Queen Máxima, Current Events Part 2 (October 2017 - November 2021)

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Welcome to Queen Máxima of The Netherlands' Current Events, Part 2

October 26,2017​

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Today, November 8, Queen Máxima paid a working visit to the Gender & Sexuality Alliance (GSA) at the Hofstad Lyceum in Den Haag:

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** belga gallery **
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Queen Máxima as Honorary Chairman of the platform More Music in the Classroom was present at the recording of the Christmas Music Gala 2017 in Rotterdam today, December 14. The gala contains performances by the Greatest School Band in the Netherlands and artists and will be broadcasted on Dutch NPO 1 on December 23 at 20:28 and on NPO 3 on December 26 at 9:15.

** belga gallery ** ppe gallery ** robinutrecht.photoshelter gallery **

** dailymail: Full of festive cheer! Queen Maxima of the Netherlands beams as she meets schoolchildren at a Christmas music gala in Rotterdam **
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Queen Máxima launched the 8th edition of the National Week of Money and the 7th edition of the international Global Money Week 2018 during a ceremony in Den Haag this morning, March 12:

** belga gallery ** ppe gallery **
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Great to see the vibrant coloured Putti Salon at Noordeinde Palace used for the photo opportunity.
The Queen is the patron of the orchestra, a task she took over from the late prince Claus.
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