Queen Margrethe's 80th Birthday Celebrations: April 2020 {Cancelled}

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And it appears that at least a good part of QMII's birthday celebrations will be postponed until 2022.

Aarhus municipality, where QMII was to be celebrated on a larger scale, has issued a statement saying that the planned celebrations have been cancelled but that they look forward to celebrating her, in person, next year: https://www.aarhus.dk/nyt/borgmeste...estaet-dronningen-i-aarhus-er-udsat-til-2022/
The statement specifically mentions that QMII will go to Aarhus to be celebrated there in 2022, so it must be assumed that this has been agreed on and arranged with the court.

- The 100th anniversary of the unification of Southern Jutland to Denmark in 1920, was as you recall also cancelled. As things go, right now, I'm personally far from certain that the vaccination programme will be sufficient to guarantee that major public events can take place during the summer here.
In other words: There is IMO a too big risk of cancellations and major rearrangements for the celebration of that event to take place. At least on a larger scale.
So that may also have to be postponed until 2022.
If everyone sings to her again, I'm sure that will be nicer than a lot of things.
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