Queen Margrethe II’s 40th Jubilee Celebrations: January-February 2012

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bertie5252003 said:
I just cannot say how hoorified and embarrased I was to see that painting unveiled. It is so shocking and Christian should have been more formally dressed as it is a formal and well !!!! IMPORTANT PORTRAIT. What a stupid thing to have done.

What's so shocking is that such an important portrait looks so terrible.
Maybe that should be your main comment rather than one on the attire of a 6 year old. For a child of that age to stand for a portrait (which although shocking must have taken a while) he needs to be comfortable. Also, what's he supposed to wear? Top hat and tails or perhaps a mini military uniform like his father. The whole portrait is wrong, not just Christian.
(*) Aren't those tho palais placed directly opposite? Which means that it would be impossible to see Frederik VIII's Palais in that angle?
The painting are form the Riddersal in the palais where QMII and PH lives, right? Then you can indeed see the palais where the CPC is living :flowers:

If you can see the upperview of Amalienborg and you know which palais is QMIIs (and it´s placed in the lower left corner) then the one to the right is the CPC Palais :flowers:
Thank you, Adamari :flowers:, for the video.

Notice how guarded she became when she was asked the pontially politically loaded questions about the current crisis in Europe.

:previous: If you say so, FasterB, I believe you. :flowers:
I was rather surprised at how much Margrethe paused, looking for the right words during that interview. From all the english interviews I've heard with her, she's always been so eloquent when articulating her learned tongue.

What a charming woman though. Denmark will never see another monarch like her, just as Britain will never see another monarch like Elizabeth II. There is something very special about these two I find. Something that is totally irreplaceable and entirely unique.
Thank you, Adamari :flowers:, for the video.

Notice how guarded she became when she was asked the pontially politically loaded questions about the current crisis in Europe.

:previous: If you say so, FasterB, I believe you. :flowers:

Indeed, the Queen,I think, is rarely at a loss for words but in this interview, she is quite literally gulping for air! What could she say besides 'ha ha, we voted against the Euro' which she couldn't say anyway! The interviewer was on dangerous ground asking the question in the first place, so one wonders why the questions were not submitted in advance, which is usual practice, especially in this very unusual situation! One does not get to interview a reigning Queen very often, especially if you are with the BBC!:queen::cheers:
I totally agree ... She seemed to be to be at a loss did words and very unprepared re: QEII. Quite surprised'
She sounds guarded. I do not blame her. The press can be vicious. And she knows how the British press can be especially. I admire her so much. Such an intelligent woman. I admire the painting. This is 2012, he is a young boy. Gone are the days where in paintings everyone has to look constipated...lol..
I mean, not to sound rude, but have you seen paintings and pictures of Queen Victoria's kids and grandkids?!?! Umm...big fat faces, not smiling, dirty looking stringy hair (even piled up), women with unibrows (Princess Margaret of Sweden, Princess Beatrice of Edinburgh). I mean, at least some painters..softened...their features. I like the painting...modern...unique...confident... just like HM. Congratulations to her..long may she reign!
Okay, the TV-coverage has started.

I wonder if you are able to watch it live here: DR NU

A little service: Dronning means queen.
Perhaps there are other live feeds from DR1?

Does this link work? LIVE: Følg dronningens jubilæum - minut for minut - dr.dk/Nyheder/Temaer

The wreaths have been laid at the graves of Frederik IX and Queen Ingrid, with the cameras maintining a discreet distance.

QMII, Queen Anne-Marie and Princess Benedikte each laid down a wreath. Queen Anne-Marie was visibly moved.
Frederik were among three cousins who laid down a wreath in the shape of an anchor, they represented the younger generation.

All the Greek and Berleburg adults were there, including Carina Axelsson.
No children.
No Marie.
Mary was wearing a long coat and a blue-greyish beret-hat. - Despite the sun it's a pretty cold day today. The ice on the pools of water here and there haven't melted yet.

Video of the ceremony from TV2: http://nyhederne.tv2.dk/article.php/id-47436016:lagde-tre-kranse-ved-gravmonument.html?rss This you can see.

That's it from me....
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Thanks for the link Muhler. Loved the three sisters' synchronised curtsey.
Thanks, Tommy100 :)

A picture of a stylish Mary in Roskilde: Billed-Bladet - Fejringen af dronningen begyndte i København

What is happening now is that the changing of the guard will take place at noon as usual. Then the Horse Squadron from The Guards Hussars will line up, before the Regent Couple will ride out in the carriage.

You may notice in the various clips that the sentries on duty from the Royal Lifeguard is looking around. That's normal. Their function is primarily to physically protect the DRF, secondary to perform ceremonial duty. I happened to notice the relieving detail lock and load their rifles in front of their barracks at Rosenborg Slot. (Anyone who has served is familiar with that practice before guard duty).

The Guards Hussars consists of conscripts. All the conscripts in the Horse Squadron are volunteers and a little more than half of them are now women. (Physically speaking women of today are excellently suited as hussars. Modern women are actually a bit taller than hussars were during the Napoleonic Wars).
In contrast to other ceremonial hussar regiments around the world, the Danish Guards Hussars were kepis with plumes, instead of fur caps, which is more common. Nor does the the Danish hussars use a skull as a badge on their headgear. The skull traditionally being the symbol of hussars.
The privates in the Horse squadon are not addressed by their name, but by the town they come from. If a hussar is from the town of say Roskilde, he (or more likely she) will be addressed Roskilde.
That had a practical purpose. In the old days with no or at best inadequate maps, the commander of the squadron would call out Roskilde! When the squadron approached that town. The private with that name would ride up front and guide the squadron through the streets and also help guiding the other troopers in finding the places they were billeted.

Apart from the Guards Hussars, there will also be mounted police officers and mounted representatives from the British, Swedish and I believe the Norwegian armies.

QMII isn't the only gal who is celebrating her jubilee this year. Dannebrog will turn 80 in 2012, on Frederik's birthday to be exact.
There is a two year waitning list to serve as a volunteer conscript onboard Dannebrog.
The SRF and NRF will be present at the townhall in a little less than an hour from now.

A little detail our American members may appreciate; the Navy band just played the US Marine Corps Hymn - From the Halls of Montezuma...

When QMII steps out on the balcony at the twonhall, the spectators on the square will apparantly sing to her.

Regularly updated video clips from TV2: TV 2 Nyhederne - Live

The clips appear to be posted with perhaps ½ hours delay or so.

QMII is appropriately dressed in white - The Snow Queen...

A little more for the uniform nerds:
The hussars are riding geldings. They are "Danish Warmbloods.
Notice the harness across the "faces" of the horses. They are made from clams. Originally they were there to offer some protection against sabre blows.
The cavalry close combat technique that was developed in the 1600's by curiassiers, dictated that the first blow should land on the head of the horse and as the horse went down, the second blow should hit the rider. Cuirassiers back then used heavy swords, later on heavy dragoons and cuirassiers used pallasks, hussars used the lighter sabres.
The troopers ride brown horses, but the trompeters (not buglars) being signalmen ride lightgrey/whitish horses, simply in order for the commander to spot his signalmen in the confusion of battle.

ADDED: Pics from Billed Bladet: https://picasaweb.google.com/100865900034584557354/VarmtKongeligtTJ

Check also this link for updates: https://picasaweb.google.com/100865900034584557354
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Thanks for all the links! It seems that DR1 does not have the licence to show the live broadcast abroad.
Aren't Nikolaos and Tatiana there? Or did I simply miss them?
I was hoping to see Christian, Isabella and Felix at the carriage ride, standing somewhere along the route.
very much a side point but does HM have a new bentley? I'm sure the one i saw her get into at train station is a newer version. A jubilee present maybe? ;-)
I haven't seen all the coverage but I don't believe there was any mentioning of a new car.

Watch out for the coverage Sunday forenoon.

The Regent Couple will walk across the square from their palais to the palais of M&F for the lunch there.
I think we can expect a whole procession of royals, as the GRF, NRF and SRF, are invited as well.

CP Victoria has opted to stay at home due to her pregnancy.

There will also be TV coverage from the State Council meeting tomorrow as well. QMII has, shall we say, manipulated the number of meeting so that number 500 will coincide with her jubilee, to the annoyance of some members in the current left wing government.

- That's it for today from me. We are expecting guests later, so I'll look forward to study the many galleries and clips tomorrow. :)
I love seeing all the sisters together! Thanks for posting the galleries.
Love seeing QMII, Bendtikte, Queen Anne Marie together and chatting like old times
All the thousands of people gathered outside the townhall joined in a surprise song to HM.

How wonderfull.
QMII, Queen Anne-Marie and Princess Benedikte each laid down a wreath.
A blue from QMII, a pink from Pss Benedikte and a yellow from QA-M. The colors in which their clothes was when they were just young princesses.
Queen Anne-Marie was visibly moved.
Ahh, Q A-M always cries :flowers: She´s apparently very easy to move :wub:
Also Princess Benedikte was visibly moved :)

Frederik were among three cousins who laid down a wreath in the shape of an anchor, they represented the younger generation.
It was the oldest son from each daugther: CP Frederik (QMII), Prince Gustav (Benedikte) and CP Pavlos (QA-M) :flowers:

All the Greek and Berleburg adults were there, including Carina Axelsson.
No, not all from Greece were present. We are missing Prince Nicholaos and Princess Tatiana and Princess Alexia and her husband Mr. Carlos.
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