Queen Letizia's Daytime Fashion Part 2: July 2014 - November 2014

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It is impossible to suggest any improvement on the suit of the King, as so often it fits 100% perfect on him. I agree with the observers above that the outfit of Doña Letizia left something to desire but it is no drama, just okay for the event.

For Felipe,I will suggest other shoes

For Letizia,a well fitted blazer like the one worn recently by Sophie of Wessex would be perfect and so feminine.Sophie's blazer though different was also better because it was made of a stiff material and therefore is nice when buttoned.
A well ironed pant would be good too
As for the shoes,I see nice pumps with mid heels and not sandals.

As for pants,I still prefer her with wide pants and not tight ones.I have also no problem with tight jackets but hate her tight and short cardigans
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I agree, the suit is what is call a relaxed fit. Not tight and form fitting. Actually looks nice on her slim frame. People complain when her slacks are tight and jacket form fitting also. I guess she is just doing what she wants now as she can't make 100% of people happy. Actually no one can.

As long as she represents her county and her husband to the best of her ability, I give her kudos.

I like the free flowing of the suit. Why should she always wear form fitting, after all. This looks comfortable and it fits her - you can tell by the waist. JMO. :flowers: In fact, I think she looks particularly snazzy in this outfit.
I agree with those who think the suit is a little big on Letizia, but she manages to wear it well. I love the purple top and her hairstyle is great - wavy hair suits her.
Recycled pants for Mallorca photoshoot


The pants look like pyjamas, much better on this occasion than on evening wear outings. Letizia following Queen Sofia's footsteps wearing pyjama pants at Mallorca evening outings :p

The pants look so much better in this setting than an evening event! Felipe looks pretty amazing.:flowers:
The pants look so much better in this setting than an evening event!

Exactly perfect for casual wear/holidays but certainly not for official duties.
I'm not a huge fan of Letizia's leggins, but I agree with Emmily and An Ard Ri - I prefer to see them in a photoshoot that is meant to be summerish and relaxed rather than a royal engagement. She looks nice in general though.
Lovely relaxed shots. She looks very chic. I also really admires how she dresses the girls, always age appropriate.
Letizia's outfit is perfect for a summer day out. She looks great.
The ensemble looked like homeless chic, but not casual elegant. The T-shirt is absolutely ugly. The rest is so so.
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Letizia's outfit would be more suited on a teenager. Not fond of it at all but it all matched nicely.
Letizia's outfit would be more suited on a teenager. Not fond of it at all but it all matched nicely.

Looks like Letizia is wearing what I've seen a lot of women between 15 and 45 wear this summer. Those kind of "tailored sweatpants" is very fashionable right now and will also be seen in a lot of the coming menswear fall collections.

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Letizia looks comfortable and relaxed. This is a great outfit for a casual outing with her family.
I love Queen Letizia's outfit. She looks relaxed, very pretty, ready for a summer outing with her family.
Eeek! I just noticed Felipe is wearing "mandals."
Letizia's outfit would be more suited on a teenager. Not fond of it at all but it all matched nicely.

I do not know about France and how teenagers dress there. I teach teenagers and that outfit is not what teennagers wear in the U.S.A. Mostly tight leggings or short shorts. This is the outfit of a mom on an outing during the summer.
Eeek! I just noticed Felipe is wearing "mandals."

Oh all the fashionable men wear these sorts of things. I shudder when I see men wearing trainers on hot sunny days when they are obviously not doing sport!
I absolutely love Letizia´s T-shirt, I think it is a great one. The baggy pants match well and are all right, IMO.

Eeek! I just noticed Felipe is wearing "mandals."

Not many options when you´re at 34 degrees...;)
I think she looks nice for a day out, but that's it. Nothing special.
I LOVE the top, but I don't like these pants at all. She looks nice overall, though. As for Felipe's sandals; NO!
For any of you who do not follow the Royal Order of Sartorial Splendor, today the site lets you raid the Queen's closet. Fun series for the dog days of summer! There are evening as well as day looks. While I loathe all the white blouses, the dresses never miss! Make sure you read the comments for lots of fun images. The Royal Order of Sartorial Splendor: Royal Outfit of the Day: August 26
September 8th: official lunch for the President of Panama and his wife at the Royal Palace of Madrid.

Letizia recycling a lovely white dress already worn during the King and Queen of the Netherlands introductory visit to Spain. I like much more this time without the sash/belt, which was pretty unnecessary IMO:

Full view 1 *** Full view 2 *** Close-up *** Same dress at WA&M´s visit
Great dress, though I did prefer it worn with the belt.
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