Queen Letizia's Daytime Fashion Part 15: October 2019 - July 2020

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Nice slick all black look for the departure ceremony today.
Very well put. Letizia is really killing it every single day. Enjoy Japan and South Korea, dear Queen!
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I like the gown but not with the sash and the belt looks to big..
I might agree with you on the belt but looking closely it doesn't really destroy the whole look. Letizia is very unpredictable when it comes to her style unlike her counterparts. She rocked this outfit.
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I love the dress, the fabric is gorgeous!!

And I really like the compliments, including a green belt and of course, the jewels ?
The fabric is indeed gorgeous. Not sure about wide belt though. And finally she wears some jewellery, liked her earrings and bracelet. Overall something different from Letizia and I think she carry it off. She looks romantic and elegant.
The overall look could have looked much more elegant without that cheap looking belt. Also the clutch looks too casual especially with the gold lock.
And what is it with this gold plated ring she insists on wearing with such fine jewelry?!?
Minus the green belt I though Letizia looked really good and polished ,do we know who designed the floral design dress?
I think it's terrible, far too busy, the fabric looks like curtains from the 70s, the ugly green belt slashes with the sash, the headband is no proper headwear for this event.
As in Asturias, not her style at all and too much of everything.
I don’t like Letizia’s gown at all. The print is awful and inappropriate for the occasion.
I can't, I just can't with this gown. From head to toe, there is nothing I truly like.
I actually really like the gown. It is outside her comfort zone, and is clearly unfamiliar territory for Letizia. I am not a fan of her hairstyle though, a more formal bun would have worked better, IMO.

Also, instead of the wide patent belt, perhaps a narrower silk belt could have worked better.
Goodness! Fabric might look wonderful on a couch but not on Letizia!
Not liking this look. Too circus-looking. She doesn't even look royal. A miss for me.
I don't love the print on this, and the belt is way too wide and heavy looking for such a soft fabric, but I appreciate that Letizia is trying something out of her usual go-to styles. The actual cut of the dress is gorgeous on her, it's the print that is overwhelming.
I don't like this dress. It is too busy, too floral, too everything. I can't think of a single floral dress Letizia has worn that I actually liked. Floral prints aren't her style. I don't have as much trouble with the belt as some do but I do think it would look better if it was narrower and fabric instead of leather. What really gets me is that juvenile looking headband. While I haven't cared for any of the hats I have seen on others, they are at least appropriate for the occasion. This is not appropriate and look terrible on her. Lately she has had more misses then wins with her wardrobe choices.
I love the dress, it is a nod to the Japanese floral prints. The only thing I did not like were the earrings. Everything perfect and different from everyone else.
Looks like wallpaper or upholstery. Shiny mess.

Way too busy especially among the other understated ladies.
Both of the dresses featured chrysanthemums- a nod to the Japanese imperial house. However it was all just too much a bit of overkill.
There is a way to flatter the host in fashion without over doing it.
Besides that she did look elegant and well put together with very nice jewels.
Its a lot...but I do think I like this look.
Though this outfit is fine for another event its not State Visit arrival and Letizia can be quite lazy on the effort front at times ,the jacket worn as a cape looks really unprofessional.
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