Queen Máxima's Daytime Fashion Part 6: November 2014 - May 2015

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Red is simply her colour ....
Bye Bine
The last weeks the Queen (and the King) make a sport of visiting projects totally un-announced and by surprise. They "just" pop in and say hello and then are told what the project does. In no time the royals are gone again. This is very different to formal visits with reception committee, a flower girl, a mayor and name it all. That shows in the low-key dressing of the Queen but it is of course not in the nature of this sort of visit to enter without warning and completely with hats, gloves, jewels and hofdames behind her.

:previous: I would have to agree. There seems very little, colourwise, that Maxima can't rock. And she is really rocking that red!
I must say She does not have the coloring for pastels as they wash her out badly.

Edit:Never mind I thinking of Mathilde, sorry! Maxima can indeed rock most every color. Bold Colors and patterns would get lost in she wears and they don't wear her :)
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the coat is lovely as the dress and shoes.
i think all look good exept the hair.

Máxima wore the above posted red Natan coat again in Denmark yesterday, April 16, this time combined with grey pants:

** Full view **
To me, the red seems to draw the eye to itself and away from her face. It has a high neckline and long sleeves - p'raps there's just too much of it?
I love Maxima's coat, that shade of red is amazing. However, I'm not sure about the grey trousers with it. Something seems a bit off about them, which I can't put my finger on.

On MyRoyals there are some photos of Maxima in Washington attending an event organised by the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. It looks as if she's wearing the same outfit again.
I am a bot surprised that Maxima did not style her hair a bit better for the birthday reception. Her outfit is not bad, I would like to see a skinny belt with that look, I think it would look good.

Second outfit, It's ok.
Both outfits are very lovely. I love the color combination of the second outfit.
Terrible cuts for her figure and most women. I knew it was the dreaded n designer because he puts his sight line, where the peplum ends, where the top ens, at the widest part of the hip accentuating it. Also, the first flower outfit, the bustline and armholes are too tight, his other trademark. The beige loose top fits on top but looks maternity to me.
birthday outfit is quit lovely i like the jacket but a styled hair would look better.
The top looks like a giraffe barfed on it- and she looks like she's got a bird's nest on her head.

Máxima at the "Long live the Club" festival in Zwolle today, April 25, recycling a Natan outfit and a turban:

** Full view ** Upper part ** With a short coat ** September 2012 **

Oh, now this is rather an unusual outfit! It looks great in the 2013 photo (I think I missed it at the time) but somehow I think there are a lot of colour shades and fabric textures going on here so I do not know what to make of it.
The hair ruins it all for me. This week we saw Princess Beatrix in London, 100% inch a Queen (even now she is a Princess). Queen Máxima really needs to take her example.
the outfit isn't bad but i think she could do something different with her hair.
Such a terrible look.

She tries different looks [like most all women] some great, some not to other's personal liking. I give her credit for being who she is and not following the royal crowd. Strong woman
Remove that thing on her head and the outfit isn't too bad. The colour combination of the skirt and blouse works.
Her hair drives me crazy when it is hanging down and stringy - and she is wearing designer outfits to official occasions. To me, it doesn't matter what she wears when she does that.
.Máxima at the "Long live the Club" festival in Zwolle today, April 25, recycling a Natan outfit and a turban:

Upper part ** With a short coat **

Wow! I love this! :flowers: This is one ensemble I would like to see in person. She is actually color-coordinated with her husband's hair! (And his tie). Love it, love it! That's the modern way to wear a tiara! ;)

BTW I notice this is not a popular view. I offer my enthusiasm as a genuine reaction. I was prepared not to like her outfit given the negatives being voiced, and was completely (and delightfully) surprised. She looks great imo. Honestly.
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What to say here .... just too odd for words IMO.
Its kinda fabulous and awful at the same time. Haha!!
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