Queen Máxima's Daytime Fashion Part 15: February 2019 - August 2019

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Not a bad outfit and what a difference when Queen Máxima bothers to have her hair done ,she looks so much more professional.
Lovely outfit,the Queen looks great
And i agree a well done hairdo make a difference big difference.
Oh yes, that hair has been done to nth degree and she looks good!
That awful mustard and black lace dress should be burned. The ensemble today disappoints me as that designer is usually one of my favorites. The dress, better than the cape. Not thrilled by the horizontal stripes but I like the fit and the material.
:previous: I am the opposite. The dress ruins it for me. Good cut and fit, but the stripes don't suit her.

I absolutely love the cloak and the look with it on. Thrilled to see it back :flowers:

And yes her hair looks amazing and helps the look out so much.

Queen Máxima attended an international meeting for governors of central banks at the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland, today, March 11:

** Upper part **
Trying to deflect blame on to Maxima, rather than take responsibility for some of her outfits? I'm joking, but perhaps there's a tiny bit of truth?

In the end it is Máxima, and no one else, who buys his sometimes horrid designs. No one forces her to order shiny culottes and crappy dresses. Brrrr.
i agree with you Duc_et_Pair
but also i agree with the ma when said ' she has an aura' that's very true
Maxima's top is quite the current style and she is tall and large enough to carry it off properly. I do like the color on her.
C'mon, everyone complain about the length of these pants the way it happens on the other royal fashion threads. :lol:
Horrible clothes, as usual in Maxima and completely careless and disastrous. That hair is a horror and those horrible clothes are not going to your big body.
Other than the messy hair I don't think the outfit is that bad!
C'mon, everyone complain about the length of these pants the way it happens on the other royal fashion threads. :lol:

Actually I don't know about others, but I like the length of the pants. Absolutely HATE shorter length pants which do not completely cover ankles. Always remind me of someone caught in a flood and they shrunk up, especially when they then wear with those awful low boots. JMO
That is a wonderful outfit. The hat is by Fabienne Delvigne of course but modekoninginmaxima could not identify the designer of the dress yet.
Wow, now this is the Max I love. :D

I love her huge fantastic real hat, and the updo. Max is one of the few who can pull off such a big hat and just rock it.

The dress and coat are lovely. And I love the accessories. :flowers:
Looking absolutely splendid in Royal Bavaria blue. :D A shame I couldn't see her in real life as I live so close, but had to work.
When she gets it right, she really gets it right. She looked great.
I dont like this look. The hat and dress doesn´t match well imo. And i think the hat looks to big
This is when Máxima is out as Queen and not as representative of the UN or Orange Fund. You can see it to the Hofdame in her slipstream as well, also in hat and gloves. The dressed-up Queen represented the King (..)
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The hat doesn't match the rest but overlooking that its a superb outfit on Queen Máxima.
a wonderful look on Queen Maxima,i just love when she wore those big hats
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She looks great. Love the dress. She really pulls off those big hats well.
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