Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik's State Visit to Croatia: October 21-24, 2014

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@crownprincely: After the invitation of H.E President Ivo Josipović, Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik will make a State Visit to Croatia on 21-24 October.
Here is a release for the press delegation during the state visit. The royal couple will visit Zagreb and Split. You can read more here
Program for state visit to Croatia​

tuesday, october 21


royal couple's program

official welcome at the presidential palace

kl. 15:45
the royal couple arrive at the presidential palace, and received the presidential couple.
Nationalhymnerne played back, then honor guard inspected.
Subsequently, official photography, after which royal couple and presidential couple conversations in state room.

meeting with the speaker
kl. 16:40
the royal couple will meet with the president of the croatian parliament josip leko in the parliament building.

visit the st mark's basilica
kl. 17:00
royal couple visit st. Mark's church. Church roof is decorated with the coat of arms of croatia, dalmatia, slavonia and zagreb and inside the church are sculptures of the croatian sculptor ivan meštrović.

state banquet
kl. 19:55
the royal couple take part in state banquet in the presidential palace. For the banquet there will be official speeches by he the president and her majesty the queen.

wednesday, october 22

hm the queen's program

visit the ethnographic museum

kl. 09:20
queen visits ethnographic museum, founded in 1919 during the visit, the queen is shown around the exhibition on the first floor, which deals with traditional croatian textile and clothing.

opening of regional diabetes forum
kl. 11:00
queen attend opening of regional diabetes forum, which has a special focus on health economics, including economic effects of diabetes and diabetes prevention. During the opening, the queen speech.

opening the children theater in kazalište mala scena
kl. 15:00
the queen attends a shortened preview of the newly written stage play "why me?" produced in cooperation with the danish children's theater "passepartout". The queen is in continuation of the premiere opportunity to meet some of the directors and the actors.

hrh the prince consort's program

opening the danish-croatian business forum

kl. 09:10
prince henrik attend opening of danish-croatian business forum, where more than 30 danish companies and business organizations participate.

visit the arkitektursymposiet "transformations"
kl. 14:00.
The prince consort will attend the end of the symposium "transformations", which refers to the importance of architecture policy in denmark and croatia with a special focus on urban development and transformation of neighborhoods.

visit the architecture exhibition in gliptoteka
kl. 15:00
prince consort, is shown to exhibit "we lived", which deals with the physical and urban environment for development of the danish welfare state.

royal couple's program

visit the xellia pharmaceuticals

kl. 12:00
royal couple visit the danish high-tech company xellia pharmaceuticals' newly created branch, which focuses on the development of antibiotics against multidrug-resistant bacteria. The royal couple will during the visit, among other inspect a laboratory and get told about the history and scandinavian heritage.

business lunch
kl. 12:45
the royal couple take part in the business lunch at the westin zagreb with the aim to stimulate interest in danish-croatian business collaboration.

visit the zagreb cathedral
kl. 14:30
the royal couple will have a guided tour of the cathedral "cathedral of assumption of the blessed virgin mary", which is croatia's largest roman catholic church, which was built between 11th-15th century.

opening the zagreb film festival
kl. 17:00
the royal couple will attend the opening of the zagreb film festival and see a selected short films.

return dinner
kl. 20:00
the royal couple will hold the return dinner at the hotel esplanade.

thursday, october 23


royal couple's program

visit the koprivnicas town hall

kl. 10:30
the royal couple visit the town hall and being shown an exhibition of naive art, which the city koprivnica has a long tradition. The royal couple also visit the danish exhibition "the good day", which consists of contributions from danish and croatian town planners, architects and artists.

visit the carlsberg
kl. 11:10
royal couple visit carlsberg croatia. The visit included a presentation of the company and a tour of product facilities.

visit by hartmann
kl. 11:50
royal couple visits hartmann, a danish company that manufactures egg trays. During the visit inspect royal couple production hall and visit a workshop where blind and partially sighted participants decorate eggs made of molded-fiber packaging.

lunch with koprivnicas mayor
kl. 12:35
koprivnicas mayor vesna Želježnjak will host a lunch for the royal couple.

friday, october 24

royal couple's program

opening of the exhibition "einar dyggve"

kl. 09:55
hm the queen is in charge of the opening of the exhibition "einar dyggve" in the old town hall in split. The danish archaeologist einar dyggve participated in extensive excavations of the historic city of salona near split. The royal couple also attends a signing ceremony that marks the cultural cooperation between denmark and croatia.

guided by diocletian's palace
kl. 11:00
royal couple visit diocletian's palace, which was built in 305 as pension domicile of the emperor diocletian. The palace has since 1979 been included on unesco's world heritage.

press conference by meštrović gallery
kl. 12:15
the royal couple are visiting the former home and current gallery of the croatian sculptor ivan meštrović and subsequently closing press conference of the danish and croatian media.

culture lunch at meštrović gallery
kl. 13:15
danish ambassador to zagreb poul erik dam kristensen will host a luncheon for royal couple and the danish and croatian people from the arts

hm the queen's program

visit the salona

kl. 14:45
the queen inspects the remains of the ancient city of salona, ​​which was the roman province dalmatias former capital.​

Are there still no pictures from the State Banquet? I couldn't find any sofar.
Thanks for the pics. :flowers:

Let's have something for the nerds, shall we?
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Notice the honor guard in the background.
They have retained the drill, weapons and uniforms from back when there was a (semi-communist) Jugoslavia.

Their uniforms, from the various branches, is clearly inspired by Soviet uniforms. Down to the guards cord they are wearing.
Their weapon is a variant of the Soviet SKS 7.62 rifle. - Still very popular, no least by honor guards, because it in contrast to modern assault rifles look like a traditional rifle and it's also more estetically pleasing to look at and it's easier to perform more impressive looking moves with a rifle that length. - Which is also why the American Garand is still used by a number of honor guards.

The Danish adjutant walking behind QMII is from the Royal Lifeguards regiment, which you can tell from the regimental badge on his lapels. He is wearing the characteristic tent hat which guards regiments wear and he is wearing the gala-adjutants cord. (Danish units do not wear a guards cord).

Have said it before, will say it again: A uniform is like reading an open book.
Thanks for the pictures and information.
I especially liked the soldier on the left hand of the gala picture: blinking for a split second but forever sleeping on this photograph!
Summary of article in Billed Bladet #44, 2014.
Written by Annelise Weimann.

The Regent Couple (RC) last visited Ex-Jugoslavia in 1977, now things have changed and they touched down in the Croation capital of Zagrab.
The official reception was a bit different this time though. The honor guards was waiting in a large park outside the presidential palace and when QMII inspected the guard, she stopped (as always) in front of the colours and let out a loud: "Pozdrav Vojuici = Hey soldiers" and that's the way you address the guard in Croatia.
Then it was time for the official reception inside the palace, and a little photo-op, before they exchanged orders. PH did not get an order though, he had already recieved one years ago at another occasion.
But QMII got the Grand Order of the King, named after King Tomislav who became king in 925. (*) And in return the Croatian President, Ivo Josipovic, recieved the Order of the Elephant and the first lady, the Grand Cross of the Order of Dannebrog.
The RC did not stay in the presidential palace during their visit but at a nearby hotel. But the palace has a collection of contemporary Croatian art that caught the interest of QMII.

With preliminary niceties done with at was time to visit the Marcus Church from the 1300's.
The CP and the presidential couple apparantly developed an instant raport because the mood was light and cheerful.

It's the details that are interesting at such a state visit, and that includes the exchange of gifts.
The RC got books about Croatia, a painting and two bottles of Croatian wine. (**) In return the presidential couple recieved two signed photos, PH's three collections of poems, a book about the RC's art exhibition back in DK and ceramics bull and a silver brooch for the First Lady.

The galadinner in the evening of the first day was a bit informal, there were only 62 guests, so the mood was again pretty light and QMII in particular had a long chat with the First Lady, Tatja Josipovic. QMII wore a dress by Birgitte Thaulow and her hair had been done by her hairdresser, Poul Nejlund.
In contrast the RC gave a returndinner the next day at their hotel, with 180 guests, with various entertainment. The reason for the larger turnout of guests was because Danish businessmen were invited too, the visit wasn't just for fun...

The visit was the usual mix of culture and sightseeing.
Visiting a theatre show for children.
But also visiting a Carlsberg brewery in the town of Koprivinicia. Alas the noise was too much for QMII, she left after a few minutes because she simply couldn't hear anything. (She uses a hearing aide).

Then it was of to the (very scenic) town of Split for a little reunion. The major os Split had also greeted QMII when she visited in 1977, back then he was a Communist Pioneer (youth organisation) and he, Igor Srhoj, showed QMII a photo of the episode, which QMII found amusing: "Even though I can't recall the episode off hand, it's really funny to see the photo and say hello to you".
The RC were driven around in the old town in golf cars adorned with flowers. Very practical.
But as usual at statevisits there is also a treat for QMII. She has as you know a burning interest for archaeology so she taken to visit the digs at the ancient town of Salona, outside Split. - Not really a town, in ancient times it was major city of some 60.000 people back in around 200. (IIRC that part of Croatia was a part of the Roman empire at that time. Located close to modern day Romania which was very rich back then and as such was conquered by the Romans).
QMII, smiling broadly, was shown around by a Danish archaelogist who is working on the site.

(*) Are there anyone who could become king of Croatia today?

(**) Slivowitcha would be better! I know from firsthand experience how great Croatian liqour is. :D
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