Queen Margrethe: Work as an Artist and Scenographer

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This is great! I hope she does attend
Queen Margrethe was awarded a Robert Award as Costume Designer of the Year for her artistic work in the film "Ehrengard - The Art of Seduction" yesterday, February 3:

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I am deeply grateful, touched and proud of the recognition that the Robert award represents. Receiving an award that the industry itself awards makes me particularly happy, and it has been a great joy and pleasure to be able to contribute to the expression of the film. I would like to thank the entire team behind the film, but I especially thank all those who have made my ideas, sketches and drawings a reality - not least the talented people who have sewn and worked with the many costumes
She does look genuinely delighted.

To be honest I thought she looked down on such award-events.
Maybe the mean so much to her because unlike most othet awards this one is because of what she did and not just who she is?
I just watched the movie and I didn't realize she was involved until I watched and read an article. I was amazed.

I knew of course she has done a lot of work with the ballet. I hadn't realized she had done work with a film.

And yes I think getting award for her talent and not just who she is means a lot to her.
What a great honor. Loved that she took the time for a photo and some words.
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