Queen Margrethe II’s 40th Jubilee Celebrations: January-February 2012

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That's precious; the little boy has all the right moves down pat. The guards should adopt him as their mascot! Thank you for sharing.
My goodness, there's high quality photos of everyone in all their finery. I mean everyone, including the most insignificant countesses, and not one single High Quality picture of Marie-Chantal wearing Queen Frederika's diadem. Just the low quality screen grab from the news report. I mean, seriously. I've looked everywhere on many different message boards, so if someone finds one, please post here! Thanks. :bang:
CP Mary & Queen Margrethe looks absolutely regal in their dresses!

Is that a recycled dress for Queen Silvia. Looks familiar ( CP Victoria's wedding? )

Queen Sonja & CP Mette-Marit both in white and beautiful

No, Silvia wore a light pink dress to Victoria's wedding. Silvia has worn this dress at a few dinner galas in Sweden over the years. Maybe to a Nobel Prize?
Congratulations to QMII !! Thank you everyone for the links and photo galleries. I am exhausted keeping up with all the activities from afar. The DRF will need a few days off to recouperate after this.

Great to see Marie. The children were all delightful.

Keep it coming with any commentary or points of interest.
I am exhausted keeping up with all the activities from afar. The DRF will need a few days off to recouperate after this.

I think us Danes that have been watching everything on TV the last two days could use an extra weekend. :lol: I for one, do not feel like going to work tomorrow.

It has been two great days. :flowers:
When I saw everyone on the balcony it struck me that almost everyone had on something that was purple or violet coloured from a dress to a tie to a scarf.Did anyone else notice this?
Isabella is such an active child. She must wear her parents out sometimes trying to keep up with her.
Back to the gala guests arriving - all the ladies looked lovely and poor old Prince Richard had his Grumpy Old Man Face on. Also at the Concert he looked very Grumpy. Perhaps he is not well. Maybe he should change his blood pressure tablets. As something is clearly not agreeing with him.
The Prime Minister's speech:
Statsministerens tale ved gallataflet - Kongehuset

Google Translate:
Their Majesties. Their Royal Highnesses. Their Excellencies. Ladies and gentlemen.

Dear Queen Margrethe.

Today 40 years ago did you get a great responsibility in the middle of a deep sorrow. They lost their beloved father, and Denmark lost a dear king.

They told about the difficulty of getting responsibility at a young age and as a young mother. But also about the strength it gives to the duty and destiny to him.

I know that day is strong in your memory. Of course.

And on 15 January 1972 is a day that stands strong in the mind of us all together - all of us who are old enough to remember it.

It was a day when the Danes stood shoulder to shoulder in front of Christiansborg Palace and the streets to the square - despite the fact that it probably was not really a matter of course back in the early '70s.

It was the break-up times. Everything was under fire - especially the traditions. But not that day.

All kinds of people showed up, old and young, maybe even a Republican or two.

And those who had not taken the trip to the castle courtyard in this biting cold January day, sitting at home on the couch in front of the TV. Many places had to be off the couch and go and right on the ground antenna for the black-white image to be quite sharp.

And it did so. The picture of the young queen in black dress and with sørgefloret as wind took in. The picture was with us out in living rooms. It hit us in the heart.

And there you have been ever since.

With dignity, with proximity and wisely have you been an anchor for the Danes.

Throughout your work, you have a solid backing from all your great family. They told about the great support your mother Queen
Ingrid was for you. She was a focal point for the entire royal family and a loving grandmother of Their Royal Highnesses Crown Prince Frederik and Prince Joachim.

But someone has probably supported them more than anyone else. That's their man. I want tonight to say a special thanks to Your Royal Highness the Prince Consort.

The Queen is safe anchorage and life companion. They have supported the Queen in the official work and family. They have helped to give the Crown the special status it has. Also you we owe a big thank you today.

They were and are a talented queen. It would take too long to list all the talent up. The food would be cold and hungry guests. And fortunately it is not necessary.

Because we know what you can.

I will therefore limit myself to reveal one of your hidden talents.

I know - because I myself have had a taste - that you master the dialects from across the country. Yes, you can too. And it is no coincidence.

It shows how much you know your country and how much they love their country men. That you have respect for the whole realm and for diversity.

A respect that also shows up when you a couple times a month receive Danes in the audience. Preferably over a hundred people.

And everybody gets your attention. From the educator who has worked 40 years with learning disabilities, to the driver with a long career at the track. It's part of your work you are talking very warmly about.

They make an impression when you arrive. I remember when the Queen inaugurated the S-train station in Ishøj in 1976. All we had to go and attend the event. We stood on tiptoe to catch a glimpse of a true queen. I remember the tense atmosphere.

The mayor of her fanciest clothes. Expectant children. And the feeling of living in a city that had been visited by a very special guest. As we were just too much.

I know that I share the kind of memories with 1000-some of the citizens throughout the kingdom, which has appreciated that they did their cities into something special.

* * *

Today you have reigned over Denmark through 40 years. It's a long time for one person. But it is a short time compared to the age-old chain, you are a part in.

I will go back in time. Not fully to Gorm the Old. But in 1947 when a newspaper obituary praised Their grandfather, Christian tithing as a "model of government." An editorial in the same newspaper concluded that the monarchy was no longer a "match questions" in Denmark.

And no, it was not Berlingske Tidende. The bourgeois newspapers published not because of the typographer strike. It was the Land and People.

Since there is not seriously been questioned by the royal family in Denmark.

Christian the Tenth was "the rankryggede king," as it so graphically described in the Danish Communist newspaper.

Frederik the Ninth invited Denmark within the family.

And as Margaret the other has the same done things your own way.

Then in 1972 the court was enough to get used to that sat a woman in office after a long series of men. Margaret was the first after all, many hundred years ago. And there may be things we women do differently.

But first and foremost, you have completed your role as regent in tune with the times.

In your New Year's speeches affects the zeitgeist. Yes, the Danish language becomes even renewed. I need not mention the word.

All of Denmark knows what I think.

They have even said with his usual irony: "There is nothing so clever as people you agree with." I might add: The New Year speeches manage to say something clever, like all immediately declare that they agree in.

Through three generations the royal family renewed its role in a vibrant democracy. Also next generation, Crown Prince, have found their role as a modern family.

But is a monarchy in a democratic society is not something of a paradox? How is it possible?

Some explain the royal family success that it is good business. It procures orders for Danish companies, tourists to the kingdom and a positive reputation in the world around us.

That's right all along. But the story is much bigger than that.

Monarchy is not a business. Monarchy is a national rallying point - a part of our identity as Danes. A fixed point through changing times.

This morning we held State Council number 500 during the Queen's savvy management. Through 500 The State Council has directed eight prime ministers and many more governments and ministers.

And when the government is formed, so ensuring queen Round that everything goes right for him. That we have an unimpeachable framework for democracy.

And the Crown binds the whole kingdom together. There is a deep and mutual respect between the Queen and the Greenlandic and the Faroese people.
Is the Royal Family as a paradox in modern times? No, far from it. Denmark's royal family is a full and complete part of a modern Denmark.

But it requires a certain sense of brinkmanship by the ruler. To balance between contemporary and tradition without falling into the ditch. It takes a queen.

I know I speak for all of Denmark, when I express great respect for and recognition of the way you have managed your role. We are proud of our Queen.

Dear Queen Margrethe. They are not only Denmarks Queen. They are the Danish queen.

And on behalf of all Danes is a great honor to congratulate you with their 40 year anniversary. Congratulations from all over Denmark.

I would ask everyone to stand up and deliver a nifoldigt live for Her Majesty the Queen.

Her Majesty the Queen Long live!

The Queen's speech:
H.M. Dronningens tale ved gallataflet - Kongehuset

Google Translate:
God's Help, the People's Love, Denmark's strength - today 40 years ago I said the word for the first time on the balcony here at Christiansborg. Therein I put my hopes, my wishes and my love for my country. With my motto, I would express the obligation I felt to the deed, I went to.

The commitment is as strong for me today, but I would like to stress that the obligation has always been driven by joy. The joy is rooted in the heat that has met me and my family everywhere through every year, in celebration and joy as in sorrow, in the so-called "big day", as well as in everyday life.

Today, I must first and foremost express my thanks. Only the Prime Minister for the beautiful words to me, they confirm the good and trusting relationship, which I feel has passed between me and the successive governments over the years. So different personalities and so different politics, but always with the goal of serving our country and protect our people.

The same is the role of parliament. For my family and me is the annual opening of the parliamentary session, a ceremony which we witness with joy. Therefore, the reception given to parliament arranged for me earlier this week, a welcome opportunity to re-emphasize the ties that bind the People's Control and royal family together.

Right from the first day I had my husband at my side. You, my dear Henri, has stood by me and been of encouragement and inspiration for me in the work that we have been two to perform. This day is your anniversary as well as mine. Together we have seen our sons grow up, marry and enrich us with a whole bunch of grandchildren.

Dear Frederick, since you turned 18, you've had seats in the State Council and has Prince had frequent front seat when I have been prevented. With Mary by your side, you have represented Denmark in the best manner, both with your parents and on their own. In making your country's honor and both of us proud.

You too, dear Joachim, has over the years repeatedly as regent handled many of my duties. You are yourself your responsibility, and along with Marie, you are also a support and a source of joy to your parents and beneficial to your country.

Tonight I am also surrounded by many members of my family. Particularly, I am delighted that both my sisters and their families can participate. I've always meant so much to me, and I am always a support, at home and abroad.

It is a tradition which I attach great importance to the Heads of the other Nordic countries can also participate on an occasion as this anniversary. Our country is in want and distress linked closely together by our common history and the family ties that have existed for generations.

Realm has always meant a lot to me. Since 1972 the Faroe Islands and Greenland undergone rapid development. Prince Consort and I have had the great experience again and again to be on a visit last summer previous and phosphorus. We have been able to keep up with how both the Faroese and Greenlandic society has evolved and seen how the new generations have grown up and taking responsibility for their country and their communities.

The band, which for centuries has connected Denmark, the Faroe Islands and Greenland, has naturally changed over the 40 years. Realm is just full.

40 years - more than a man age - unmanageable for many years to look forward to for those who are young. But in retrospect it seems to me that they're gone so fast. Today when I look back over the years, it is with deep gratitude, gratitude for the task which has been entrusted to me, and grateful for everything it has given me.

The job I could never have lifted without God's help, but not have done it without the love that I feel has surrounded me from all sides since my childhood spædeste.

I ask all to rise, and with me pronounce a "God preserve Denmark";

Question: is there any particular, maybe family reason, that MC gets to wear that tiara?
Question: is there any particular, maybe family reason, that MC gets to wear that tiara?

I don't think anyone knows why. MC's tiara is the big subject of discussion at the Royal Jewellery Message board as well.
Thanks very much GömdNatt!! Yes it does look a bit big for her head. But oh well, at least it's out of the vaults! :D
Queen Margrethe is one of my favorites as far as theatrical style and her artistic talents- I think she's a very interesting lady.

But... and I mean no disrespect here... why on earth has she not done something about fixing the color of her teeth? She's a Queen- it's not like she can't afford the dental work. I think it's very distracting whenever I see pictures of her smiling.
A number of clips from TV2's coverage.
TV 2 Nyhederne - Live
Including the State Council. - The carpet you see in one of the clips, is a present to QMII.

The balcony scene and the changing of the guards.

The service Sunday afternoon.

The DRF children are very well featured.

FasterB, did you enjoy the choir in the church?
From what I've from various clips, they were very good!
Congratulations to HM! God bless her, and long may she reign! Warren, you were right! I think it was a couple of years ago you said they still had the tiara and were waiting for a major event to trot it out. THIS WAS IT! I know..lol.. I know... I have to calm down...but after so many years...WOW WOW WOW! I am so happy they did not sell it!

Now if Princess Marie had worn her new tiara, and separately, Princess Letizia would wear her new one..my life would be complete! LOL!
Crown Princess Marie Chantals pearl and diamond tiara has quite a history. The Dowager Empress Victoria of Prussia gave it to her daughter Sophie as a wedding gift in 1889 when she married Tino -Constantine Iof Greece. The tiara then passed to her daughter Helena Queen of Romania. Then back to Queen Frederika of Greece. Then to Queen Anne Marie of Greece who apparently hasn't worn it for some reason since exile 1967. So it is wonderful to see its outing here at this special occassion.
It's been great to follow along this weekend with all the various DRF goings on! I enjoyed the balcony appearances and seeing the family at the church service. I particularly liked Isabella briefly considering and then rejecting sitting with the boys in favour of better real estate up front. No second row for her, thanks! :)

I know some have said they'd like to see Mary wearing a borrowed tiara from Queen Margrethe at some point. I wonder if Mary is just perfectly content with what she has available to her at this point in time - I can't see QM refusing to let her, (or Marie), borrow whatever jewels she wanted to, and in time Mary will have access to all of it anyway.
Beautiful, beautiful royals...all of them! I am very much enjoying reading about and watching the celebration!
Yes the Prime Minister looked fabulous. Loved her jewels too.
I don't think anyone knows why. MC's tiara is the big subject of discussion at the Royal Jewellery Message board as well.

If I remember correctly: Ex-Queen Frederica sold a tiara during her time in exile. Was it this one? Suppose it were, there's a possibily that it went on the market quite recently and was purchaed by MC.
Whatever, I just cannot imagine that it has been 'dormant' since the death of Queen Frederika in - when was it - 1981??

Congratulations to Queen Margrethe II, may she live long and stay healthy! :flowers: She is one of my favourite royals, even perhaps my favourite royal. :) Denmark has a special place in my heart as well, thanks to my ancestry. :heart::daneflag:

I love seeing all the gowns and tiaras yesterday and today. HM Queen Margrethe is always a grand sight and looking fantastic. I must say that for some reason I really do like Queen Silvia's choice of gown and jewels tonight, she looks fabulous! Well, all the ladies do in fact. The "surprise of the evening" aka "Biggest tiara" -prize definitely goes to CP Marie Chantal and that huuuuge tiara!! :ohmy: Didn't see that one coming...
there's a possibily that it went on the market quite recently and was purchaed by MC.

My thoughts exactly, Viv.

It would be my guess that Marie Chantal has purchased back this tiara at auction.

That said, and if so (?), it's quite amazing that the tiara wasn't broken up and it's stones re-destributed for various settings during it's time away from the GRF.
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FasterB, did you enjoy the choir in the church?
I did so much enjoy it as did my mother. It was a very good service.
The only thing I wasn´t so pleased by was the choral suite "Alle mine kilder". It was too much without substance - it was long notes being hold. But it was a beautiful piece, I just didn´t like it.

Aaaaaaand I got see both Erik Normann Svendsen and Henning Toft Bro, the bishop from Aalborg. He and my father are old studybuddies :flowers::flowers::flowers:

Og så har det da lige været en weekend for mig - Dronningens jubilæum hele weekenden og min fødselsdag søndag - min sjæl, hvad vil du mer? :flowers:
My thoughts exactly, Viv.

It would be my guess that Marie Chantal has purchased back this tiara at auction.

That said, and if so (?), it's quite amazing that the tiara wasn't broken up and it's stones re-destributed for various settings during it's time away from the GRF.

Thanks to ALL for the fabulous posts, links and pictures. Lots of work ahead it seems to me for the many historians on this board. Indeed, MC did look like a cat that had just swallowed a mouse, so that I would not be surprised if your suspicions are correct!:D
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