Queen Fabiola Jewellery

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I think they will probably go to Mathilde, since Philip is kinda her favorite nephew (since they didn't have children who were born).
Thank you Marengo and Solange. Are all of her jewels her private property? I know that most of them are, but I thought some of them belonged to the crown. Also, does Belgium have a family foundation like some other royal houses do? (off the top of my head I know Sweden and Denmark have these)
No, such a family foundation does not exist in Belgium. The jewels are private propertry, and that's the reason why, over the years, so many of them have been lost (to other branches of the family) or sold.
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1. here's one more of Fabiola wearing her tiara. with Princess Paola
2. At the greek state visit
3. wearing her wedding gift tiara, this times with rubies


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1. & 2. Wearing the Wolfers tiara
3. wearing her wedding gift tiara as a crown
4. necklace and earrings


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A lesson in how to wear one gorgeous tiara in different ways :

1. as a necklace
2 & 3. with aquamarines
4. with emeralds
5. as a crown with with rubies and pearls
6. as a crown with aquamarines and pearls
7. Receiving the tiara from Mme Franco

portrait of queen Fabiola wearing her wedding gift tiara (APL)



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This might not be the place to mention this, but her husband was a fine looking man in those days
diamond earrings and the Wolfers tiara worn as a necklace - pearl necklace - brooch.


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Queen Astrid, queen Fabiola and queen Paola with the tiara of the nine provinces (point de vue)

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The Spanish Wedding Gift Tiara of HM Queen Fabiola is a very versitale jewel. It can be worn in quite a few different ways.

  • as a crown.
  • as a tiara.
  • the base of the crown can be worn without the diamond flower-leaves (hint hint)
But when you have a good look at the diadem when worn as a tiara, you can see that there are extra small diamond leaves. The tiara is made of the 7 diamond leaves with interchangeable stones placed on a velvet base but also a few small diamond leaves. Those extra diamonds leaves must be extra on the second base because when you see the diadem in crown-version there are no small diamond leaves.

Could it nog be possible to make a extra tiara. Take the small diamond leaves of the Spanish Wedding Gift Tiara and place them between the 3 diamond flowers of Fabiola. And I guess that you create some tiara like the Strathmore Rose Tiara.
Fabiola was very creative in wearing her jewellery, almost all of her necklaces were taras/crowns also, she didn't have much, (yet more than Queen paola) but she never looked less than any other queen consort!
as for the nine province tiara, Queen Astrid definitly wore it better than the others!
Cathérine Bergeyck said:
from point de vue
That is the most regal photo of HM Queen Fabiola I have ever seen. Have a look at the meander base of the Diademe of the Nine Provinces. But what about the bracelet she is wearing. It is a emerald one??
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Hans said:
the necklace is really nice, but she has also a big pear-shaped aquamarine that she sometimes wears.
. Do you mean she has another big pear-shaped aquamarine jewelry which she wears sometime. Would be interesting to see it's picture:) .
Marengo said:
I actually don't think they can, considering the poor excuse for a tiara Claire received. And Mathilde didn't receive any tiara or significant necklace/brooch etc at all!!! Just the laurel tiara from the association of belgian nobles (but not from her in-laws).

If the Belgians can't afford tiaras for their princesses then why don't they try to get back the jewels that they lost. On Danjel's tiara website the Belgian royals had some beautiful jewels. I really think they should at least try and get back if not all but some of their jewels, especially the one that belonged to Queen Astrid and make it so that they can't be taken out of the country. Also can Princess Mathilde, Princess Astrid, or Princess Claire borrow one of the two tiaras that Queen Fabiola has? She hardly waers them anymore.

christinacg said:
I wish I knew how to photoshop. It would be so much fun!

Regarding the Belgian jewels, I'm not sure which thread this question should go in, but here it goes: What jewels were sold and how many? Are there pictures of them?

regarding the belgian jewels:

much of the collection was auctioned of by Princess Lilian, stephmother of the present King. For example this tiara, originally belonging to Queen marie-Henriette: http://img496.imageshack.us/my.php?image=26xr.jpg (pic originally posted by Catherine. A part of the collection also went to Italy, when Pricness Marie-Jose married the italian crownprince. And Josephine-Charlotte received some pieces of her mother, Queen Astrid, I believe.

But I am sure posters at the belgian section will know much more about this and will be able to provide some pictures. As danjels site is down (as is the royal jewels of the world site), I couldn't find any.
auntie said:
This might not be the place to mention this, but her husband was a fine looking man in those days

Yes, I've been thinking the same thing!!!!!:ROFLMAO:

They made a lovely couple. They would've had very handsome children.
That really is the mystery isn't it. Just what was in the collection of the Belgian crown jewels and where it has all gone. It is hard to believe that a country of the geat wealth of Begium should have such an impoverished, at least in this respect, royal family. The princess Lillian really did a huge disservice to the nation by selling off most of that collection-if in fact she did so. Why she would have done such an incredibly stupid thing is almost beyond understanding. But then there are those who take a delight in destroying things like this. The step mother of Princess Diana aided and abetted her husband in selling off a substantial portion of his inheritance, to the great dismay of the Diana and the other children.
Does anyone know why this Princess Lillian sold the jewels? Were they hers to sell? Does Belguim have Crown Jewels and if so is there a link where I can take a look?
Cathérine Bergeyck said:
from point de vue
Queen Paola should try wear the Belgian Empire tiara this way instead of as a choker.
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Hello do you have a photograph of the visit of fabiola to the vatican in 1961, I love formal photographs of queens of europe.
hello, does somebody know, who was the creator of these nice jewelry?

biz, de la france
Shadiyah2086 said:
Queen Paola should try wear the Belgian Empire tiara this way instead of as a choker.

She was such an amazing Queen, wow, look at that picture, how elegant !!!:wub:
Queen Fabiola is a fine example of someone who had little jewells (for a monarch) and utilized them to the most! She always looked fabulous and not any less grand than the other Queens, she just used her jewells in a very original way!
Does anyone know what is going to happen to Queen Fabiola's jewellry and tiara when she dies (I'm not wishing death on the woman) I'm just curious. B/c she hardly wears the tiara she got as a wedding gift anymore and I haven't seen Astrid Mathilde or Claire wear it either. I'm sure she could let them borrow it since its just sitting there. But will they sell it or keep it in the family so that Laura-Maria or maybe even Amedeo'swife could use it?
Well, that is for Fabiola to decide. And I do not expect her to make her will public, especially not while she is still very much alive and kicking. So the jewels could end up with the Belgian RF, the Habsburgs, Luxembourgs, Liechtensteins or even her Spanish relatives. Another possibility is that they will be auctioned after Fabiola's death and that the money will be diveded by her heirs. Nobody knows except Fabiola and her sollicitors.
In Queen Fabiola's case there are no surviving spouse and/or surviving children, meaning that she has freedom in determining her will.

People who easily say: 'Paola!' or 'Mathilde!' forget a few things:

- it is a public secret that the relationship between Queen Fabiola and Queen Paola (Princess Paola) never was a cordial one;

- Princess Mathilde is not all close to Queen Fabiola as you might think: she is just the lady whom is married to a son from her deceased husband's brother and there is no any blood relationship between them at all, Princess Astrid at least is related wo her beloved spouse ans was a favorite of him;

- a bequest to Princess Mathilde needs substantial death taxes to be paid and sometimes there simply is not enough 'liquid means' (cashflow) to overcome these taxes;

- Queen Fabiola is a deeply religious lady ans she has already spent considerable amounts for a nun-convent being build on the royal domain in Limbourg. The idea is not far-thought that Queen Fabiola's jewels will be auctioned for the profit of the congregation in that nun-convent which means so much to her heart;

- where there are no any blood relationships with other members of the Belgian royal family, but there is a relationship with her brother Don Gonzalo de Mora y Aragón, Marques de Casa-Riera and his son (her nephew) Don Luis de Mora y Narváez, Vizconde de Baiguer. From what we have seen, Queen Fabiola looked more close with her own family than with her in-laws.

Anyway, time will learn.
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auntie said:
Queen Fabiola is a fine example of someone who had little jewells (for a monarch) and utilized them to the most! She always looked fabulous and not any less grand than the other Queens, she just used her jewells in a very original way!

She has the luck to have a tiara which is very versatible. It can be worn as a crown or as a tiara and in the flowers she can place three diffe4rent stones: rubies, emeralds and aquamarines and her small Wolfers diamond tiara can also worn as a necklace.
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