Queen Margrethe II’s 40th Jubilee Celebrations: January-February 2012

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Thank you Muhler, I look forward to reading the rest of the interview :)
Thank you for that, Muhler! I always enjoy hearing or reading an interview with Queen Margrethe.
You are welcome, ZandraRae :)

And here is what QMII has to say about Mary and our Marie:

Q: Do you think your sons have married well?
QMII: "I think so, really well with a couple of very, very sweet and good girls. My daughters-in-law are a good support for their husbands. They really put an effort into their tasks/job and (they) are both attentive wives and extremey skilled in their roles publicly speaking. And then they both are a couple of super-mothers.
They may resemble each other in their looks, when we first saw them. And you might describe them as similar, because both are darkhaired, slim and vert pretty. But they are also very different. While at the same time being smashingly sweet both of them.
We are very, very fond of Marie, just as with Mary. We see them both reasonably regularly, even though we all are pretty busy".

Q: Are your daughters-in-law good representatives for Denmark?
QMII: "I think they manage absolutely excellent both of them. It's really a pleasure to see. And I know both have a husband, who is very proud of his wife".

Q: Do you think it has been difficult for your daughters-in-law to settle in Denmark?
QMII: "I really don't know how difficult it has been. Because I think they have managed so well, that one may not have considered that it might have been more difficult than we were really aware of. They are both two girls who rest within themselves.
After all they haven't kind of been dragged right out of the nursery. They weren't very young (*) when they came here, so that they didn't know what they were doing. Or so that they didn't know how you act/present yourself in general".

Q: Are your daughters-in-law helping to renew the monarchy?
QMII: "It's a beginning each time a couple marries into a family and a family-line. And if you have that special role as we have, it is obvious that it provides a new - speaking foreign - a new input.
I haven't specifically offered good advise for my daughters-in-law, because you shouldn't trouble people with that sort of things. But we have been talking about things and they have asked: Shall we do that? Do you, mother-in-law, think that's a good idea? That sort of things.
They are fortunately very sweet to come if there is anything they are in doubt about. But I wouldn't like to run around and be a walking index finger.
It's a couple of strong daughthers-in-law, I've got. A couple of girls with grit and spine and both legs on the ground. Also when wearing high heels.
I also thought I could wear high heels myself, back when I was in their age (**), even though the shoes didn't have that high heels. But they look well in them and they are in in control". (***)

Q: Are your daughters-in-law also different?
QMII: "Definitely, they are very different.
The Scottish in the Crown Princess is very strong, a very good strength. It's something about resting within yourself and being sober/dispassionate. To have both legs on the ground and yet more than just that. And then she's from a very good family.
And Marie, who has the French background, which we all think is lovely. We get the French one more time. For my husband (it is) naturally a great delight, but also for me. And she's really a sweet and lovely girl.
You shouldn't really grade your family, but it's difficult not to give them topmarks, both of them".

BB is up.

(*) The expression is "purung" = very young, practically adolescent or sweet sixteens if you like.

(**) QMII has a well established reputation for tripping.

(***) When walking in high heels or in general?

Thank you for that, Muhler! I always enjoy hearing or reading an interview with Queen Margrethe.

You are welcome :flowers:

Then you can look forward to the live interview with QMII on Wednesday. The interviewer is Ulla Terkelsen from TV2, who in my opinion is among the ten best and most experienced TV-journalists currently in DK. She usually cover the DRF at events and she has a very extensive and keen knowledge about the BRF as well. When she opens her mouth you can expect something intelligent to come out.

I can add that M&F will be hosts at a lunch next Sunday (15th January) for not only the Regent Couple but also the Kings and Queens of Sweden and Norway. It is hoped that the CP couples will be there as well.
Apart from them, the Greek royals will be there, as will the Berleburgs.
The lunch will take place in the Mirror Hall in M&F's home at Amalienborg. - Yes, they are taking over more and more duties....
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A bit more from the interview, before it's time to go to bed.

Q: You decided that you wanted to be known as Margrethe II, instead of Queen Margrethe I. Why? (*)
QMII: "Because I thought that the historical Queen Margrethe so obviously was the first, (**) and then I shouldn't come here and pretend she hadn't been there. It was after all she, who was the Regent, which we all knew who was. She was Queen (monarch) in another way, but you have always talked about her as Queen Margrethe and it was certainly she who ran the show at the time. She was a quite exceptional lady, there is no doubt about that.
So I thought it would be wrong try and make people believe that I thought that I was the first. I wasn't.
It was my own decision, but of course I had talked with both my husband and my mother about it, while my father lay ill, and we were aware in what direction things most likely turned. But I'm almost certain that I had also mentioned it for my father. He also believed it was correct (thing to do)".

When QMII turned 70 in 2010, she and her family went out on the balcony.

Q: Which thoughts go through your mind, when you are about to step out on the balcony?
QMII: "First and foremost you get in a very good mood by seeing so many friendly people. And so many friendly smiles and people waving. My 70th birthday was such a lovely day, we all thought that. We sense a good time in advance that it's veritably boiling down at the palace-square and up around us.
We only step out on the balcony after the (relieving) guards parade has come in and has recieved the colour and is in place. And then the music corps is ready to play King Christian (the royal anthem), when I've called for a cheer. (***) I usually also say a couple of words, but not much. It's quite impossible to really say something, because no one can hear anything at all. That's why I don't say much more than thanks, because people have come.
But then one shouldn't. You shouldn't stand there and give a popular speech from a balcony. My father could shout out a reasonable distance. That I can't at all".

Q: How much can you see up from the balcony?
QMII: "You can easily see the persons down on the palace square. You really can. And all the flags. On my 70th birthday there were simply so many Danneborgs. I don't think I have ever seen so many. I also always notice if there are other flags. There can be some Greenlandic and sometimes also Faroese (flags). And from time to time some completely different.
There are nearly always some with the Australian flag here and there and that I think is so cosy. I notice that straight away".

(*) Stricktly speaking Margrethe I wasn't a monarch, she was "only" a Regent for her son and later adopted son. However she was such a formidable lady, (even in a century crawling with formidable women) that she very deservedly is known as Queen Margrethe I.

(**) That can be debated, QMI had a predecessor, also called Queen Margrethe, who was pretty sharp as well!

(***) Nine hurrahs for Denmark.
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Thank you Muhler! Very interesting reading. Such an insight that we never really hear about. I wait with anticipation for more translations. Thank you.
I wonder if the BRF will be represented at these celebrations by Prince Philip, given the close family links?

So far it looks like it will be the Swedes and the Norwegians, plus the Greek and Berlberg relatives.
Thanks Muhler as always very informative and interesting. Looking forward to the other translations but take your time.
Another event in conjunction with the jubilee:

On January 14th, the Royal Family will travel via saloon car to Roskilde Train Station. Once in Roskilde, they will lay wreaths at the graves of HM King Frederik IX and HM Queen Ingrid, before going inside the Roskilde Cathedral.
Once again appreciating your efforts and time Muhler. Hope Mrs Muhler doesn't mind if I send you a kiss on the cheek. I mean it in the purest sense, after all we would be virtually sitting here in the dark thousands of kilometres away, wondering what was going on over there in Denmark. Thank you.
You are welcome, Stellad & Tarlita. :) No, she don't mind, as long as she is doing the physical kissing. :winkiss:

Anyway, here is what QMII has to say in regards to Frederik taking over after her.

(The entire interview is based on pictures shown to QMII. In this case an official photo some years ago of QMII sitting and Frederik standing, with a little Christian on his arm. The background is a painting of Frederik IX at a State Council meeting).
Q: This then is the picture of four generations.
QMII: "The painting of my father is from the State Council and I now use the chair he is sitting in, when there is a State Council. And there Frederik stands with his still very little Christian. He has become a big boy now, who have already lost several teeth.
If my father had seen this picture I think he would have been proud. He would have been very, very proud to see how Frederik has developed. That on top of that became a naval officer is something my father would have found utterly wonderful.
This picture gives a special feeling of continuation and that I think is very nice".

Q: In a short while we are going to celebrate your 40th jubilee as a Regent. Do you think Crown Prince Frederik will celebaret his 40th jubilee?
QMII: "Who knows. No one can be sure of that. But I do have a feeling that there are possibillities. Frederik has a big sense of responsibillity, he is very serious about it and I think he will manage it. And both of us do mean that it is something we shall pass on to the next generation".

Q: Is the monarchy very dependent on the person?
QMII: "That it unfortunately has become, because it really shouldn't depend on the person.
But then you have to make so much more of an effort. And you do that, obviously.
But it is also dependent on the person in exactly the way that it not the same each time. (I.e. Every monarch is different). As such it has obviously been easier for me that I was a dughter, than if I had been a son. (*) But every thing do become person-oriented to a high degree nowadays, because there is so much attention on what people do. They are seen and spoken about and not least photographed".

Q: When will Frederik ascend the throne?
QMII: "That remains to be seen. (**) But I still believe it will happen when I drop from the perch. I also believe he is clear about that.
I think Frederik will become a good king. He has plenty of good prerequisites and at the same time a super support in his wife".

Q: Do you offer him good advise?
QMII: "It's not like I offer him good advise. I don't do that. But we talk about things and he asks and we talk about that. We have a fantastic good relationship to each other, I think. I think you can tell.
That is certainly also the case with Prince Joachim. We don't meet quite as often as Frederik and I (do), because we also meet in connection with our work, apart from seeing each other (privately) of course".

(This was actually a little tricky to translate, so that the somewhat guarded, thoughtful and apprehensive speechpattern by QMII on this subject are conveyed here too).

(*) It's point QMII often emphasize. That there are clear advantages of a woman succeeding a man, and then being succeeded by a man in return and so on.

(**) It sure will! The question was really: When are you going to die?

QMII on going on official visits abroad.

Q: You are on many state visits and official travels. Is there one trip you thought was special, a country or a place, you can emhasize?
QMII: "Each time you go to a place it's new - also in the instances where it's a country you know yourself. But it's obvious that the first trips within Scandinavia were something very special to me.
Partly (because) they were the first at all, partly (because) there in Stockholm and Oslo were familymembers I knew well. In Stockholm my morfar (maternal grandfather) was still king, when I came on a statevisit in '73.
It was both special and very amusing to go on a statevisit to your morfar. It was really something I looked very much forward to. I was very fond of him and respected/regarded him highly. He had always been terribly sweet towards me and we did share quite a few interests. (*) That's why it was very special to come there and suddenly be...yes, I was his grandchild, but now I came as the head of state of my country. That was very big". (**)

Q: Can you, just like the rest of us be excited, even nervous, when you are going to vist an emperor or a presidential palace?
QMII: "You are always it little excited if you go to a place you absolutely haven't been before. How is the arrangement, how do you it? And you have to be aware of bringing yourself along in the right way. (***)
It's no so much that, that you are going to meet a king and a queen or an emperor, but more: Now, do I say the things in the right manner.
The less you know about the country in question or the person in question, the more excited you are in regards to how things will turn out. Each country has its own protocol and its own way of doing things. Something is very easy to figure out and something can seen very complicated. Because you yourself isn't used to it".

Q: Do you have any influence on the destination of the trips?
QMII: "I don't know if we an influence per se, but we have to a certain degree, I guess. If there are several different options, we say: We might like to put priority on this, rather than that.
But apart from that it depends on how good the conditions are in general.
Over time we have met a lot of interesting people, but to say, who has been the most exciting, is something I've always found difficult, to be absolutely honest". (****)

(*) Among them archaeology IRRC.

(**) If grandfathers in 1973 were anything like grandfathers today, he would have been near bursting with pride.

(***) I'm not absolutely sure what she means. I believe she means you have to be authentic.

(****) here QMII suddenly became very guarded and as such what she said became almost impossible to translate, and certainly not litterally!
State visits are dictated by the government, depending what the governments find politically and commercially important. The DRF actually has limited influence on that. - Except for Greece. Greece was virtually boycotted by the DRF, until the Greek RF was allowed to return to Greece a few year ago.
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QMII on the family gatherings at Gråsten Slot:

Q: Is it your mother's tradition your continue, when you gather the whole family at Gråsten in the summer?
QMII: "Yes, but it's also because there are so many rooms at Gråsten, so we can really have many guests staying. The number of rooms where you can have guests staying are far more than here at Amalienborg and endlessly many more than at Marselisborg. We would never have been able to have an entire swarm of the young there.
But Gråsten also has the special significanse that not only have my own sons, but my sisters and their children as well have come to Gråsten all through the years and it's there these cousins have gotten to know each other. So we all think it's great to meet at Gråsten.
I have never really spoken with mother about how it should be with Gråsten, when she was no more. But it was so obvious that we should continue. Because it was one of those ways, my sisters and our various children could be together - without obligations in regards to duties/jobs.
We all love to be at Gråsten and the CP-couple very much so, fortunately, because in time they shall inherit the place. It will happen already while I'm alive, because it sure is the idea that they shall have Gråsten one day, if they can manage it. But now we'll see. For the time being they need to get their footing. (*)

Q: Your are mostly at Gråsten in the summer, but you have also celebrated Christmas there once?
QMII: "Yes, that was mother's last Christmas in '99. My mother used to take turn at celebrating Christmas at her daughters or host Christmas herself for all of us at Kancellihuset at Fredensborg.
But in summer of '99 we could sense that mother was too tired to be able to manage to travel either to London or down to Berleburg or to Marselisborg, because that's a house where you can't avoid stairs (**) and she couldn't manage that anymore at that time, so that summer my sisters and I said:
We shall try and convince mother that we will gather all those who can come to Gråsten for Christmas, and we will help her with that.
There were a few who couldn't make it, but apart from that we were there all of us. And it was utterly wonderful.
We had made the basic plans for how Christmas should take place, before we presented it to mother. And mother thought it kinda sounded really nice - to be together with all of us and not having too much trouble because of that.
Mother had went down there well in advance, and then I came with all the Christmas decorations from Marselisborg in big cardboard boxes. I arrived a little before the other in order to have everything planned and in place. And then the rest of the part arrived.
We decorated the Christmas tree together. (***) I decorated the Christmas table and we had an utterly wonderful Christmas. It was really good that we did that.

(*) Yes, M&F are running out of palaces for all their children. Let's imagine 25 years from now:
Christian is setteled in a renovated mansion at Amalienborg.
Bella takes over Kancellihuset at Fredensborg.
Vincent at Marselisborg.
Josephine at Gråsten.
Then they can use Trend as a weekend cottage and Cayz as a summer cottage. That'll fix it and all the palaces are permanently occupied. ;):p

(**) There are two floors at Gråsten. Three floors at Marselisborg and loads of floors at Berleburg.

(***) I've seen a picture of that. It was a huge tree!

An interesting article from BT, which sheds light on things that are new to me as well. Margrethe ydmyget af statsminister - Royale - BT.dk

The article is based on the recently published portrait book of QMII and the diaries of a late Prime Minister.

In 1972, the Social Democrat, Jens Otto Krag, was PM and he and QMII had a very strained relationship. (1)
QMII talks about their relationship in the portrait book. She was relieved when Jens Otto Krag resigned in 1972: "Krag had percieved me as a fumbling teenager, Anker Jørgensen didn't. (2) That in a sense I felt was pretty nice".
QMII adds: "It was a relief no longer to feel hopelessly behind such a seasoned MP and minister, but instead (feeling) a little step ahead of such a, on a ministerial level, completely inexperienced Prime Minister". I.e.
Anker Jørgensen.

A fact backed up by excerpts from Jens Otto Krags diary, where he wrote about the clothes QMII wore when she was proclaimed Queen: "A bizarre Icelandic fashioned matronely-dress with high headgear and long head-scarf. Wonder if that was a Magrethe-uniform"? - Referring to the style of dress worn by QMI and other women in medieval times.
He added in his diary after the funeral: "We drove home. An event had ended. A pseudo-event? A family occasion. A happening. But well executed. Even those nearest to the royal family, were, I guess, surprised over the scale of sympathy from the population".

In contrast QMII's relationship with the next PM, Anker Jørgensen was much more friendly.
"Poor Anker Jørgensen had never attended any of that (3) and therefore I should ensure that it didn't become worse for him than stricktly necessary".
She compares the two: "While Krag was the polit (4), at least in the sense you then imagined polits to be, then Anker Jørgensen was a man of the old workers movement. Kinda very straightforward. He became very enthusiastic about my mother, because her name was Ingrid, just like Anker's wife (5) - and that meant something to him. My mother was fantastically good with people of his carat/background. And my father would have been very fine with him as well, no doubt about that". (6)

(1) Jens Otto Krag was a republican with a big R. He once said about the then princess Margrethe: "I hear she's intelligent. A pity". - Meaning it would be a waste of her intellect to become a monarch.
Apart from that he was a competent and shrewd politician.

(2) Anker Jørgensen succeeded Jens Otto Krag as PM in 1972.
Anker Jørgensen has been labelled the last true Social Democrat PM in Denmark, perhaps indeed the last true Social Democrat leader at all. He had a working class background and was brought up in an orphanage. He came directly from the unions before he entered politics on a high level.
Because of his background he appealed and still appeal to many as the representative of the working man.
Personally I think he made a lot of mess, but then things weren't easy back then with the Oil Crisis in '73 and shortlived coalition governments.

(3) Protocol, state dinners, hosting state visits, diplomats, the State Council and so on.

(4) Old expression. Polit = professional politician from the ruling elite, not a populists as such, but more like an apparatnjik, a man of the system.

(5) Two things worth noting. QMII is using Anker Jørgensen's first name and she is using the informal word for wife.
Anker Jørgensen with his background had much more in common with those ordinary Danes who gathered in front of Amalienborg and Christiansborg and who stood along the funeral procession in these days in January '72, than Jens Otto Krag and his like ever had.

(6) Oh, yes. Frederik IX had, in contrast to his daughter, an excellent personal rapport with blue collar workers. And he was frequently greeted fairly informally by blue collar workers who passed by on their bicycles, when he was working on his boat, with only an adjutant around. Nor had he any problems at all about sharing a "bajer", a beer drunk from the bottle, with the odd worker who offered him one.
There are plenty of those stories around.
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Thank you for translating the interview. QMII is an interesting lady.
I love her honesty. She doesn't appear to hold back, but tells it like it was, or how she remembers it, from her point of view. Very straightforward. In Australia we have an old fashioned slang term for this. We call it - "Fairdinkum." She is a fairdinkum person. That is no bulldust. Am I allowed to say this? A straight talker. "No beating about the bush." Another slang term.
Bulldust?!? That's a new one! :lol: Thank you, Tarlita, for introducing us to this very useful word. :flowers:

The articles about QMII are pouring out these days!

Here is one of a number of articles from DR1: Dronningen deler sine minder om Danmark - dr.dk/Nyheder/Temaer

This is about acouple of significant events in recent Danish history as QMII remember them.

The Liberation on the evening of 4th May 1945. When the speaker at the Danish directed part of BBC during his newsreading read out aloud from a telegram, where Fieldmarshal Montgomery has announced that German forces in among other places Denmark had surrendered. (*)

It was one of the five year old QMII's first vivid memories: "I woke up by people standing close to the windows (**) and shouting hurrah. Then I heard my nanny and my mother chambermaid talk in the living room next door and I got up. I was pretty sure I would be thrown on my head right back in bed. But I wasn't it was the big hug. And a little while later mother and father came and took me down into the livingroom and then I had lemon fizzy water. That certainly wasn't something I had a lot as a child". (**)
Dad said: Now the war is over. I didn't quite understand what it was but it was an evening of euphoria. I will never forget that as long as I live".

QMII turned eighteen on the 16th April 1958 and for the first time she attended a meeting in the State Council and she was cheered at the balcony at Amalienborg: "I was very excited and probably also a bit nervous, because there was so much attention. When you are eighteen, you are not always that enthusiastic for a lot of attention, but it was a festive day and a solomn day".
Later on the balcony: "My father said: Remember they come because they would like to congratulate you. Remember to recieve".

To everyone's astonishment Denmark won the European championship in soccer in 1992: "I remember we left the television set and went out on the terrace at Marselisborg and then in the bright summernight we could hear a wave of jubilations/cheers rising from the city of Aarhus. It was utterly fabulous and everyone was in the most jubilant mood".

Perhaps not significant for Denmark as such, but certainly significant for QMII were the two trips to the east coast of Greenland with Frederik. Living rough: "Either we lived in tiny little cabins, used by the Sirius Patrol (****) or we lived in a tent on the snow. It was a fantastic experience. I'm very touched that my big son wanted to take his ancient mother with him on such a trip".

(*) The Liberation message. I Danish, but you may be able to sense the mood. It was by no means certain that Denmark would be liberated by British troops. There was from Allied side no agreement about on which side of what would later be the Iron Curtain denmark would belong. It was first come. In this case British troops, rather than Soviet forces.
Her er London! Danmarks befrielse bekendtgøres d. 4. maj 1945 - YouTube

(**) People probably got closer to the buildings at Amalienborg on this evening than they would otherwise be allowed.
Until 1943, when what was left of the the armed forces, was interned, it was The Royal Lifeguards who stood guard at Amalienborg. (There was fighting around Amalienborg that day and stray bullets entered the office of King Christian X and would likely have hit him, had he been sitting behind his desk).
After that it was armed police officers. Until the police was rounded up in 1944. (A relative of mine avoided capture and went underground).
After that it was German soldiers who stood guard. But on the evening of May 4th 1944, the soldiers went back to their barracks and members of the Resistance began to take over control of the situation. But there were heavy losses of lives as die hard Nazis and collaborators were rounded up and in some cases made a last stand.
There were few skirmishes between German forces and the Resistance after the capitulation, this was, as elsewhere, a purely domestic affair.

(***) QMII has on another occasion, spoken about how she enjoyed such a novel thing a chocolate after the Liberation, something she had hardly tasted before in her five year long life.

(****) The cabins offer excellent shelter from the elements. That is, if a polar bear hasn't knocked down a wall to get inside to raid the tins stored in some of the cabins.
The cabins however are way too warm for the dogs, they sleep outside.

:articles: A poll recently published in the newspaper Politiken and faithfully taken up by the Herald Sun in Australia: Danish Queen has no plans to hand over reins | News.com.au

Saves me from writing a summary :cheers:
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Looks like the Queen wants to serve her reign for life, may she have a long and healthy one!
DR1 informs us that CNN will show a 30 minuttes interview with QMII on the 14th January.
CNN viser interview med Dronning Margrethe - dr.dk/Nyheder/Indland

A number of video clips from the DRF arriving at the Parliament today: http://nyhederne.tv2.dk/article.php/id-47343227:lykketoft-kongehuset-er-et-holdepunkt.html?rss

Clip #1: QMII is cheered by the members of the Parliament. Led by the chairman of the Parliament, Mogens Lykketoft.

Clip #2: QMII arriving and being escorted up the stairs by the Chairman of the Parliament, Mogens Lykketoft.

Clip #3: M&F arriving and being escorted up the stairs by the second chairman of the Parliament, Søren Espersen.

Clip #4: Jachim arriving and being escorted by the third chairman, Marianne Jelved.
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Thanks, Iceflower :flowers:

A couple of articles.

From Politiken. Folketinget får dress code under dronningebesøg - Politiken.dk
This time the Presidium of the Parliament layed out rules for the members specifying what they were supposed to wear.
The gentlemen are supposed to wear dark suits.

The protocol was adhered to this time. When the DRF last visited the Parliament at the opening, right after a new government had been formed, members of the new government failed to stand up when the DRF left. That led to the former PM, Lars Løkke, to shout across to the new PM, Helle Thorning, whether she couldn't get her ministers to stand up. She had to turn around and tell some of her ministers to stand up, to her embarrassment.

Flere folkevalgte boykotter dronningens store dag - Politiken.dk

A number of MP's boycotted todays event. The members of the far left Unity List did not attend, so did, Zenia Stampe, a member of the government party, the Radicals. Zenia Stampe is founding member of a republican organisation.

- Okay, I respect the MP's who are against the monarchy as a principle, fair enough, but I do not respect their boycott. Denmark is a democracy. A majority of the population is in favour of a constitutional monarchy. And as such the MP's have to respect that and respect that the head of state is a royal, whether they like it or not.
It would be like members of say the US Senate boycotting the US President, because they prefer a monarchy. A pretty childish thing to do.
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why she is the only monarch who get a lot of celebrations ( her 70 birthdhay and konw her jubilee) i mean amoung her neihbour from sweden and norway and even spain , has she done something that special for her country
hana said:
why she is the only monarch who get a lot of celebrations ( her 70 birthdhay and konw her jubilee) i mean amoung her neihbour from sweden and norway and even spain , has she done something that special for her country

You might want to check out the British celebrations for QE2's diamond jubilee or Prince Phillip's 85th birthday events. Or King CG's 60th (or 65th) I can't remember in Sweden. It's natural to celebrate such big occasions in this way.
because she is loved and the country wants to celebrate its history, and her!!
has she done something that special for her country
Yes, she has served as Denmark's exemplary Monarch for 40 years.
That warrants a celebration.
Flere folkevalgte boykotter dronningens store dag - Politiken.dk

A number of MP's boycotted todays event. The members of the far left Unity List did not attend, so did, Zenia Stampe, a member of the government party, the Radicals. Zenia Stampe is founding member of a republican organisation.

- Okay, I respect the MP's who are against the monarchy as a principle, fair enough, but I do not respect their boycott. Denmark is a democracy. A majority of the population is in favour of a constitutional monarchy. And as such the MP's have to respect that and respect that the head of state is a royal, whether they like it or not.
It would be like members of say the US Senate boycotting the US President, because they prefer a monarchy. A pretty childish thing to do.

What a pathetic thing to do, they don't have to support the monarchy to attend, not showing up (or standing up for the Queen when she arrives for that matter) is just plain rude. Being a social democrat myself, I respect my party's opinion on the DRF and at least they're not behaving like toddlers. Having met Ms. Stampe in person, I honestly don't have much respect left for her, she's not exactly the person I'd like to invite over for tea and biscuits.

why she is the only monarch who get a lot of celebrations ( her 70 birthdhay and konw her jubilee) i mean amoung her neihbour from sweden and norway and even spain , has she done something that special for her country

Well, she's done an amazing job for Denmark for the past 40 years, and she's very beloved here.
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For once the questions at the press conference were reasonably varied and pretty intelligent.
TV2 for example had asked their viewers to suggest some questions.

So from a various sources, here is a bit from the press conference.

Looking back on 40 years as head of state: "I have tried to keep ears and eyes open and use intuition. My whole country has been a support for me through all the years. I have my husband by my side and my children, who have grown up and become good and sensible people, who are a good help. And then I had my mother".

About the recent poll, which showed a support for the monarchy at 78 %, in 1972 more than 30 % preferred a republic: "I'm very glad that people feel it as a natural part of our country that there are royals. That warms so tremendously and it stiffens (you) frightfully to know that you have the confidence from people".

About not being on the Net and using a mobilephone: "I find it tremendously peaceful and I do use the phone (stationary) when it's necessary. But my two sons are very amused that I haven't got a mobilephone".

Being Queen is for life: "In my eyes it's part of the very position you have, to inherit a monarchy. It's a task you have taken over and you keep it as long as you live. As did my father and farfar (paternal grandfather)".
But ever more tasks will be handed over to the CP-couple: "Your level of activity change over the years, and it will continue to do so".

Will the DRF cut down on costs as she herself encouraged the Danes to do in her New Year speech? And does she know anything about the lives of ordinary people? Will she encourage means that were allocated to presents for her, to be used on charity instead?
QMII: "We all live according to the means we have and we do not squander away the assets that are at our disposal. We will continue to do so.
Presents are not something I demand. But so far none has been presented that has been intended in that fashion (as charity).
I think I know more about the lives of ordinary people than most people think. I certainly do know people who don't live big and grand (lives)".

About taking over from her father: "I was very insecure as a young Queen, but it soon improved.
Yes, I was somewhat insecure, seen in the rearview mirror. And of course the times have changed, and you do things in a new way, I suppose. And I undeniably have become older.
There has never been a big galvanised plan.
I have kept eyes and ears open and used intuition along the way. And the years have actually developed in a harmonic way as I gained experience".

Has she had problems?
QMII: "Who hasn't got problems. You wouldn't be human if there weren't problems along the way".

About her job: "I don't really think it has changed. Because the purpose of the whole thing is for me to serve my country and I have been doing that since before I became Queen and I have done that every single year and every single day.... It's obvious that things develope. I have become older, that is undeniable. And times alss change and that's why you may do things differently. In principle I don't think I've tried to change myself".

Video from the press conference: VIDEO: Jes Dorph fik Margrethe til at le - TV 2 Nyhederne
The journalist Jes Dorph Pedersen made QMII laugh when he said: "Your Majesty. I will not ask all the questions (from the viewers), because then we could go on until after the ride in the carriage. A lot of people would like to know how close the Queen is to socalled ordinary people. Merete Berg-Juul, for example writes to you: is the Majesty friend with ordinary people, that is, people whose salary is low and (who) live in a detached house with a hedge and little patio? And she goes on: if it should be of interest I will gladly put myself at disposal".
QMII laughed and answered the question about her knowing more about ordinary people, that people may think.

From the news at 19.00 on TV2, which covered QMII very well, I heard her talk about how Christian is being prepared for his role. From memory:
- She said that he wasn't trained as such yet. But he was told that it wasn't dangerous when a lot of people look at you, and that he should look up, smile and wave and don't look down at his feet. - Which he doesn't as she emphasized. He is actually doing very well.

More from the pres conference: - Pligten har man hele livet - dr.dk/Nyheder/Temaer
Where QMII incidentally spoke Danish, English, French and Swedish.

Has she any advise for Crown Prince Frederik, when he will be taking over?
QMII: "That you are totally committed. 24 hours. The year round. You should have the confidence that it is possible. You are not alone with the task.
He should have faith in himself being able to do it and that you get help and support from your country. From the Danes. From his family. He should do what feels most natural for him. However, I don't have big problems imagining myself that Frederik will manage it alright".

How do you become friends with a queen?
QMII: "Old wives like me fortunately have friends, whom I have had since we were young. Together with good friends you can laugh of it all. All the do-you-remembers are also a part of having good frends.

About the developement in Greenland: "The developement hasn't been easy, but I think so much good has happened. Of course there are problems, but it has also developed well. The Prince Consort and I have so many lovely memories from Greenland".

Video from the entire press conference: Player

And that's it from me tonight.
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