Queen Juliana (1909-2004) and Prince Bernhard (1911-2004)

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I saw the introduction of the programme on NOVA yesterday. Martine Feaver was saying tht Juliana loved to dust the house (in Canada)

An amazing lady,an icon of days long gone in a way,what a rich life,not always easy,no,but a wealth of experiences.Extraordinary Lady.
From radionetherlands.nl:

Prince Bernard abused his position for compensation

By Sebastiaan Gottlieb*

Research by a historian working for the Dutch Institute for War Documentation has revealed that the late Prince Bernard, husband of the late Queen mother Juliana, managed to get a million marks in compensation from Germany, even though he had no right to the money. Historian Gerard Aalders, who extensively researched Dutch and German archives, says the incident was typical of the late prince's passion for money. However much he had, it was never enough.
In 1905, Bernard's uncle Leopold inherited a castle and land from the Lippe family. Bernard is entitled to 87,000 German marks in compensation, but after the Second World War the money was confiscated by Germany. Bernard demanded it back, claiming its value has increased to a million marks. Mr Aalders puts this amount down to a bit of creative bookkeeping fed by Bernard's greed.

Read the entire article here.


According to this article in the Volkskrant (!), Mr. Aalders was not objective in the research about Bernhards finances. Aalders also usually refers to a certain stadhouders-letter (in which Bernhard supposedly offers to become a Nazi-puppet in the Netherlands), which is Nazi-propeganda according to Prof. Cees Fasseur. Mr. van der Voet says that anything the prince has done in the eyes of Aalders and a few others (Tomas Ross, Kikkert, Philip Droge) will be assumed to be corrupt and a disgrace. The reality according to Mr. van der Voet is different, for example, Prince Bernhard had a right to be compensated for the loss of his german account, that was exactly what happened to others who used this special arrangement.
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Friday evening september 5th,NOS tv will air a documentary on the Inthronisation of HM Queen Juliana on september 6th 1948.

" 1948,Juliana,a new Queen"

Ned1,22.00PM - 22.50PM

Agenda Royalblog.nl

Courtesy HJA.
Great, I will certainly watch this. Didn't Queen WIlhelmina's teeth fall out when she was on the balcony of the palace, holding her speech.
Christmas Cards,painted on canvas by the late Rien Poortvliet who used to send them to Juliana and Bernhard at Soestdijk Palace,
will be on exhibit at the Royal House website as of today,(.later today..):

Het Koninklijk Huis
Dutch sculptor,with a Monegask address,Kees Verkade is creating lifesize bronze statues of Queen Juliana and Prince Bernhard.
The statues,an initiative of Baarn citizen Wim Velthuizen,will be placed in the garden of Soestdijk Palace.

From youtube, on the occassion of Queen Juliana's 70th birthday. How times have changed! 'Little children, sleep quietly, the queen looks after us day and night', can't imagine anybody singing that these days...

YouTube - 1000 kinderen zingen voor juliana

And 'the kiss' from Jos Brink:


And here princess Juliana thanking the Dutch public for all the good wishes she received on the occassion of her 75th birthday, saying she disappeared in an ocean of deep gratitude:

YouTube - The Netherlands in 1984: Princess Juliana 75th birthday
looking at this portrait, her character is clearly visible: a dreamer, someone who loves to communicate, but also not to play games with.. she knows what she wants and you wont get rid of her easy..

Another lovely pic from the dusty Corbis vaults showing a very regal Juliana; sans tiara, but furred, fanned, sashed and bejewelled.

Queen Juliana

Prince Bernhard had his own faith healer in 1937, that was reported by 'Netwerk' tonight. He consulted the faith healer with the name Pranananda after his car accident in 1937. This sheds new light on the whole Greet Hofmans affair, in which queen Juliana was accused of being with her head in the clouds. During the war Pranananda was collaborating with the Nazi's btw.

Article in Dutch: 'Bernard had eigen Greet' - Binnenland - Telegraaf.nl [24 uur actueel, ook mobiel] [binnenland]
On december 15th Christie's will auction a handwritten thank you note by the late Prince Bernhard on occasion of the birth
of Princess Beatrix in 1939.

A drawing by Princess Beatrix as a teenager and a table cloth embroidered with the arms of TM Queen Wilhelmina and Queen Juliana
and TRH Prince Hendrik,Prince Bernhard and Princess Beatrix.

PPE Agency

courtesy ppe
From the NRC:

Historians quarrel about prince's role in Indonesia coup

Published: 2 December 2009 16:20 | Changed: 2 December 2009 17:26

By Bart Funnekotter

The late prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, husband of former queen Juliana, was party to an attempted coup against the government of the young Indonesian republic in 1950, a book published this Monday asserts.
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The Dutch writers, historian Harry Veenendaal and journalist Jort Kelder, base their conclusions on evidence that has been available to other researchers: archived diaries of a court secretary and military police reports describing the attempted coup d'état which mention the prince’s name in relation to the coup.
Prince Bernhard, the father of the reigning queen Beatrix, has always been a source of controversy. In 1976, after being accused of accepting bribes from the American aeroplane manufacturer Lockheed, he was stripped of his military titles. He also fathered two children with women other than his wife during their marriage.

Read more here.
Some documents from the national archives have been released this week, among them documents about Juliana & Bernhard. As was reported earlier, prince Bernhard was also said to be involved in a case about Northrop and not only Lockheed. The new documents seem to have more information about it.
Dutch Prince Bernhard 'was member of Nazi party' - Telegraph

Prince Bernhard, the father of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, was a member of the Nazi party, a new book has claimed, contracting the German-born Dutch war hero's life-long denials.

The book is on his German years,before his wedding and untill say 1940.

Tonight,19.20PM - 19.50PM,Ned2 aires a documentary;"Bernhard,the story of a German",on occasion of the book's "first day of light" today.

It's not so much a book on hard facts and Bernhard enthousiastically joining this or that,it's more an al most by coincidence kind of thing he joined organisations.But,he had to be a party member ofcourse to attend Gymnasium and certainly to attend University,which he did in Munich and Berlin studying Jura (Law).He dropped the memberships easily,ofcourse,and he always pointed towards his brother Aschwin as being a real Nazi.....It is as it is....

The book was presented at Soestdijk Palace this afternoon,the former residence of the late Queen Juliana and Prince Bernhard.


courtesy royalimages
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Prince Benrhard had two stories in the newspapers today:

1) the prince nearly got shot by a communist. This happened in 1941 when he visited the Rolls Ryce factory in the UK. A communist employee called Bernhard a 'Nazi friend' and pointed a gun to him.

This information came from a BBC website: BBC - WW2 People's War - Reminiscences of a Wartime Civilian.

we were to have a visit by Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, who had escaped from Holland after being a notorious supporter of the Nazis, to be made a senior officer in the R.A.F., being a pilot. On the morning of the visit, one member of the gang, an acclaimed Communist, appeared with a loaded revolver, with the intention of putting an end to this fascist prince. He was disarmed with some difficulty and the royal visit proceeded without incident.

I find the story rather odd, as the prince pre-war nazi membership were unknown at the time and only came to light in the 90-ties or so. So perhaps the story is bogus.

2) The prince told psycho therapist Karin de Korte some of his dreams over a period of 8 years. She analysed them and her conclusion: the prince was afraid for the future ofthe monarchy. As the wife of former vice prime minister de Korte she visited the palace 30 times in 8 years. She has some quotes and apparently Bernhard was worried that WA wasn't married yet and had one girlfriend after another (sigh).

'Bernhard maakte zich zorgen over kroonprins' - Binnenland - VK
I find the story odd also not only because of Bernhard's pre-war nazi activity being revealed in the 90's, but if gunman had pointed a gun at HRH, that story would have gotten over the wires in no even if it was the 40's. All this time and no one else at the factory mentioned anything about the incident until now with one person's memory.............:ermm:
Gerard Aalders wrote a new book on Bernhard (he seems to be an endless source of inspiration for authors and television makers btw). The book is called 'Bernhard zakenprins' (Bernhard business prince).

The author says that the government of prime minister Drees was worried about Bernhard mingling with arms dealers, shady abnkers and other dodgy business men. These connections made sure that people could black mail the prince. According to Aalders this is the reason why he needed the money from Lockheed & such.

The book will appear in the shops tomorrow.

„Handelspraktijk Bernhard zorg voor regering” - Binnenland - Reformatorisch Dagblad
Today,january 7th,was to be the 73rd wedding anniversary of Queen Juliana and Prince Bernhard.
I have a question regarding one of Queen Juliana's daughters.As I've read Prince Bernhard wasn't very faithful husband,but he deeply loved daughters and family.
They had 4 daughters,the youngest one seemed to be blind(if I remember well the article ),they even invited some dubious "popular doctors" in order to cure the daughter.What happened to this girl?Is she still alive?Did she marry?
She should be the younger sister of Queen Beatrix
The girl is princess Maria Christina. Her calling name was Marijke but she changed it to Chritina as she grew older. The princess was not completely blind though. She studied music related things and later moved to the USA. She married the Cuban Jorge Guillermo, from which she got three children: Bernardo, Nicholas and Juliana. In the 80-ties she and her family returned to the Netherlands to live at Villa Eikenhorst (now the home of the prince of Orange and his family). In the 90-ties Christina divorced, according to some because her husband was gay. She moved back to London (or New York) where she works as a music teacher. Around 2000 she recorded two CD's, on which she sung some of her favourite classical pieces of music. She also performed at the wedding of her nephew prince Bernhard and at the funeral of both her parents.
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