Queen Letizia's Current Events, Part 4

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Queen Letizia participates in a television program on Movistar Plus to benefit the Gomaespuma Foundation.

Gomaespuma is a Spanish comedy duo that from the 80s until 2007 presented a famous radio program that mixed news and humor. They created a foundation, and they are going to do a reunion program on television, in which Queen Letizia will participate to support the foundation's Think Equal program on Socio-Emotional Education for children.

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Queen Letizia attended a working meeting of the Spanish Association Against Cancer in Madrid today, January 16:

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On February 20, Queen Letizia attended the presentation of the “City of Spanish” project and visited the exhibition of the legacy of Carmen Martín Gaite, within the framework of the proclamation of the “Art 2024” award, from the Princess of Girona, in the second stage of the “Talent Tour”.

Queen Letizia has attended the proclamation ceremony of the “Art 2024” Prize, of the Princess of Girona Foundation, in the second stage of the “Talent Tour”.
Speech from Queen Letizia, today at the event on the occasion of “World Rare Disease Day”.

Here are a few more from the World Rare Disease Day Event in Seville
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