Queen Máxima's Daytime Fashion Part 3: November 2013 - April 2014

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I don't like coats as capes either. If she wants a cape: buy a cape.

I don't find the outfit flattering at all, but it looked better with the pink blouse in Sweden.
The outfit would've looked much nicer with a black top without a tie.
The style is distinctive and the bow nice and big! However, a coat over the shoulders looks best with a sleaker outfit underneath. Here we have a full skirt, big bow and shoulder-slung coat - abit much maybe.
Still, Maxima's huge personality and height can take it!
The hat must be a creation of Fabienne Delvigne. She made quite a few of these folded things ca. 5 years ago or so, but fortunately she has left that design phase.

The coat actually adds a bit of contrast to a very pale dress. But why HM couldn't put her arms through the sleeves is still a mystery.
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I like the dress, that shade pink is lovely and suits Maxima. I think the hat is very odd, it looks like an oversized clam shell. I'm still not understanding the coats as capes look she seems to favour.
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An oversize clam shell is an accurate description of this headpiece. A brighter coloured hat would have enlivened the drab beige-pink ensemble.
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Well the gorgeous ruffled purple tulilps are upstaging her in the dull valentino dress. Maybe that's the point. Weird hat, does nothing for her.
Large black bowed blouse and shiny skirt outfit looks too fussy and uncomfortable. Looked better with the pink blouse. Really dislike the funny black hat, resembles a dishtowel, imo.
Very nice coat, interesting color, and elegant black shoes.
Love the colour, and the brooch and earrings - top half is v good. But the skirt of the dress makes her look "hippy". It might be because she is moving forward and the skirt is being pulled. IT would be good to see another picture of the full view.
Lovely color, but I'm on the fence about the fit.
I love the colour but Maxima looks bigger than she is.
Love those colours on her not sure able the bow, shoes are great with it IMO
Though a bit disappointing given her wonderful outfits these last few days, I don't mind the dress and jacket at all, not even the bag. But the shoes, errr, no.

Máxima on the second day of the Nuclear Security Summit 2014, March 25, recycling a Natan outfit we've already seen on her in 2009.

** Full view ** Upper part ** Upper part 2 ** October 2009 **
Wow, that is a whole lot of pink and not a little yellow/orange! But never fear, if anyone can pull it off Maxima can . . . and does. From head to toe, and those shoes are to die for, she strides along looking like she's a woman with a mission, and it's not next weeks shopping list.

In a sea of drab and dreary she shines with her wit, intelligence and animation and is utterly fearless in her pink brocade ensemble. She rocks!
Absolutely lovely outfit. The only thing i dislike is the hat. Generally she wears big hats for my taste, covering all her head.
she has such incredible jewelery but she uses thus bulk pieces of faux jewellery I really dislike!
I absolutely love Maxima's green dress she wore on March 24. The colour really suits her and the dragonfly brooch is a lovely addition. Natan's dresses are usually a bit 'wild' for my taste, but he's done a good job this time. This is probably one of my favourite outfits on Maxima.

March 25's outfit is a little loud for my liking, but the colours are nice and suit Maxima. She manages to pull this look off somehow. :)

March 26's outfit is indeed elegant, although (and I'm being picky here) the hat is a little too big for my taste.

Today's outfit is nice in general, the coat looks good on Maxima. Although I if I wore her outfit, I would've worn different shoes, as the boots are quite clunky looking with it.
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