Queen Margrethe's 75th Birthday Celebrations: April 2015

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Whew...Finally all caught up. My Cousin from BC told us at her Mom's/my Aunt's Funeral last week she and my Uncle would be over sometime this week, as she wanted to see Dad before going home, but when they called to ket us know they'd be over today....I didn't say anything, but privately I was groaning a wee bit. Oh well...Here I am and I knew the bling would be out but....Wow!!

Thank Goodness I was sitting on the floor in my room w/the Opening Night of The Stanley Cup Playoffs on when I saw my first look of Letitzia from tonight, otherwise... It exists!!! And it looks good on her too. As others said, in pictures it did look like something you'd get at Claire's, but it really works and w/the open design, it's big, but doesn't overwhelm her considering how petite Letitzia is. It's a big like from me.

And out comes Mathilde w/the Nine Provinces in it's full out version and...I was a happy Royal Jewels fan tonight.

Of course the Birthday Girl stole the show and rightfully so. Her Majesty looked amazing tonight. Red really is her colour, isn't it?

Many thanks to one and all for all the links and pictures!! Much appreciated!!

Really looking forward to tomorrow!!

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Where are they all staying?

Is there dancing after dinner tonight?
Btw, check out letitzia jewelry thread, there is an article there about the tiara and it apparently wasn't commissioned by her husband, nor was it an anniversary gift
I just realized Mary and Marie played the same colour game they played in 2010.
Back then Mary wore red to the dinner and white to the theatre event, Marie wore white to the dinner and red to the theatre.

This time Mary wore dark blue and Marie embroidered rosé to the concert last week.
To the dinner Marie wore dark bue and Mary embroidered rosé.
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I think it was commissioned in 2005 but Letizia only got the tiara as a gift for the 5th wedding anniversary in 2009.

thanks for the precision DOM, i have wondered why it took so long to use it, but this explains partially why! or maybe she was saving it for a special occasion?

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The family is gathering outside Fredensborg to wake QMII with singing. The grandchidlren are there as well.

There is live coverage all day on this link: https://www.dr.dk/tv/live/dr1#!/

Well, she sure is awake now! The Life Guard just fired a few shots with field pieces!
Right now there's morning wake up at Fredensborg Palace. Biting cold and windy. First we saw Christian and Isabella (Isabella tooks some of her famous dance moves), so Maxima with Frederik and Mary and Vincent and Josephine and after them Prince Felix and then the rest of the family. I think the most of them were there, but we didn't get so many close up pictures.

Maxima and Mary gave each other a really lovely hug along the way, hope we get pictures of it.

Margrethe looked happy and waved waved from her window and looked to quickly find her family in the crowd.


All the roayls have now left Fredensborg. Frederik drove the car with his family. Except Margrethe who still are at Fredensborg.

Margrethe in her window this morning:

Little Vincent on his way to wake up grandmother :)

Former Master of Ceremonies Christian Eugen-Olsen told that the "real wake up" happens one hour before :p


Also noticed Mathilde hugging and chatting with Isabella, her goddaughter.
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what a lovely way to start your birthday :) love the danish royal family
The older generation drives in bus from Fredensborg now.

Frederik drove the car with Mary and children from Fredensborg to Copenhagen already after the wake up this morning followed by Maxima and Willem-Alexander and Philippe and Mathilde, which is probably because they are staying at F&M during these festivities.

While the older generation stays at Fredensborg.

Pictures from Fredensborg this morning:

It was biting cold and windy.

Josephine has grown such beautiful long hair. Like big sister.


Video where we see (despite the windy wheater) Maxima and Vincent giving each other a "high-five" :D
VIDEO: Børnebørnene fejrede dronning Margrethe med morgensang og hurra | Billed Bladet
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Pity Máxima won't be there tonight as she's on her way to Washington DC to attend the annual spring meeting of the IMF & the Worldbank group.
Some screen captures of the balcony appearance


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What time will the carriage ride start?

Within the next 30-odd minutes, as the reception at the Town Hall is set for 1pm.
Great to see the members of the Nordic RFs on the balcony :flowers:

Queen Margrethe and the whole family look great. Still a pity not to see Price Henrik there.

I assume the rest of the guest have leaved and won't be at the dinner tonight?
Screenshot from the balcony scene.
Very active children - Vincent waved and waved and would not inside again :D


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Screen captures from inside the Town Hall


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Margrethe and F&M in the carriage through the streets of Copenhagen:

The Carriage tour:


Mary looks fantastic!!

At great HQ picture from the City Hall:

There has just been a fantastic scene on TV2! After the royal family had walked inside Isabella herself open the big door, smiles and blinks to large crown of people, go back inside and close the door and you can see that she is dancing and jumping around inside. She is such a charmer :wub:


The TV2 commentators have just said that we will NOT get to hear Frederik's (and the other) private speeches at tonight's dinner. We did that at Margrethe 70th birthday. And it was a hit when Frederik held the speech and I will really miss it. But this year the Royal Family have decided to do it differently and actually we only will get to see the arrivals tonight.


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