Queen Máxima, Current Events 3: November 2021 - present

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Today,Queen Máxima paid a visit to the 'MIND Us Foundation' in the Hague.
(Queen Máxima is honorary chair of the MIND Us Foundation)
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It seems that Pien Zaaijer is still working for her. The court usually likes to have a rotation system with the diplomatic service for many positions but Mrs Zaaijer has been the personal advisor of the Queen since october 2002. The personal advisor before that had been Lieke Gaarlandt- van Voorst tot Beesd, who returned to her function as a lady-in-waiting and who still is in that function now.
And later a visit to the Amsterdam Internship Pact MBO in Capital C,Amsterdam with a hat added for the visit!
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Here are a few more photos from today's visit to the Schoenenkwartier museum.
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Queen Máxima visited the Tal aan Zee Foundation in the Hague today.
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The queen today all in red for the opening of 'A Beautiful Mess' work shop in Amsterdam today.This is in conjunction with the Refugee Company Foundation.
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Queen Máxima visited the Codam Coding College in Amsterdam today to mark its 5th anniversary.
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Right after the return from the working visit to the USA Queen Máxima already had an engagement today:

She christened two ships of the Royal Wagenborg shipping company in Delfzijl today, June 14 - one was named "Máxima", the other one "Alexia":

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It's a pity Princess Alexia couldn't have been there. It would've been a nice mother-daughter engagement.
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