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Hannelore said:
Here are pics from this year's rembrance mass for king Boudewijn. Fabiola was accompanied by her Luxemburg niece princess Margaretha and husband prince Nikolaus of Liechtenstein.

Can't tell from the pics if there were any others.

Astrid & Lorenz were there too.
Thank you both! I believe the Queen is especially close to her niece Marguerite of Liechtenstein, so it is nice that she accompanied her aunt.

Good to know that Astrid and Lorenz were there as well, a pity we don't have pictures of them.

Any pictures of Fabiola's attendance of the remembrance mass for Queen Astrid (or the funeral of Prince Antoine de Ligne), I believe she was escorted by her nephew Guillaume of Luxembourg and his lovely wife Sybilla.
Dowager queen Fabiola is beautiful and she is 77 year. She is love in royal family Belgium and Fabiola is many years in royal family over 40 year. Queen Fabiola love his husbands brothersgrandchildren.Yes Queen Fabiolas husband Bauoduins sister Josephine-Charlottes husband Jeans sister Princess Of Lignes husband death 2005 last week augusty. Prince Antonie Ligne funeral last week and Queen Fabiola,Grand duke Jean of Luxemburg,oldest son Henri,royal family of Luxemburg to funeral Ligne.Queen Fabiola and Grand Duke Jean,Josephine-Charlotte was near love in princess Alix of Lignes family and his husband Antonie.Princess Alix of Luxemburg is married Prince Antoine of Ligne.Princess Alix of Luxemburg have farewell sister-in-law grand duchess Josephine-Charlotte funeral in january.Grand Duke Jean have many sisters and brother,they have come farewell to Grand Duchess Josephine-Charlottes funeral january 2005.Princess Alix of Luxemburg is living and over 80 year .
queen Fabiola at the remembrance mass for queen Astrid, at the Nore Dame church of Laeken.


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earlier that day she was at the funeral of prince Antoine de Ligne, at the church of Beloeil.

(seegerpress and picturedesk)


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She looks so elegant! I like the wearing of white to a funeral: the color seems much more flattering than severe black. :( It's nice to see pictures of her.
here's another one of her at the funeral of the prince de Ligne, inside the church.


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Quee Fabiola in Paris (2001) with infanta Cristina and her husband, for a dinner of the Fundación Balenciaga.


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2. with cardinal Danneels
3. with princess Grace of Monaco.


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Alisa said:
Here are a few photos from Queen Fabiola today:

Thanks for the heads up Alisa, but since Imagine's pictures disappear after a while, here they go:

Copyright Imagine 2005/PB 10000
Brussels Belgium 20050923
Queen Fabiola of Belgium seen here arriving the the Notre_Dame church in Laeken, Brussels, for the Oratorio "Paulus" by Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy.


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And the remaining one:


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"Thanks for the heads up Alisa, but since Imagine's pictures disappear after a while, here they go"

That's right. Thank you Anna_R.:)
Queen Fabiola visits the Museum of the Warsaw Uprising on Saturday, Oct. 22, 2005 in Warsaw, Poland. Queen Fabiola tours the new European Union member state Poland for a four-day visit.



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Lovely to see her out and about. Is the visit a private visit, I have not seen it mentioned on the royal calender?
If its not mentioned it's private yes. I agree, lovely to see her. she's not in the news much but actually still quite active.
Here are some more old pictures of Fabiola and Baudouin (all scanned by Chris from paris match)

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This is such a wonderful and interesting thread! Many thanks to Cathérine and all the others who filled it with pictures of one of Europe's greatest royal ladies! :)
This week queen Fabiola was present at a reception and ceremony at the Thai embassy in Brussels, to celebrate the 70th birthday of king Bhumibol of Thailand. Fabiola wore a clear blue and purple silk Tai gown, very elegant, with a beautiful necklace. A pitty there are no pictures ....

Later in the week she opened a new home for elder people. When asked where she still found all the energy to do this she answered, "from my husband, the king".
more pictures from Paris Match and Point de Vue

1. Gala in 1974
2 & 3. Concert in 1961
4, 5 & 6. On holiday in Spain, August 1962.

1. left :wedding of her sister Maria Luz, here with her father the marquis de Casa Riera, right: Fabiola with an uncle
2. Fabiola with all her nieces and nephews

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Marengo said:
I am so happy I found this thread! From an early age I always admired this couple, so I am very glad to see pictures of them here. This couple has shown what real royalty is truly about! I still remember that, while visiting Antwerp, the King and Queen unexpectedly stopped the car and went to talk to the prostitutes. It was very impressive and I cannot think of any other royal couple who would do that. I believe that the king and queen were so shocked by their sad stories that they did everything to help those women & they could actually change the lives of some of those women. One of them spoke on the funeral of King Boudewijn.

Yes I totally agree with you, the royal couple are really touched and very close to belgian people, very caring of them so I'm very proud of them :D

Long live to our lovely Queen Fabiola!
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