Queen Letizia's Daytime Fashion Part 5: July 2015 - December 2015

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It is nice but already wore this before only 5-10 days. She can do something better i think :)
The white dress is beautiful.
The top is nice not the rest.
Uber Casual as per other years nothing exciting but fine for a relaxed family holiday photo shoot.
The white top is lovely and very cool and summery. The khaki trousers I don't like, a nice pair of white or natural linen trousers would have looked good though. Felipe looks good to although I preferred the lighter coloured clothes he wore last year.
As usual, the Princess and Infanta both look beautifully turned out.
I'm in love with the shoes with the pants! So very holiday fresh!
They are a beautiful family.
Love the avarca sandals.
The top is very pretty, but the trousers, not so much. However, it's fine for a relaxing day out.

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Ok its not very nice but is the Summer holidays lets wore it anything she want.:)
i think she looked a bit meh, and that the problem was the pants, which didn't worked with her blouse... He hair looked super flat and bad, maybe due to the hot temps...
i hate those trousers although loved the idea of matching her top to sofia's :)
The outfit is a little dull, but I think it's adorable how Letizia and Sofia are wearing the same blouse.
Something i don't like it but OK nice :)
:previous: See...La Reina y la camiseta de Kafka . hoy.es

translation of the shirt front: " What caught our attention is that in the front of the garment could be read , white on black : 'KK ... KK ' which ' poo poo ' phonetically sounds . Then the ironic shirt saying ' Kafka ' and perhaps alluding to stuttering author of ' The Metamorphosis ', again ' KKKK ... ' The head of the design is the Salamanca Editorial Delirium, which sells this type of ' T shirts ' at 15 euros a piece."
I am not a fan of printed t-shirts with writings at all, but at least this one seems to make sense... very interesting interpretations... :D
I don't like t-shirts with writing either, but I think the outfit overall is fine for a day out. She's on holiday, so it's not that big of a deal.

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I quite like printed t-shirts and I thought Letizia looked nice. Personally I wouldn't wear black in sunny weather, though it's not like she's wearing black trousers either, so I don't have much of a problem with the colour choice of the shirt.
i liked this skirt the first time she wore it and now too, it looks great with the crisp white shirt. i'm a fan!
A repeat for me is always a bit boring, if the outfit lacks of new details. But I am glad she is not overspending in clothes!
It is a nice repeat outfit.
I really love this skirt. Such a nice piece that is very classic.
Its certainly one of Letizia's better daytime outfits ,just not keen on her obsession with rolled up sleeves all the time.
A repeat for me is always a bit boring, if the outfit lacks of new details. But I am glad she is not overspending in clothes!

Repeating an outfit is a proper thing. We all do it. I defy anyone to state that they have never worn outfits, shoes, underwear more than once. They are not recycled, they are reused. To recycle means to take something and turn into another article. Such as tires into road material or plastic bottles into children's toys or old clothes into quilts. That is recycling. We all have many outfits that we reuse, otherwise we would need 365 new complete items to wear every year. Don't know of anyone that does that
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