Queen Margrethe II & Prince Henrik, Current Events Part 6: July 2017 - February 2018

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Jan 29, 2005
Queen Margrethe II & Prince Henrik, Current Events Part 6: July 2017 - February 2018

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Welcome to Part 6 of the thread for the current events of Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik!

You can find the old thread here:

** Queen Margrethe II & Prince Henrik, Current Events Part 5: November 2015 - July 2017 **

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:flowers: Happy Posting! :flowers:
Henrik looks in pretty good spirits and its good to see him up and on his feet again. Of course, being greeted by his faithful four legged friend is a sight to behold and would make anyone happy. :D
Happy news coming in today!

PH is going to be a grandpapa once more.

His dachshund, Tillia is in happy circumstances and is expected to deliver in the near future.

Summary of article in Billed Bladet #30, 2017.
Written by Ken Richter. (Who as usual reports what happens, no more, no less.)

Who stood outside Skejby Hospital when PH was discharged recently.
Also there to receive PH, was the before mentioned Tillia. PH, bend down, a bit strained, in order to pat his dog.

PH was in fact one of the very first patients at the newly build ward for Cardiolgical Surgery. (*)

PH told our reporter: "I'm really well. I've been resting here for five-six days and now I'll continue down to 37 degree C (98 F) of heat. I'm going home to France.
Yes. I'm better. A bit slow, but it's going forward".

During his stay at Skejby (as the hospital is known locally) PH was visited by quite a few friends but also the family.
"It's delighted me that I've been visited by the family. The grandchildren thought it was very amusing to see grandpapa lying in a bed.
I've been treated very well. It's a good hospital which I can recommend, if you need it".

PH left the hospital accompanied by three of his personal medical staff, but it was his driver, whose arm he preferred to lean on.
Outside also waited a hardcore royal fan in the shape of 68 year old, Lene Langaa Graversen, who had been wheeled up from the cancer ward by her sweetheart for 25 years.
PH said: "You (formal You) are seriously ill I can tell. I hope You are not in pain. Do You get a lot of medication"?
She responded: "Yes, I do, but cancer doesn't hurt.
I've just got a haircut in order to look my best, should I meet You".

Afterwards Lene Graversen described PH as "Really sweet" and added: "I'm waiting to have a space at Hospice Søholm in Stavtrup (**) here in Aarhus. I was diagnosed with a malignant cancer in January and have since had 23 blood cloths. We try take things with a good spirit".

(*) Skejby Sygehus/Hospital is still being build and has been under construction since the mid 1980's. The construction is now entering the final phase where the other hospitals in Aarhus are being shut down as the last wards are being transferred to Skejby.

(**) That's a nice place. Located near a lake, where she can be taken in her final time.

And here is this weeks issue of BB.

BB has an article about QMII's raincoats. I must urge sensitive people to avoid these scans!
BB #30, 2017
:previous: When I saw the bold line in your post, then I actually thought he was going to be a grandfather again.
I'm glad Henrik is doing well. As much as I've disagreed with some of his behaviour and antics over the years I appreciate that he's a strong, interesting character. He and Queen Margrethe both seem a little quirky and eccentric and they don't try to hide that, which I love.
:previous: When I saw the bold line in your post, then I actually thought he was going to be a grandfather again.

:D Couldn't resist.

:previous: Agree, Camelot23ca. And there is nothing wrong with his people skills.


PH's remark "Going home to France", has been noted.
Especially in the context of ongoing speculations as to whether PH and QMII have de facto separated.
Here is a BT article: Kongehusekspert om prins Henriks mystiske udmelding: Derfor vil han 'hjem til Frankrig' | BT Royale - www.bt.dk

Where they have asked royal expert Sebastian Olden-Jørgensen for a comment.
He says: "Even though it may seem a bit noticiable that he calls France -home- after having spend a lifetime in Denmark, I think you should interpret it emotionally. The Prince grew up in South-East Asia and has actually not lived in France for that many years, but it is his homeland and especially now, where he has just been committed France may be just what he needs in order to feel at home".

Sebastian Olden-Jørgensen will not speculate as to whether there really is a separation between the Regent Couple, nor will he speculate as to whether PH goes to Chateau Cayz more often now that beforehand.
"But if he is, it's not abnormal, since he been loosened from his official obligations. It would also be odd if he sat somewhere in town, while the Queen carried out herofficial duties. Then he might just as well be at Chateau de Cayz".
Thank you for the warning Muhler but I was happy to see the scans! Mange tak! p.s. the Prince's driver seemed to have a red badge of some sort around his arm at the hospital in Aarhus. I wonder whether this was some sort of Prince Henrik alarm?:lol:
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There is something quite endearing to me when a person considers his best friend furbabies as "grandchildren". I love it. The dog was the first thing I noticed in the photo with Henrik leaving the hospital and how important it probably was for Henrik to see his best friend as soon as possible.

Anyone that has such a soft spot in their heart for their fur babies is A-OK in my book.
''Grace, under pressure'....
The court has confirmed that PH Sunday evening was committed to Rigshospitalet, due to pains after his recent procedure.
Prins Henrik er indlagt på Rigshospitalet - TV 2

"Prince Henrik has after his procedure in mid July had increasing pains in his right leg. As such he was committed to Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen Sunday evening.
The Prince is undergoing medical treatment and no further surgical procedures are expected at present. It is as yet unknown how long the Prince will be committed at Rigshospitalet".

- I have several thoughts on that, a couple of them, I must confess, are pretty cynical.
Interesting that it says the Queen is still in France......
Probably glad of a rest away from him
Poor man. I hope he gets better soon. Might improve his mood. ?
If I'm remembering right, Henrik is a diabetic and from experiences with my father, I know that foot and leg problems arise easily and cause havoc with circulation and there's always the threat of blood clots that travel.

He's in the best place he can be if he's having recurrent problems after the procedure he just recently had. He'll be monitored closely and they'll know what is needed to get him back on track to being his old ornery self once again.

I'm sure that Margrethe is in contact with him but being there physically at the hospital at this time would be fodder for the media to go wild with speculation. Regardless of what happens between a couple in their private lives, when illness and hospitalization happens, concern trumps ill feelings as compassion for the other takes precedence.

I hope he's back on his feet (literally) soon.
I would imagine it is because that is where his personal physician is. If he just had a procedure done and has trouble afterwards, it helps to see the same doctors that treated him beforehand as they're more attuned to Henrik's health.

That's my guess anyways. :D

Unless it wasn't serious that he could fly back from Cahors to Copenhagen in a day or he was back in Copenhagen and QMII preferred to stay at Caix.

My guess is as good as any :flowers:
I would imagine it is because that is where his personal physician is. If he just had a procedure done and has trouble afterwards, it helps to see the same doctors that treated him beforehand as they're more attuned to Henrik's health.

That's my guess anyways. :D

That is not the case. PH was committed at Skejby Hospital in Aarhus when he underwent his procedure.
He is at Rigshospitalet in order to undergo pain-relieving treatment.

- I'm pretty certain most other patients but PH had not committed for such a trivial matter. They would have been send home and told to do some excersize, as they would have been advised to do anyway after the procedure. And then return for a check-up a few times.

Certainly his condition isn't serious enough for QMII to cut short her vacation and follow her husband home, which IMO would be a normal thing to do. I sure would had it been my wife and it was only the two of us on vacation.
But then I can be a terribly cynical.
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Thanks for clearing that up, Muhler. Your explanation makes much more sense than mine did. :D

I would imagine too that a whole lot of people are being cynical about this also as Henrik has shown himself to be a pouty, temperamental and obstinate kind of an individual. Things don't go his way and he's going to do something to demand more attention.

Whomever guessed that the two of them wouldn't be together for long at Caix were right. We'll never really know but the logical guess would be that the crapola has hit the fan and Henrik needed a big out.

Speculative comments have been removed. Thanks for your understanding!
I don't know if the Prince may Fly with the legs deseases he has ?
I don't know if the Prince may Fly with the legs deseases he has ?
:previous:A long flight in cramped economy seating wouldn't be advisable to the risk of blood clots, but my guess is that he was on a medical evacuation flight. They would have been prepared for a problem and ready to deal with it en route to the hospital.
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