Queen Letizia's Evening Wear Part 7: July 2022 -

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Máxima and Amalia wear shoes with a heel that is more than double.
Letizia is 1.7 m or 5.5 feet
Thank you. I thought she may have been even more petite. Certainly, the latest pic, suggested that - I guess there’s a lot of tall royals out there.
I like the colour, really great. The design at the top is very plain and I had the ordinary belt.
You made a good point, the top is so plain to look at compared to the size of the spectacular bottom part. I think it would have been amazing had the designer added as an applique miniature fleur de lis in the same blue tone that you could only see in closeup. Like the top and sleeves covered with the applique and then merging and disappearing into the skirt below. Remember the Met gala gown Sandra Bullock used in the movie Oceans 8, well re imagine Letizia's here with the applique being the Bourbon's fleur de lis.
Máxima and Amalia wear shoes with a heel that is more than double.
Both women, Maxima and Amalia, are not only taller but more robust or big boned than Letizia, therefore can wear big shawls/bows/drapes very well. Regarding this design, it is important to be very tall and statuesque, preferably with killer heels, to make this work.
Queen Letizia looked great in creme-white at the awards ceremony of the Awards for Children's and Youth Literature this evening, May 7:

** Full view ** Full view ** Upper part **
Looking pretty nice, but generally I feel like she looks better in a whiter white. Definitely pulled this off, though!
A really lovely colour and look on Queen Letizia!
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