Queen Letizia's Evening Wear Part 2: April 2015 - July 2016

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She had the great idea of wearing pearls necklace and earrings!!
But, I dont like the dress, specially the upper part is not good for her skinny arms.
I love the dress. Perfect the pearls. Certainly the best appearance of awards.
Fantastic combination on her: the pearls are divine and the hairstyle is perfect. Not normally a fan of black but this is a very flattering look.
The more pictures i see of this dress the more i love it. The movement on the tiered skirt is divine. Lets hope our Queen of recycling brings this out again
I am absolutely in love with this look of hers. Perfect from head to toe. The swing of the skirt, the colour range, it is all gorgeous. Hopefully she will wear it again.
i am also a big fan of letizia's new dress - i love that dramatic skirt, and how well the top fits. and it's the first time she is wearing one of the 'joyas de pasar', so that's a reason for celebration. i hope this means letizia will start using them more often. it seems to have taken her long to actually wear one.
Stunning from head to toe! Love the "swingy" skirt and the ombre coloring. The pearls are to die for... A regal look for the queen.
One of her best looks, classy, elegant, regal. I only wish she wore different shoes as I'm not sure patent shoes are the best choice for this look.
Stunning from head to toe! Love the "swingy" skirt and the ombre coloring. The pearls are to die for... A regal look for the queen.

WOW, what a stunner!
And a great necklace! First time since ages!
BYe Bine
This is the stuff that makes Letizia a queen. Elegant and yet simple. Lovely.
Yes agree for a private dinner a black simple dress it was perfect.
Letizia looks amazing! This is a great outfit for the occasion and she knocked it out of the park!
Agree wholeheartedly, almee! LOVE the earrings!
Letizia is amazing. Very clever the earrings.
Just stunning as always, those are gorgeous earrings and her make-up is perfection. A very beautiful intelligent strong woman!
Lovely outfit. Stunning earrings!
Letizia looks fantastic in that suit.
Letizia can certainly rock the tuxedo look - the addition of the stunning diamond long earrings lifts the outfit
Love the top and the coat! But dislike the white leggings.
An elegant chic look for the Queen.
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