Queen Máxima's Daytime Fashion Part 6: November 2014 - May 2015

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I agree with you rubies. No words.
What a lovely look! I love the vibrant pink dress underneath matched with the darker cape and hat.
The lipstick was a bit too pink IMO.
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Wonderful outfit on the queen day and a vast improvement from that awful mustard accident of last week.
A really beautiful, regal look for Maxima today - absolutely perfect for the occasion, the colours, style.....everything!
That is divine. Hello, Your Majesty! Love it.
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Great look!
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The cape and the hat are too much for me today. But the dress and hat without the cape are like butter.
It is miraculous that the Queen can look 'plump' the one day and super-slender the other day.
Exact same thing will be said for every woman in the world. Depends on clothes, color and date.
I love the dress and the colours, but the cape is a bit much for me, especially when paired with that hat. But it's very "Maxima" so she manages to get away with it, I guess.
Love this style and color on Maxima. She should have it in every color. Earrings...ewww!
I also kind of cringed when I saw the earrings, after really living the whole look. What a great style hat and hairdo and flattering neckline. Love all the capes" !
According to the media:

Her Majesty Queen Máxima wore a fuchsia-coloured dress made of dupion silk with boot-neck and 3/4-sleeves, from the Belgian designer Edouard Vermeulen (House of Natan).

The hat was a prune-coloured one made from parabuntal and comes from Queen Máxima's favorite milliner, the Belgian Fabienne Delvigne. The matching cape however, is an affordable one from Zara, to be found in any high street in the bigger Dutch cities. Queen Máxima completed her look with matching leather accessoiries (a clutch from Namu Lux, gloves and shoes).

For this King's Day the Queen wore no precious bijoux on her dress. The Queen wore two diamond bracelets at the one hand, one with rubies and the other with sapphires. At the other hand the Queen wore a golden chain bracelet with various coloured gemstomes and a black leather-belted Cartier horloge (collection Tank by Louis Cartier).
Nice! It emphasises her sunny personality.
The King is very low-key dressed. Queen Máxima has adapted to this, seeing her sunny summer-dress.
Love the dress hat and hair!! Great Max. (was hoping she lost those plastic buttonn earrings...haha)
She looks wonderful! I love the beautiful color and the style. One of my favorite dresses she's worn.
I love the dress and color. The hat should be burned.
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