Queen Margrethe's 70th Birthday Celebrations: March-June 2010

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Marie's dress is not cream and black?

And thanks for the links!
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Beatrix wears the gorgeous Peacock tiara :flowers:.

And she was looking very good :)

And now the 'young' royals are waking from Kancellihuset. Haakon is there.

Mary wearing her teal coloured, one-shoulder gown and - the moonlight tiara I think !!

MetteMarit in a pretty pale blue ruffled dress, Maxima in white-blue one shouldered. Victorie in black-white stripes
Mary in turquoise, Victoria in this new black and white...
Today is also birthday of Grand Duke Henri, it's great to see him here in Denmark, I thought it would be only for the event yesterday at the Royal Theatre and then come back to Luxembourg to celebrate with his family!
I think Princess Marie's dress is very simmilar (Black this time) to one she wore at a wedding in France the last summer.ç

Video of Marie and Joachim arriving, keep an eye on thi links as well:
Victoria wears no tiara ... Maxima wears a sapphire tiara (I think Princess Margriet once wore that version of the tiara, too).
Mette-Marit is beautiful again, radiant :) her hairdo is really lovely.
Just saw a screengrab of all the CP couples arriving. Mary is wearing the dress she wore for the King of Sweden's birthday (and I think to her engagement dinner also??) and it looks like the borrowed moonstone tiara. Maybe she purchased it?

CP Victoria is wearing the black and white stripped dress that she wore in official photos recently. Can't tell if it's a tiara or just a hair ornament.

Looks like Maxima has made a good recovery from her horrible fashion "never-do-again, please" at lunch and is wearing a blue pattered gown and the diamond collett (?) tiara.

MM is wearing a one shouldered light gown with a pink belt and maybe her wedding tiara. Haakon made it!!

Also, all the ladies appear to be holding on tight to the men's arms as they make their way across the cobblestones. Very treacherous walking!
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I was thinking that will be a dinner for family and friends...
WOW HM fas got a lot of friends :D
Is it will be white or black tie dinner?

Black Tie it would seem, keeping in the "less formal" theme of the evening.

One of the most beautiful outfit Mette-Marit has ever worn.... she is more lovely than ever !

Completely agree. I adore Mary, but Mette Marit...Well, she has just... stolen my heart...:flowers:
Queen Margrethe in a pale blue gown - and her favourite diamond tiara. She is seated between king Harald, who has queen Anne-Marie on his other side, and a live-long friend, count Ahlefelt.

According to the speaker, the duke of Edinburgh was to have attended today but was delayed by the infamous volcano cloud - just like the king and queen from Spain and the crown-prince couple from Belgium.
What's with Victoria and these same dresses??
She is seated between king Harald, who has queen Anne-Marie on his other side.
Sonja isn't there? :ermm:

Edit: She is; just saw her. ;) She's wearing a yellow gown.
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Maxima looks as if she has 2 cinnabuns pinned to the back of her head!:p
Maxima looks as if she has 2 cinnabuns pinned to the back of her head!:p

and lively and chaming and immediatly chatted up and charmed one of prince Henrik's brothers whom she is seated with :)
What a wonderful speech from the Prince Consort...
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