I say her majesty is sunshine I can't wait to touch me. And that's all I see in the circle of her booking what is for thee. Happy and yes, Happy Birthday your Majesty.
Coffee cups from Julius Meinl?! That picture must have been taken in Austria. Meinl coffee is my favourite one. ?

You are probably right. :)

But as I recall layered cakes are no less fattening in Austria then here in DK. ;)
No they certainly are not. ?
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Looks like something loud happens here, when you look at the three youngest. Josephine even have turned around and cuddling mommy, aww.

Are there some loud shots of some kind at Margrethe's birthdays?

No, it's more likely they think that the birthday song played by the Royal Lifeguard Music Corps is a bit loud. - They must be standing only some 25-30 meters away. Congratulations suddenly played at full throttle by a horn orchestra can be a bit much for young ears. :lol:
They have a thing about tongues in that branch of the family. :p

Or perhaps they are just going lalalalalala ;)

Good heavens, the Danish press finally, at long last, about time got off their backsides and posted a gallery. 30 pics From Aarhus Stiftstidende: Se billederne: Tillykke Margrethe - kærlig hilsen Aarhus - Foto | stiften.dk

I think our little discussion about the Music Corps and little ears has been resolved: http://stiften.dk/foto/se-billederne-tillykke-margrethe-kaerlig-hilsen-aarhus#slide-11 - The twins are looking straight at the musicians.

A guardsman near the main gate. Easter is not just an opportunity for the locals to have a stroll in the woods and in this case cheer QMII but for quite a lot it's also an opportunity to get a snapshot of their sons/daughters standing guard. When QMII is in Gråsten or at Marselisborg, the guardsmen going there, are usually selected from among those who live in that part of the country.

According to this article: http://stiften.dk/aarhus/tillykke-dronning-margrethe

the whole show lasted about half an hour from the changing of the guards at noon to the repeated encores of the DRF - and a little bonus. Because the twins were seen wawing through the windows afterwards.
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:previous: Thnaks, Roskilde.

The windows at the palaces must be sparkeling clean after a visit by the grandchildren.

Here is an unusual photo by the court from inside Marselisborg: http://kongehuset.dk/materialemappe/gallerier/2014/marts-april/hm-dronningens-fodselsdag/hm.+Dronningens+f%C3%B8dselsdag-5.img

You can see how people have started to gather and the close distance between people and the repos with the DRF.
In the background is the view over the bay.

The park between the hedge and the bay is the Remembrance Park. It's here the DRF embark or disembark the helicopter when they hitch a ride to or from Aarhus.
The twins are adorable :wub: The two pictures of them making faces are priceless.

QMII looks so happy, a shame Athena couldn't be there - perhaps the little thing is sick. Marselisborg is so beautiful, a stunning location for QMII to be celebrated (albeit my slight annoyance that she decided to spend her birthday in Aarhus rather than in Copenhagen when I finally had the opportunity to go to Amalienborg).

The Danish press's slowness in regards to uploading pictures and videos of today's photo opportunity has been absolutely staggering. Have personally been waiting for some HQ pictures for right about two hours - the wait has been killing me slowly.
An 8 pic gallery from TV2: Margrethes fødselsdag: Larmen skræmte tvillingerne | GO'

Initially the twins were a bit uncomfortable with the crowd and the noise, but soon got in the mood, the articles and captions tell us.
Bella, as usual seemed to be completely confident in front of an audience while Christian acted the cool older brother - been there, seen it all, know it all.
Bette Henrik also seemed more relaxed about being gawked at.

But those who wrote the articles seemed to have problems distinguishing Athena, Isabella and Josephine apart.

No dachshund? I'm disappointed....

Don't worry, they were patrolling the peremiter: Se billederne: Tillykke Margrethe - kærlig hilsen Aarhus - Foto | stiften.dk
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Lovely photos! I can see the twins are going to become as enjoyable as Isabella. Quite a pair already!
i can see isabella at one moment waved to the crowd like a queen ;-)

but the twins definitely stole the show..they are so adorable:wub: and funny.. they go in their lively spunky sister isabellas foot step:D


The Queen’s Birthday 2014 - B
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Se billedene: Danskerne hyldede Dronningen på hendes fødselsdag | www.bt.dk
A gallery from BT.

A video from TV2 regional news. Mainly through the eyes of three grandmothers: http://www.tv2oj.dk/arkiv/2014/04/16?video_id=46290&autoplay=1

However, the connection is so slow and lousy that I haven't seen the clip in its entirety yet.
The Net has really become periodically slow in the last few days. I read somewhere that was due to the security chaos in the wake of Heartbleed. Whatever, it's sure is annoying.
Anyway, in some three hours from now most people here in DK will have gone to bed, so perhaps you'll be able to enjoy a clip that doesn't have to buffer every two seconds.

ADDED: I managed to learn that Isabella has a fan in the girl being interviewed. The girl described Bella as sweet and cute.
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