Queen Letizia's Current Events, Part 4

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Queen Letizia presides the awards ceremony for the authors awarded in the 46th edition of the SM Awards for Children's and Youth Literature

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Here are some extra photos from the Children's and Youth Literature Awards.
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I wonder if the Queen and the elegant Isabel Diaz Ayuso are personal friends. I'm assuming she also wore sneakers out of solidarity for the Queen. Nice!
Final of the Spanish Football Championship “Her Majesty the Queen's Cup” 2023/2024, between the F.C. Barcelona and Real Sociedad de Fútbol, S.A.D. in Zaragoza

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Premiere of the documentary “The Science of African Women - Science by Women” in Madrid

Here are some additional photos:

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** gettyimages: Queen Letizia Attends The Premiere Of The Documentary "Science By Women Of Africa" In Madrid **


My sophmore year of college I had the opportunity to work in the same lab studying Beauveria bassiana alongside a brilliant young Ghanian scientist. She was a guest researcher. She was absolutely amazing and just shined! She didn't have the resources, technology, and female scientists were frowned upon.

It's awesome this documentary is shedding light on those issues!
Queen Letizia presides the final of the “Only Science” Scientific Monologue Contest

Here are a few more photos from the “Only Science” Scientific Monologue Contest at the Cicle of Fine Arts in Madrid.
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Queen Letizia inaugurates the 83rd edition of the Madrid Book Fair

The Madrid Book Fair always looks like a very interesting event and Letizia looks to be immersed in the event and enjoying it too.
Here's a video from the“Euros de tu Nómina” Award Ceremony ,today.
Here are a few more photos from the Student Residence visit in Madrid.
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