Queen Letizia's Daytime Fashion Part 13: October 2018 - March 2019

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I really don’t think that pant length is flattering on her.
I really don’t think that pant length is flattering on her.

I don’t think this length is flattering on anyone.It makes legs look shorter. Also, if you carry extra weight in your lower legs it makes them look bigger but if your legs are thin it makes them look scrawny.
Hmm, I don't know about this. Does it seem too long to anyone else? I find it's making her look wider in the hips than she is (she's tiiiiiny.) Perhaps it's because I can see where the pleats begin and there's so much fabric there. I don't know. I don't like it. I prefer her green arrival dress.
I like this dress in theory and at first glance, and she looks nice. However, it seems awkward because of the drop waist and where the pleats begin. However, it's not a glaring miss for me.
Extremely underdressed for a State Visit. Unbelievable.
the dress is ok but nothing special, letizia has much nicer dresses, the rest is the usual i don't care, no effort at all for the occasion.
As stated by others, the white dress seems very plain for a state visit. Personally, I don't think these full skirted dresses she has been wearing flatter her. The green/turquoise dress she wore on arrival was much nicer and more flattering.
I like the dress but i prefer some more jewels!
Letizia looks lovely though I too was surprised at how plain and simple her outfit was for the visit. I would've expected something a little more formal for such an occasion.
I really like the dress itself. If these were pictures from a, (much), more casual event I’d call the look a win. It falls short of the mark for a State Visit, though. The dress fits awkwardly around the bust and torso and looks out of place on such a formal occasion. Her hair, again, very nice but very casual looking. Same for the accessories. She should look impeccable at an event like this and instead it looks like she didn’t make much of an effort at all.
Its a day time event. And though a state occasion, not a formal day event.

Letizia is not like Maxima and other royals who wear the big costume jewelry. And adding diamond broaches, bracelets and such would be too much for the day time event.

Simplicity works for her. I would have simply chosen a different color, to give the interest in color, instead of layering on accessories.
Well I guess I'm in the minority I think it is a lovely dress with very interesting pleats that flatter her figure. The oxblood clutch and shoes a nice addition to the Ivory dress and the Pearl and diamond earrings are perfect. a pearl and or diamond brooch or necklace would have been nice
Very lovely white dress that fits her nicely, also very lovely hairstyle and earrings.

I only wish she would wear more jewels! I guess some women don't feel comfortable wearing bling, but well choosen brooch / bracelet / necklace can make simple outfit look fantastic.
And what a difference it can add to an outfit though Letizia's hair seems to be covering it in some of the photos.
Pretty beautiful outfit, flowing, red and perfectly fitted on her perfect posture figure. Hooray for the brooch. If I were Q Leti, I would have the big bracelets on 24/7
Yeeee, she's actually wearing a brooch. Ok, its nearly hidden under her hair, but still :flowers: Don't like this shade of red (orange?) but interesting outfit.
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The white dress of Pedro del Hierro is perfect and beautiful. The orange set I like less, but it is Spanish fashion: Zara and it takes it perfectly.
I do not understand the obsession of many of wanting queens disguised as Margarita from Denmark who turned out to be totally ridiculous with their hats in Argentina, or when Maxima puts all the jewelry box on top so that everyone knows she is the queen ... it is a "new attitude" rich ", because a queen does not need to put everything she has to be.
I wish she was my Queen. I absolutely love her style, effortless elegance with a bit of an edge/bite (re the all leather dress).

I also love how she makes even the cheapest outfit look regal (see the Zara outfit / Mango / Asos etc). She has the best glam team (hair/makeup/stylist/tailor/beautician/gym coach) out of all the royals. (...)
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(..) Letizia's fashion has greatly enhanced over the years but there is still room for improvement.In particular Letizia is paying far more attention to her hair which was a welcome improvement.
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