Queen Letizia's Daytime Fashion Part 5: July 2015 - December 2015

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Absolutely FABULOUS! From head to toe, I can't find a thing to comment about. Love the dress, and adore the color. Great bag, shoes and earrings.
I like this dress a lot - an interesting choice of shoes colour with the dress that you don't often seem to see, but I like the combination.
Leti looks amazing today! I love it.
A nice out and earrings on Letizia and the colour is also a lovely choice on H.M.
The color is lovely and I love her hairstyle. Her overall was very well put together and elegant.
Wow - Carolina Herrera designs are a perfect match for Letizia. She always is at the top of her game in CH outfits and this red dress was no exception. She looks amazing and an elegant modern Queen
I love the look. Beautiful color and style.
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I agree and I don't like the top either,I prefer her hair with a bit of a wave in it.
Very stylish. Much better than a skirt and white button up blouse. ;)
Very stylish those heels are really high! Love the way she really changes her looks and hair from one day to the next
If this is what we call modern Queen then I prefer the Maxima with the big hats.
Love the black and white Red Cross outfit. Okay, so the skirt is a little short, but the fit of it on her is fabulous! Makeup and hair are beautiful.
I don't like the top but the rest of the looks is lovely.
Queen Letizia looked so so. It did show Queen Letizia's figure though. A mini skirt with flounce would be more appropriate for a much younger lady. I liked graphic design pattern on a jumper.
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Uau, Queen Letizia look's fantatisc today. I just love the look!!!!
She has killer legs - reminds me again to finally make sport..
Her outfit is okay.
The only i can say "Nice legs her Majesty".
Personally I thought her dress was a tad short and a bit shapeless,a necklace (God forbid) might have made a bit of an improvement to the uninspiring outfit,Letizia's hair and earrings were great as usual.
Letizia's look is nice but I don't think it's that appropriate for the event and her position. If the dress was a little longer and she wore different tights I would've thought she was fine. Her hair is gorgeous here though.
Oh goodness, what's going on with Queen Letizia these last two occasions?!

I am completely confused. I think both outfits look fantastic on her and the shorter skirt lengths make her look much taller to me, yet she looks no slimmer. But at the same time, her own ideas of queenly clothes in the modern age (which I normally accept and am fine with) have gone a step further than I think I am comfortable with!
October 12, 2015 - National day

Letizia looked very nice and thats a nice outfit on her and a perfect length. I liked the black line down the front, nothing special about it but it did add to the overall look. The jacket was a perfect fit and I like that it was slightly loose and not a business looking jacket. Do we know who designed this outfit? I think she could've worn a brooch though, it wouldve looked more glam IMO.

Parade wearing a matching jacket

Full view ** Close up of jacket

Reception with jacket off

Front view ** Side view
Queen Letizia is very nice and lovely the hair.
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Queen Letizia has been wearing some really interesting outfits of late and this blue dress and jacket are no exception. The fit is absolutely perfect and I particularly like the dress on its own too.
It was a lovely outfit on Letizia,a brooch or bracelet might have added a more regal touch seeing at it was a National Day Reception at the Palacio Real.
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