Queen Máxima's Daytime Fashion Part 11: December 2016 - June 2017

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The top half half looks really good but the boots with that skirt are mismatched with the top half.

All are really nice but not together.
I would take every single bit of this ensemble because each piece is pretty darn good. That skirt is gorgeous.
Max is just showing that she is human - like us when we wear them, sometimes separates just look like separates. Less than the sum of the all. :flowers:
I hate the boots.

I love the skirt. I find it beautiful. But it doesn't fit the rest of the outfit. I hope to see it again.

I love the look from the waist up. The camel coat is fantastic. I love her updo, and as always, I am in love with her hat. Maxima feeds my need for real hats and I love her for it. I even love the earrings :flowers:
did maxima get dressed in the dark today? nothing matches...!
did maxima get dressed in the dark today? nothing matches...!


I like what she's wearing, but not together. Nothing goes. From the boots to the hat everything is a mismatch.
The boots ruin everything i also find the lentgh of skirt little long,the hat and jacket are nice however.
Nothing matches indeed. The boots are horrid, the skirt looks like something her mother-in-law could wear, and HM looks much larger than she actually is. The hat does not work with this outfit at all, no hat would. I suppose the boots and long skirt were a practical hoice: it is rather cold these last days.
I can not get past that horrible, horrible, hair.
It looks much smarter with a jacket this time round and Máxima's jewelry are nice nothing too over the top!
Lovely dress. Smart and professional with the jacket, and great accessories :flowers:

Only thing I like better previous was the updo. Her hair tends to look a bit messy at times when down.
There is nothing royal about that. She looks like a slob with that ravaged dark-rooted unkempt hairdo. Those were the days of her predecessor as Queen, appearing every inch a lady indeed.

Máxima is -fashionwise- the slob under the royals. Look at Mary, Charlène, Mathilde, Catherine, Letizia, etc. While they have their highs and lows as well, none of them has that messy just-of-bed look Máxima often has. Yikes! How is it possible that such an unkempt figure steps out of that royal Audi, accompagnied by fine-dressed Hofdames and sharply dressed military aides. Beyond understanding. :(
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a mess today. needed some other color in middle of all that ugly brown
I know it was a visit to a windfarm but a little needs more attention with her hairstyle is in order it looks too rolled out of bed.
the outfit is very very ill fitted,doesn't suit her at all sad colors and the hair is mess
The outfit is totally unflattering. And not even a nice color to save it

Hair is a total mess. Though I wouldn't go as far as saying she is the only royal who has the messy look. Alll of them with longer hair (Mathilde and Charlene out) have messy hair days, some more than others. Kate, Mary, Letizia, Mette, they all have them. Stephanie is closest IMO to flawless heir, though she has her moments too, but then again her clothes are a mess. Any royal with longer hair either sticks to updos like Victoria, or battles with bad hair days when down.

Max can rock the sleek updo, especially with her hats with the best of them.
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I like the ensemble itself but it seems that with time and wear it has lost it's "dressing", that is to say, the tweed no longer looks crisp and, judging from the skirt front, it crushes and looks in need of a darned good pressing.

The colour, cut is lovely, not too fussy yet not too stark and the accessories are wonderful and who wouldn't fall in love with that rich, dark, chocolate-brown wrap . . . I'm in love. But as with most things in life there is always a but, Maxima's hair is an absolute disaster zone.

Is this a case of "even her best friend hasn't told her" or is it just that she doesn't think she looks a train wreck? Whatever the case, I think Maxima's hair is of a type that requires a professional stylist be used for all but the most casual, non-working occassion.

Queen Máxima visited the IMC Weekendschool on Tour in Haarlem yesterday, February 1, recycling a Natan dress with an animal print. I've never liked that print and never will ;)

** Full view ** Upper part ** January 2015 **
Her 10.000 megawatt smile and her natural charm "save" her, but what is the point of purchasing, purchasing and purchasing loads of couture and bijoux when the very base to start with, your face and the hair, gets no any attention?

It is beyond my understanding that such a professional as Máxima has this blind spot. The dress is lovely. Her interaction with the public is awesome. Her smile beams as always. But she is Her Majesty Queen Máxima. May we expect a royal appearance indeed? Look to the other ladies: Princess Beatrix, Princess Irene, Princess Margriet... always every inch a royal lady. Máxima has proven she can rock them all but for some reason she loves the "I am just the housewife with a bad hair day"-look.
I suppose it would be better to compare the queen to other ladies of her own generation, which would be princesses Mabel and Laurentien.
It's a great style but I dislike the print.
The style is great but hate the print.

As for comparing her to Beatrix and her sisters, all I can say is thank god she dies the dress like them. The time for her to have mushroom hair, pill box hats and big pearls is thirty years from now. Not remotely age appropriate. You don't need to wear pearls and gloves to every event to be queenly. And she dies that well too, even she brings out the bling, the only competition is Camilla. We should be comparing her to age contemporaries, not seniors.
I must be the only one: I like the dress and i like the print i think the look is nice
i liked maxima's dress on maxima - it reminds me of other similar shiny dresses from natan that she wore in the past that i think suit her very well.
i am very much in love with maxima's dress - so pretty!

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