Queen Margrethe II, Current Events Part 2: June 2020 - August 2023

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Yes, with Trine Dyrholm as QMII, so we are guaranteed a good performance for the lead character.

I don't know that much about this movie, it seems however to present QMI in a perhaps unfair positive light. As a visionary working for a peaceful Nordic Union, the Kalmar Union, which was indeed her doing.

I think that's looking at her in a modern context.
I think QMI avoided bloodshed (except for the occasional burning on the stake) and war because she was a brilliant diplomat, a very shrewd negotiator and simply seen by her contemporaries, including men, as the best for the job at the time.

She grabbed power, held on to it, and never let go.
There is no doubt in my mind that if necessary she would have picked up the sword and shed blood without a blink of an eye.
She did after all have a usurper seized, handed over to her, tortured, his claim decisively taken apart and then burned alive.

She was a tough woman! She had to be.
Summary of a Q&A in Billed Bladet #36, 2021.
Where a Carsten Jeppesen would like to know what archeological digs QMII have been a part of.

Historian Jon Bloch Skipper replies that QMII's keen interest in archeology was founded as a child, allegedly because she had a nanny who was a good history-teller.
At 12 years old she visited the archeological dig in Illerup River Valley (*) and that got her hooked!
She studied archeology at Cambridge in 1960-61. Graduating with a Diploma in Prehistoric Archeology.
QMII has since taken part in excavations in Denmark, Egypt, Sudan, Bulgaria, Mexico (Oaxaca), Estonia and Italy.
QMII has often said that she had been a Queen, she would have become an archeologist.

(*) Until only a few years ago that was actually the site where most Roman swords were found, also when counting the Roman Empire itself.
It's a site where thousands of weapons, not least swords were broken or twisted and then sacrificed to the gods in thanks for a victory against invaders.
About 2.000 years ago an army of Norwegians and Swedes landed in Eastern Jutland (actually very close to where I was born) no doubt with the intention of raiding Jutland and perhaps taking over the place. They were met and defeated by an allied army of Jutes, Cimbrians, Angles and Danes.
Those who were taken prisoners were killed in a ritual sacrifice. Hundreds of these skeletons have been excavated. And enemy weapons and equipment were destroyed and sacrificed to the gods, as was the practice at the time.
Among those weapons were hundreds of swords from the Roman empire.
At the time swords were expensive! But there was a lively trade with Roman weapons among the Germanic tribes outside the Roman Empire which at the time was only about 100-150 km from the southern Danish lands. Some of these weapons were smuggled across the boundary in illegal trade. Some were given to Roman allies. Others were captured from killed Roman soldiers or auxiliaries. The battle of Teutoburg Forest in 9 BC alone meant the capture of perhaps 20.000 Roman swords!
Thousands of these swords found their way to Scandinavia.
And at some point someone decided it would be a good idea to raise an army and invade Jutland. It was someone influential and with money, because swords were as mentioned before expensive! That army had to be embarked and sailed across to Denmark. Meaning a considerable degree of organization.
But such a mobilization cannot go unnoticed, so an army was gathered to meet the invaders. That means first class intelligence, because the invaders were met at the coast shortly after embarking. So someone had a good insight to the invader's plans and the ability to pass on that information quickly.
The invaders were defeated by a no doubt just as well equipped army, which suggest a level above local chieftains. That is, at least a regional king.
So until pretty recently Illerup River Valley was the Mecca for historians interested in Roman weapons from around year 1.
QMII has been interviewed by Swedish TV - in Swedish - about the death of her grandmother (mormor) Crown Princess Margaretha, who died age 38, leaving behind a husband and five children, one of whom became Queen Ingrid.

QMII is visibly moved in the clip, you can see in the article, when she tells about the impact the death of CP Margaretha had.

QMII tells how her mother, who grieved deeply for her own dead mother, said: "I have cried all I can cry."

QMII also tells bout how her grandparents (mormor and morfar) fell head over heel in love, something very unusual in royal circles back then.
But it said pang! And they were hopelessly in love.

The interview was made at Marselisborg and the couch she is sitting in is a Swedish couch, by Josef Frank.


- I'm curious about what our Swedish members think of QMII's Swedish, even though the clip is admittedly very short.
At Frederiksberg Castle, the Army Officers' School yesterday unveiled in the presence of Queen Margrethe two art projects that will in future help to convey the recent war history for officers in the Army. ⁣

I have often on these pages over the years mentioned the actor and entertainer Ulf Pilgaard and his parodies on QMII (and PH).
Today was his last day on stage for the 80 year old actor, and he ended his career with the annual and traditional parody on QMII.
When receiving the applause of the audience, QMII came on stage unannounced and presented him with what appears to be an ashtray - very appropriate.

AFAIK QMII has never personally seen these parodies, but her family has!
Ulf Pilgaard was presented with the Knights Cross some 15 years or so ago and he has on several occasions been invited to balls at the palace, where he was presented with a "Her Majesty desires to dance les Lanciers with You."

- I think that was a very sweet touch by QMII, who as we all know has a very keen sense of humor.

Here are a number of photos from his beloved, and pretty sharp albeit loving, parodies:

As PH:
The real PH, I think...
Who actually watched that particular parody with Joachim and our Marie:

At a gala:

And with QMII less than an hour ago:

It's all on video, so that should be online any moment.
What a lovely surprise from the Queen to Ulf Pilgaard at his last day day on stage!
I should like to return to the actor Ulf Pilgaard, who was completely taken by surprise on stage, right after having given his last performance - a parody of QMII.
QMII presented him with a monogrammed ashtray - Ulf Pilgaard has given up smoking though but it will no doubt be a very treasured object.
This is a good video of what happened.
He spontaneously and overwhelmed both shook QMII's hand grabbed her elbow, something I can't ever remember seeing before.
- It's Ulf Pilgaard in the yellow dress... ;)

He has been invited to gala at Christiansborg several times, and also danced les lancier with her.
During such a dinner he chatted with QMII, and illustrates how in this endearing video.
He said to QMII: Isn't wonderful that we here in this country can make fun of even the highest person in the land. What if it had been Sudan?
To which QMII replied: Then it would have been like this...
After which they both cracked up.

Ulf Pilgaard also made a parody of PH, which PH saw himself. He had a keen sense of humor:

In this parody, which is downright spooky, Ulf Pilgaard impersonates QMII meeting the press in connection with her 50th birthday - she was still occasionally very shy back then.
But the video is actually making fun of the downright idiotic questions QMII was asked at that press-meeting. I won't insult your intelligence by repeating them here. I fear you'll only damage your floor when your toes dig deep into your floorboards.
I don't think HM Daisy was expecting to be taken by the elbow but I doubt she minds THAT much; she is a professional artist herself and they have at least been introduced. Maybe she wasn't expecting he'd be so happy about it.

I don't know who manages Mr. Pilgaard's costumes but I think they also deserve some credit. The impression wouldn't be nearly as good without it!
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Yesterday, November 24, Queen Margrethe as Patron handed out the Queen Margrethe II's Science Prize 2021 in Copenhagen:

** kongehuset gallery **
Queen Margrethe received the new Ambassadors of Australia, Israel, Norway, Finland and Hungary today, November 26:

** kongehuset gallery **
And not least to mark that the antependium, that was embroidered by QMII and Queen Ingrid back in 1990 had been placed on the altar.

Oddly enough a five minutes Google hasn't resulted in a photo of the antependium. :ermm:
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