Queen Margrethe: Work as an Artist and Scenographer

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The Queen is very artistic.............but what about her two sisters ??
Princess Benedicktte is quite the horsewoman, but does she have other hobbies?? What about Queen AnnMarie ??
Margrethe mentions in her memoir that her sisters were both as good at drawing as she was when they were in school, but neither of them had any interest in pursuing it once they grew up.
Queen Margrethe attented a press conference to the Christmas
Ballet Elverhoej with her friend Susanne Heering, October 28,
2009. The Queen designs the costumes for the children ballet
every year.

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** ppe gallery **
Queen Margrethe is really a unique and creative woman, the more I learn about her, the more I admire her and her talents!
I didn't know that she do this.. she is so talented.. and I'm depressed that I can't do this... she's really good
20-03-2010 Copenhagen Queen Margrethe at "Studenter-revyens" Gala performance at Folketeatret in Copenhagen

PPE Agency
Queen Margrethe has given another sample of her stagecraft in Næstved.

She read before a ballet performance and was afterwards surprised by
the ballet dancers and the audience with a tribute on the occasion of
her 70th birthday.

The following article link includes many nice pics of the performance:

** Sjove billeder: Margrethe læste højt i Næstved **
Queen Margrethe has given another sample of her stagecraft in Næstved.

She read before a ballet performance and was afterwards surprised by
the ballet dancers and the audience with a tribute on the occasion of
her 70th birthday.

The following article link includes many nice pics of the performance:

** Sjove billeder: Margrethe læste højt i Næstved **

Thank you, Iceflower :flowers:

QMII read aloud from the play Elverhøj = Elf Hill. It's the Danish national play and it is often performed in connection with foreign state visits.
As such QMII will be very familiar with the play indeed and being a person with a vivid imagination she will no doubt have a very clear view of the characters and plot in her head.
She is a gifted storyteller.

Imagine having her around when the children hear their goodnight stories! :p
"Quiet kids! Go to sleep or go play on the highway, uncle is listening to auntie Margrethe".
Wow...love that hat! :lol: I'm sure she's a wonderfully fun grandma.

Like last year (see above) Queen Margrethe has held a press conference together
with her friend Susanen Heering at the Tivoli yesterday, October 27. They presented
this year's ballet, that is titled "En Tivolidrøm" (A Tivoli dream). As usual Margrethe
will be responsible for the scenography, the costumes and the design of the poster.

The premiere will take place on December 11.

BB has some nice pics of the presentation:

** Dronning Margrethe i højt humør i Tivoli **

** sn.dk article ** sn.dk gallery ** fyens.dk video **

Yesterday, November 1st, Queen Margrethe has been appointed Honorary
Member of the Association of Danish Scenographers for her long-standing
work as an artist and scenographer for Danish films, television and theatres.

"In Denmark we are fortunate to live in a country where our head of state is
enriched with a great artistic vein", designer Jesper Kongshaug said.

Here's an article about it with some pics:

** Billed-Bladet: Dronning Margrethe hædret med forgyldt lineal **
Summary of article in Billed Bladet #44, 2010.
Velkommen kollega - Welcome colleague.
Written by Annelise Weimann.

Monday, QMII was invited to the Royal Theatre where she was made an honorary member of the Danish Association of Set Designers.
Jesper Kongshaug gave a speech on behalf of the association, which consist of more than 100 members and added: "If you haven't got anything else to do, you can always become a set designer" and welcomed her as a colleague.
A visibly delighted Queen Margrethe replied: "I'm deeply honoured and overwhelmed. That's the last thing I'd believed would happen to me".
The set designer, Søren Dam, who had worked with QMII at the production of the Wild Swans also gave a speech, where he said: "It's nice to have a boss, who is clear in the dome (head) and who know her stuff inside out. And the lady has a pretty firm hand, thank you very much! But it all happens with a glimmer in the eye".
After which he kissed QMII's hand. - His lips actually touching her hand, as seen in the picture in the article. :eek: - A sign of him being a barbarian. :ermm: Gentlemen, Joachim for example being one, :cool: will never touch the lady's hand with his lips. Naturally with the exception of his wife, to show affection. :wub:
Queen Margrethe at the premiere of the ballet An Tivoli drean in Pakhus 11 in Copenhagen.

PPE Agency
Queen Margrethe of Denmark at press-conferance in Tivoli.
The Danish Queen Margrethe is artist, and now she is scenographer to the ballet Nötknäpparen (Nutchracker) The performance will by played at Tivoli christmas 2012.
June 14, 2011

BelgaPicture - Category details ** PPE Agency
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Queen Margrethe has given a press conference at the art museum ARKEN in connection with the exhibition
"The colour's soul - Queen Margrethe II's Art" in Ishøj this afternoon, January 25, 2012.

"I'm more excited than I've ever been before", she said, and as many landscape paintings are included:
"Nature and landscapes have always been important to me, it has been since I was a child. I've been
fortunate to travel throughout my life, especially in Denmark, and see landscapes".

The exhibition runs till July.

** ppe gallery ** sn.dk: Dronningens kunst på Arken i Ishøj ** translation **

** lehtikuva.fi gallery ** bt.dk: Dronningen udstiller kunstneriske knogler **

** msn.dk gallery: Dronningen i højt humør **
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Queen Margrethe and her friend dance teacher Susanne Heering participated in the last ballet performance in Næstved
on the weekend. Queen Margrethe was the set designer for 30th time and danced one last dance with Susanne Heering.
Prince Christian watched the show as well. Not sure if it's Isabella next to him.

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** sn.dk gallery **
Could also be one of the daughters of Caroline Hering, the Woman on the left looks like her, with the red hair :)

But according to BB Isabella was also there!
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I agree, I believe it is Rosemarie Heering in between Christian and Caroline Heering, I think she's about the same age as Christian. It could be Isabella though, we would know if only her face wasn't covered by that man :lol:

It's nice to see QMII and Christian out together.
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Pic 1 is precious. Queen Margrethe looks like a free child dancing. In pic 2, her smile/expression remembers me about Mary
I love this photo of Isabella and Caroline.

The pictures of QMII are precious, I do love when she dance around on stage (or anywhere really). I love how dedicated she is and always has been, to Susanne's ballet.

Thank you very much for posting that link fairy tale! :flowers:
Summary of article in Billed Bladet #20, 2012.
Dansede med veninden - Danced with the (female) friend.
Written by Annelise Weimann.

As you can tell from the pictures kindly posted by Fairy Tale :flowers: QMII went to the very last show at Susanne Heering's dance academy in the town of Næstved. She also brought Christian and Isabella.
Christian seemed to have a fine time, in one of the pictures he's seen giggling at something that s going on on the stage.
Isabella sat securely on the lap of Caroline Heering, munching popcorns.
Peter Heering was there too and so was their daughter Rosemarie, who being a big girl sat next to Christian.
Christian is the sensible big brother so he sat still on the chair next to farmor Margrethe, who told him about the things on stage.
Bella on the other hand... She was wriggling on the lap of Caroline Heering, and mimicked the dancers on stage by moving her arms in an almost similar graceful manner as they. Isabella wore a darkblue cardigan from Ralph Lauren.

In fact QMII had gone ahead in the morning to help with the preparations and later on Peter and Caroline Heering picked up Christian, Bella and their nanny Rikke and went to the show.

Susanne Heering has been in charge of the school for 31 years and for 30 years QMII has helped with the scenography and what not. But this is it, the last show for Susanne Heering and she was given a send off with a special ballet show. Which ended with all the dancers QMII entering the stage to pay tribute to Susanne Heering for the last time. She and QMII danced a few ballet steps together amusing everyone present.
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i just think its wonderful that the Queen is so happy and not afraid to dance on stage.

its nice that she took her two grand kids with her. :flowers:

Here are two more nice galleries of the ballet performance in Næstved on May 13,
including some larger pics of Isabella and Christian :flowers:

** Typical Margrethe ;) ** Isabella 1 ** Isabella 2 ** Isabella 3 ** Christian **

** purepeople: Margrethe de Danemark : Une dernière danse devant Christian et Isabella **

** lehtikuva.fi gallery: Kuningatar Margareetan tanssiharrastus **

And here's an article from Spanish Hola:

** Los príncipes Christian e Isabella, los mayores fans de su abuela, la reina Margarita ** translation **
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