Queen Margrethe II & Prince Henrik, Current Events Part 5: November 2015 - July 2017

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PH did a surprise visit to the steam-screw frigate Jutland Tuesday afternoon.
Along with a few friends he showed up unannounced and took them for a tour of the frigate. PH is patron for the ship.
Overraskelse i Ebeltoft: Pludselig dukkede Prins Henrik op - Syddjurs | amtsavisen.dk

The frigate Jutland was in the mid 1800's a hybrid, a sailing ship that was also driven by steam and a screw. She was as such hyper-modern for her time.
She saw action against a combined Austrian-Prussian flotilla during the Second Schleswigan war in 1864. And also helped cover the Danish army's retreat during the battle of Als the same year.
She sure is a beauty, eh?
PH has been back on the job.

Summary of article in Billed Bladet #14, 2016.
Written by Trine Larsen.

Monday he received a delegation of pupils from Lycée International de Saint-Germain-en-Laye at Fredensborg.
The aim of the school is to give Danish students and French-Danish students in France the opportunity to learn about Danish culture and language. And that they told PH about.
Back in 2014 QMII and PH's Foundation presented the school with a grant and this delegation went to thank PH for that and presenting him with a book about the history of the school.
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Should have been included in the official calendar. But i guess its just how the DRF works:flowers:

Yesterday, April 12, Queen Margrethe handed out this year's Rungstedlund Award at the Karen Blixen Museum in Rungsted. It's awarded to people who made a notable contribution in an area which interested late Danish author Karen Blixen.

** hoersholm.lokalavisen.dk gallery ** article ** translation **
I post it here - the mods can move it if it's wrong thread.

Read more: How to be a real life queen - according to Margrethe II of Denmark
t might be a scene from a fairy tale. The Queen has already placed the bird’s head upon her own. Now, with a chesty laugh, she attaches the wings.

She lifts them and they flap – fragile, diaphanous things that catch the spring light coming in through the windows. She chuckles again.

‘I made them long ago, for an amateur performance,’ she says. ‘A blue tit and a great tit.’ Her English is like this: exquisite and particular, the product of the University of Cambridge and the LSE (as well as the Sorbonne and Aarhus).

She lowers the wings with a nostalgic shake of the head and I picture her as a girl, fashioning the costumes for a palace masque.

Queen Margrethe, now a white-haired 75 and the head of Europe’s oldest monarchy, is sitting in one of the unlovely fitting rooms of the Royal Opera House, choosing fabrics.

At her side is Allan Watkins, the veteran costume designer, and a tailor who’ll help turn the Queen’s vivid, colour-drenched sketches into ballet costumes.
Now we know what else she was up to on her recent trip to London (I did wonder if it had anything to do with her up coming costume designs for Cinderella at Tivoli). Thanks for sharing - I've just rushed out to buy a copy of the Daily Telegraph to add to my QMII memorabilia (LOL). Managed to bag the last one at the supermarket.

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Today, April 17, Queen Margrethe received the Chinese State Councilor for Foreign Affairs Yang Jiechi at Fredensborg Palace.

** kongehuset.dk gallery **
:previous: In her beloved Tele Tubby outfit again. I guess she'll be buried in it as well. :p

Anyway, QMII has been busy lately while seemingly having a good time.

Summaries of articles in Billed Bladet #17, 2016.

Recently she went to Kronborg to see the play Hamlet, performed as the last performance by the Shakespeare's Globe ensemble's world tour.
That was a part of the Danish celebrations of the 400th anniversary of the death of Shakespeare.
And after the show she went backstage to meet the actors.

She said about Shakespeare: "I've been fond of Shakespeare's plays for a very long time and seen so many of them over the years. I'm normally in London in December and I always make sure to see at least one of his plays, when I'm here.
My parents took my along to Kronborg to see Hamlet in the early 1950's; that was with Richard Burton as Hamlet. I don't think I understood that much of it, but it made a big impression on me.
There is always such a depth in Shakespeare's plays and I love his language - it's so beautiful and it contains a lot".


It seems to me QMII has been pretty hooked on science recently! Before we know it we'll no doubt see her with Google glasses, a phone behind the ear and clutching a tablet.
Anyway, it was a visibly delighted QMII who went to the first award presentation of the newly formed Queen Margrethe II's Science Award. The award is only to be presented 25 times.
In this case to professor Jens-Christian Svenning, who has published more than 200 papers and he specialize in geographical Ecology. - Which sounds quite interesting but is outside the topic of this thread.


QMII also boarded Dannebrog for the first time for the season recently. The weather is usually lousy and rainy on this day and the weather gods made sure that was the case this year as well.
After having boarded Dannebrog at Helsingør, off Kronborg, she sailed down the coast, while QMII and officers enjoyed a lunch, before at was time to disembark in Copenhagen just a couple of hundred meters from Amalienborg.

- And right now, Danneborg is moored in Stockholm.
He was. And not at all talkative. He declined to comment on him being in DK while QMII was in Sweden.

Today, May 3rd, Queen Margrethe received the Secretary General of the Council of Europe Thorbjorn Jagland who is on a two day official visit to Denmark.

** kongehuset.dk photo **
Thanks, Iceflower. :flowers:

And also today, in the periodically great weather we've had today, PH went to Tivoli in Copenhagen for the spring-meeting of the Tivoli-Club and that included a tour of a new attraction, which he thought was fun and he intends to return with his grandchildren at some point.

Vovet prins Henrik i Tivoli: Kastede sig ud i ny forlystelse

But that also included a dinner with the friends in a restaurant in Tivoli and here an author, Henrik H Lund, was presented with the Pibe of the year. And an anchor of wine - "From Henrik to Henrik".

The mood was merry! PH sang opera with an opera singer sitting on his lap. And he danced a valse with another opera singer.

ADDED: Video from BB: http://www.billedbladet.dk/kongelige/danmark/video-prins-henrik-tog-fusen-paa-alle-i-tivoli
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That concept has been a successful export to developing countries.

I.e. that producers, in this case of agricultural products, have a share in the local dairy or slaughterhouse where their products are being processed, but also a share in the local stores where finished products are being sold.
That keep up the incentive to produce, and produce ever more and of a better quality, because in the end the farmers get a cut from the proceeds of the sale directly to the customers.
So the better and more products, the more sale. And more sale equals money in the pockets of the farmers, rather than a large grocer.

But the concept with co-operatives also enables local people to buy a small share in the local supermarket or the local dairy. In return they get discount-coupons and a small share of the profit.
That means the whole community is involved and has an interest in more and better products.
And being a co-operative, the locals (who have a share) also have a voice in running the stores and dairies, and that means the products are even more adapted to the needs of the locals.
It was originally on a scale of say 1.000 households who had a share in a local area with a population of say 25.000, so it pretty much involved everybody.

The concept was introduced in DK after the disaster of the Second Schleswigan War in 1864, where the realm was reduced by two-fifths. And that meant that DK was changed from a cattle country with some grain being produced as well, but not with particular modern methods and with the farmers not having that much to themselves afterwards. - To a mixed agricultural society that also focused on dairy products and pigs ending up being pretty modern already by 1900. It also meant that the farmers as a class generally became considerably more affluent.
It was nothing short of an agricultural revolution and that was the basis of DK being a wealthy country today.

It is hoped that developing countries will experience a similar growth.
One of the yearly events PH attends is the opening of the tour-boat on Esrum lake close to Fredensborg Palace.
And today was no exception.

In fact PH and an adjutant arrived by bike.
Opened the season and went for a tour of the lake, before opting for a car home back to Fredensborg.
Kong Henrik kom på væltepeter – Ekstra Bladet

And here is a BB video: http://www.billedbladet.dk/kongelige/danmark/video-prins-henrik-aabnede-baadsaesonen-paa-esrum-soe

I like his sixpence! :cool:

I guess the car in the background of the first photo is PET.
As you can see the weather is great these days.
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And also today, in the periodically great weather we've had today, PH went to Tivoli in Copenhagen for the spring-meeting of the Tivoli-Club and that included a tour of a new attraction, which he thought was fun and he intends to return with his grandchildren at some point.

Here's another gallery of his special tour on May 3rd :)

** pm: Le prince Henrik a gardé son âme d’enfant **
Prins Henrik spredte fest og glæde på kajen | BILLED-BLADET

PH continues to hang out with the friends while being on the job at the same time.
Here he is seen boarding Dannebrog, prior to hosting a reception for around 100 people there. Most of the guests being from the sailing-world.
In his usual form his presence and style entertained a group of Chinese tourists.

His attire was unusually subdued though.
Is Prince Henrik leaving Denmark and moving to France permanently after a stay at his Chateau this summer? Apparently that is what a gossip magazine in Denmark is reporting.
:previous: I've seen the headlines too in Her & Nu, but the credibility of that magazine is very low.

So my answer at least will be: I don't know.
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