Queen Máxima's Daytime Fashion Part 9: January 2016 - June 2016

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They also said she's 1m78 tall. So her feet are in proportion.

I like her best without the platform soles.
Is nice appearance but she had to choose another shoes.
When she is expected to appear as a Queen, for an example for escorting the King, she always dresses up. Lovely! The shoes are a bit "safe" but Bergen op Zoom is known for cobblestones (pic), not comfortable for a walk-around with stiletto heels...
I think she looks wonderful. Love the black accessories and the sensible shoes!
Love the outfit, especially the cape and hat. Shoes are nothing to write home about but not awful. Over all great look for an event with her husband :flowers:
Lovely outfit and nice to see the black and white dress with alternative colour cape and hat this time round. It makes sense to wear a flatter heel when walking on the cobblestones - it's still a surprise not to see Maxima's usual high heels though!
Love the shoes hat and cape. The dress is another unflattering style by that designer as well as unattractive, too large print.
She looks great in that chocolate brown. I wish she would trim her hair several inches.
:previous: I'm not a fan of Maxima's coat. I think there's too much of the same colour in this outfit, a different coloured skirt would have been nice to make it more 'lively'.
i think the coat is great on Queen Maxima she looks nice i just don't like the shoes.
Too much brown although I like the style of the coat. Dislike the shoes!
Its a nice outfit and colour just don't care much for the chunky necklace or those earrings.
I love the color but not the necklace.
I like the color but dislike the necklace and earrings. Also, I'm not fond of the boots. I guess the outfit has seen better days...
i find the coat very nice on her i don't mind the boots it's good match with coat the necklace on the other hand looks terrible with the outfit.
The boots are a nice match with the coat which is flattering in cut and color. I don't care much for the necklace. Her hair looks messy IMO, she could've at least put it in a ponytail.
I don't love the brown the cut and the colour do nothing for Maxima IMO
Something bothers me in this appearance. It is completely unmatched all together.
she looks great in general not too found of the boots but still lovely look.
I like the boots with this look. The overall is nice and I like the colors of this outfit.
I like her!! Very chic , very elegant!!
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