Queen Letizia's Daytime Fashion Part 20: June 2023 -

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A nice Adolfo Dominguez linen suit for Letizia during a meeting with the Royal Board of Royal Collections in Madrid today, May 30:

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Its a nice blue and white outfit today on queen Letizia.
The other ladies in attendance are better dressed but I guess Letizia is limited to what she can wear with her broken toe.
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A good, fresh combination of white and green for Letizia at the Madrid Book Fair today, May 31:

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Great suit and pretty top, although I can't say I'm crazy about the color on her.
The weather must be cooler in Spain ,its not something you'd expect to see in Madrid in June!
A really lovely shade of blue on queen Letizia for the anniversary ceremony!
I suppose the Queen has not recovered yet from her broken toe, which might explain her choice of footwear.

I like her earrings too, but I can't identify the type of stone.
Sandals seem like an unwise choice for foot problems! The dress is pretty and lovely color on her.
The dress is nice but the sandals completely wrong, broken toe or not, the barefoot mary-janes would have looked much better.
She looks lovely in kingfisher blue and the fabric is lovely. I don’t have issues with the sandals .
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