Queen Máxima Series

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The reviews were all written after the first two episodes and they were positive. Supposedly it was a great success and they are thinking about another season. It was only available the streaming service of RTL and I don't believe actual viewing figures are actually shared.

The controversy mainly was about a sex scene which was in one of the episodes. Some thought it was simply not done and others claimed it was like accidentily seeing your parents in the act.

The Argentinian actress was widely praised for her talent and she even learned some Dutch for her role. And of course a lot of praise for the German actor Sebastian Koch, who played prince Claus.

The series did not win any prizes yet as it was soon eclipsed by a drama series about the Jewish Counsil of Amsterdam, which rightly received the highest television prize of the country last week.


The are doing auditions for the roles of Amalia, Alexia and Ariane for the second series. So the second season will follow indeed.

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